K. J. O'Rourke, 1977

For Thelma Bradley

How avidly you scanned the Murdoch press
  And had the dust thrown in your trusting eyes,
Remember how you sat with mouth agape
  How eagerly you swallowed all those lies.
You piously denounced the "Wicked Gough"
  And fervently you sang the old refrain,
"Turn on the lights Australia
  And let us live again."

And how you hurried off to cast your vote
  A Liberal vote you said "To put things right",
To cope with unemployment and inflation
  And save the country from its awful plight.
And after all this time you're waiting still
  With prices rising daily at the store,
You wonder what they've done about all the lights
  It's darker than it ever was before.

I know you thought your boy would get a job
  The poor kid's in a spot he can't control,
With many of his friends who look for work
  And find themselves called "bludgers on the dole."
If you could have your ballot paper back
  I'm sure you'd look around for an eraser,
You're sorry now? You have my sympathy
  I'm glad I didn't vote for Malcolm Fraser.

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