K. J. O'Rourke, 1977
When they raised the starry banner
  Back in Eighteen Fifty Four,
And miners knelt beneath it
  A solemn oath they swore:
To fight against injustice,
  Rights and freedom to retain.
And now we see Eureka's flag
  So hoisted once again.

And all because of you Sir John
  And a day in Seventy Five,
We find the spirit we thought was dead
  So very much alive.
Alive as it was in Ballarat
  On a tragic day long past,
The cross of stars is unfurled again
  And flying from the mast.

And you will remember the oath Sir John
  They swore on Bakery Hill,
Lalor, Carboni, those gallant men
  The memory is with us still.
Now other hands will carry the flag
  For all the world to see,
That never again a man like you
  Dare threaten democracy.

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