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Author Title Number 1st Pub. 1st Penguin
Christie, AgathaThe Labours of Hercules92819471953
Hinkson, PamelaThe Ladies' Road568
Chandler, RaymondThe Lady in the Lake86719441952
Jacobs, W.W.The Lady of the Barge41619081943
Lawrence, D.H.The Ladybird1483
Scott, J.M.The Land That God Gave Cain14819331938
van Gulik, RobertThe Laquer Screen282619681968
Fast, HowardThe Last Frontier904
The Last of the Summer749
Pasternak, BorisThe Last Summer1547
Fitzgerald, F.ScottThe Last Tycoon1495
Vailland, RogerThe Law1501
Greene, GrahamThe Lawless Roads559
Stout, RexThe League of Frightened Men154919351961
Green, Anna K.The Leavenworth Case56918781946
Postgate, RaymondThe Ledger is Kept131219531958
Gwynn, StephenThe Life of Mary Kingsley299
Mahan, CaptainThe Life of Nelson375
Pearson, HeskethThe Life of Oscar Wilde1427
Howe, P.P.The Life of William Hazlitt697
Galwey, G.V.The Lift and the Drop80719481951
Dodge, DavidThe Lights of Skaro112719541956
MacDonald, PhilipThe List of Adrian Messenger194819591963
Wise, ArthurThe Little Fishes252419611966
Chandler, RaymondThe Little Sister109619491955
Holme, ConstanceThe Lonely Plough47
Crispin, EdmundThe Long Divorce130419511958
Dodge, DavidThe Long Escape100219501954
Chandler, RaymondThe Long Good-bye140019531959
Mitchell, GladysThe Longer Bodies604
Forster, E.M.The Longest Journey1470
Waugh, AlecThe Loom of Youth356
Crofts, Freeman WillsThe Loss of The Jane Vosper91919361953
Greene, GrahamThe Lost Childhood and Other Essays1695
Lawrence, D.H.The Lost Girl752
Falkner, J.MeadeThe Lost Stradivarius487
van der Post, LaaurensThe Lost World of the Kalahari1716
Masters, JohnThe Lotus and the Wind116619531956
Waugh, EvelynThe Loved One823
de Vries, PeterThe Mackerel Plaza1936
Carr, John DicksonThe Mad Hatter Mystery61019331947
Mann, ThomasThe Magic Mountain1475
Hammett, DashiellThe Maltese Falcon188719301963
Innes, MichaelThe Man From the Sea157519551961
Ferguson, JohnThe Man in the Dark6519281936
Quentin, PatrickThe Man in the Net157919561961
Keverne, RichardThe Man in The Red Hat14719381938
Galsworthy, JohnThe Man of Property831
Carr, John DiccksonThe Man Who Explained Miracles251319631966
Montagu, EwenThe Man Who Never Was118319531956
Chesterton, G.K.The Man Who Was Thursday9519081937
Stewart, J.I.M.The Man Who Won The Pools2037
Taylor, SamuelThe Man With My Face100619491954
Potts, JeanThe Man With the Cane20021957
Wodehouse, P.G.The Man With Two Left Feet160119171961
Roth, HollyThe Mask of Glass123719571957
Snow, C.P.The Masters1089
Wodehouse, P.G.The Mating Season1171
Conan Doyle, Sir A.The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes7851950
Huxley, ElspethThe Merry Hippo232119631965
Greene, GrahamThe Ministry of Fear1897
Golding, LouisThe Miracle Boy475
Campbell, J.L.The Miracle of Pielle150
Farrer, KatharineThe Missing Link104519521955
Sykes, W.StanleyThe Missing Money Lender6219311936
Mackenzie, ComptonThe Monarch of the Glen1366
Maugham, SomersetThe Moon and Sixpence468
Collins, WilkieThe Moonstone107218681955
Simenon, GeorgesThe Mouse237819381966
Christie, AgathaThe Moving Finger93019431953
Crispin, EdmundThe Moving Toyshop131519461958
McBain, EdThe Mugger196919561963
Christie, AgathaThe Murder at the Vicarage68619291948
Christie, AgathaThe Murder of Roger Ackroyd68419261948
Christie, AgathaThe Murder on the Links6119201935
Simenon, GeorgesThe Murderer122319371958
Rhode, JohnThe Murders in Praed Street98
London, JackThe Mutiny of the "Elsinore"43019151943
Christie, AgathaThe Mysterious Affair at Styles619201935
Paul, ElliotThe Mysterious Mickey Finn88719391953
Christie, AgathaThe Mysterious Mr Quin93119301953
Rohmer, SaxThe Mystery of Dr Fu-Manchu15719131938
Gaboriau, EmileThe Mystery of Orcival50818671945
Christie, AgathaThe Mystery of the Blue Train69119281948
Chesterton, G.KThe Napoleon of Notting Hill550
White, GilbertThe Natural History of Selborne296
Queen, ElleryThe New Adventures of Ellery Queen254419401966
Cooper, LetticeThe New House544
Snow, C.P.The New Men1356
Innes, MichaelThe New Sonia Wayward207419601964
Conrad, JosephThe Nigger of the "Narcissus" Typhoon2061
Hopley, GeorgeThe Night Has a Thousand Eyes660
Smith, ThorneThe Night Life of the Gods1218
Davidson, LionelThe Night of Wenceslas175819601962
Norman, JamesThe Nightwalkers93819481953
Payne, LaurenceThe Nose on My Face211119611964
Cooper, R.W.The Nuremberg Trials598
Marsh, NgaioThe Nursing Home Murder355
Holme, ConstanceThe Old Road From Spain408
Bennett, ArnoldThe Old Wives Tale998
Parkham, FrancisThe Oregon Trail678
Wyndham & Parkes, John & LucasThe Outward Urge154419591962
Durrell, GeraldThe Overloaded Ark122819531957
Garstin, CrosbieThe Owl's House28
Walter, Van Tilburg ClarkThe Ox-Bow Incident77619401950
Maugham, SomersetThe Painted Veil872
Hickens, RobertThe Paradine Case Vol.1145
Hickens, RobertThe Paradine Case Vol.2146
Hergesheimer, JosephThe Party Dress55
Hilton, JamesThe Passionate Year235
Bingham, JohnThe Paton Street Case203819551964
Galsworthy, JohnThe Patrician406
Addams, CharlesThe Penguin Charles Addams18451962
Evans, A.J. (Ed.)The Penguin Herodotus330
The Penguin Hundred Best Crosswords177319621962
Lennon, JohnThe Penguin John Lennon2540
Arno, PeterThe Penguin Peter Arno1217
Keating, H.R.F.The Perfect Murder268319641968
Berkeley, AnthonyThe Piccadilly Murder15319381938
Davey, NormanThe Pilgrim of a Smile37
Wills Crofts, FreemanThe Pit Prop Syndicate51219221945
Macdonald, BettyThe Plague and I1394
Dickson, CarterThe Plague Court Murders82019351951
Queen, ElleryThe Player on the Other Side274219631967
Synge, J.M.The Plays of J.M.Synge845
Durrenmatt, FriedrichThe Pledge219519581964
Lawrence, D.H.The Plumed Serpent75419261950
Bates, H.E.The Poacher83
Bell, JosephineThe Port of London Murders106319381955
Bridge, AnnThe Portugese Escape1461
Cain, JamesThe Postman Always Rings Twice87419341952
Haggard, WilliamThe Powder Barrel275119651967
Greene, GrahamThe Power and the Glory179119401962
Byrne, DonnThe Power Of the Dog552
Simenon, GeorgesThe Premier206419581964
Menen, AubreyThe Prevalence1215
Priestley, J.B.The Priestley Companion860
Warner, RexThe Professor482
Bronte, CharlotteThe Professor554
Lawrence, D.H.The Prussian Officer513
Woodthorpe, R.C.The Public School Murder285
Mortimer, PenelopeThe Pumpkin Eater216619621964
Hudson, W.H.The Purple Land12
Mitford, NancyThe Pursuit of Love711
McBain, EdThe Pusher197019561963
Symons, A.J.The Quest For Corvo29119341940
Greene, GrahamThe Quiet American1792
Tressall, RobertThe Ragged Trousered Philanthropist251
Lawrence, D.H.The Rainbow692
Bromfield, LouisThe Rains Came1332
Macdonald, PhillipThe Rasp7919371937
Dickson, CarterThe Reader is Warned81219391951
Stout, RexThe Red Box117519371957
Milne, A.A.The Red House Mystery15619221938
Dickson, CarterThe Red Widow Murders81519351951
Sartre, J.P.The Reprieve1823
Conrad, JosephThe Rescue789
de la Mare, WalterThe Return38
Childers, ErskineThe Riddle of the Sands90519031952
Murray, MaxThe Right Honourable Corpse120319521957
Mackenzie, ComptonThe Rival Monster1367
Preedy, GeorgeThe Rocklitz35
Nabarro, DerrickThe Rod of Anger105519531955
Queen, ElleryThe Roman Hat Mystery114919291956
Carr, E.H.The Romantic Exiles707
Gary, RomainThe Roots Of Heaven1496
Muratoff & AllenThe Russian Campaigns 1941-1943467
Muratoff & AllenThe Russian Campaigns 1944518
Donleavy, J.P.The Saddest Summer of Samuel S2832
Garnett, DavidThe Sailor's Return and Beany-Eye672
Keverne, RichardThe Sanfield Scandalyes19291937
du Maurier, DaphneThe Scapegoat1723
Hawthorne, NathanielThe Scarlet Letter494
Queen, ElleryThe Scarlet Letters216319531965
Bates, H.E.The Scarlet Sword1281
Tomlinson, H.M.The Sea and the Jungle898
Wills Crofts, FreemanThe Sea Mystery139519281959
Fuller, RoyThe Second Curtain176019531962
Adams, Morley (Ed.)The Second Penguin Crossword Puzzle Book349
The Second Penguin Problems Book47819441944
Berkeley, AnthonyThe Second Shot409
Conrad, JosephThe Secret Agent2059
Walpole, HughThe Secret City445
Forbes, RositaThe Secret of the Sahara113
Innes, MichaelThe Secret Vanguard129819401958
Wyndham, JohnThe Seeds of Time1385
Christie, AgathaThe Seven Dials Mystery68719291948
Keverne, RichardThe Shadow Syndicate52819301946
Forester, C.S.The Ship698
Strachan, T.S.The Short Weekend114019531956
Maurois, AndreThe Silence of Colonel Bramble282
Cousteau, Jacques-YvesThe Silent World1316
Berkeley, AnthonyThe Silk Stocking Murders3681941
Christie, AgathaThe Sittaford Mystery69019311948
The Sixth Penguin Crossword Book1701
Roth, HollyThe Sleeper135319551959
Caine, MarkThe S-Man1833
Pearson, HeskethThe Smith of Smiths66919341948
Hemingway, ErnestThe Snows of Kilimanjaro1882
Millar, MargaretThe Soft Talkers169319571962
Vickers, RoyThe Sole Survivor The Kynsard Affair140819521965
Fauconnier, HenryThe Soul of Malaya624
Stark, FreyaThe Southern Gates of Arabia479
Martyr, WestonThe Southseaman23619391939
Queen, ElleryThe Spanish Cape Mystery127019351958
Mottram, R.H.The Spanish Farm52
Smith, ClarkThe Speaking Eye133419551959
Ellin, StanleyThe Speciality of the House279519561968
Kelly, MaryThe Spoilt Kill210419611964
Bjarnhof, KarlThe Stars Grow Pale1430
Tracy, HonorThe Straight and Narrow Path1425
Bromfield, LouisThe Strange Case of Miss Annie Spragg1919281935
The Sunday Times Crossword Book1557
Murray, MaxThe Sunshine Corpse116119541956
Miller, MerleThe Sure Thing903
Abraham, J.JohnstonThe Surgeon's Log6619111936
Arthur, FrankThe Suva Harbour Mystery66419411948
Galsworthy, JohnThe Swan Song2676
Krimov, YuriThe Tanker "Derbent"466
Sabatini, RafaelThe Tavern Knight243
Haggard, WilliamThe Telemann Touch242019581966
Dickson, CarterThe Ten Teacups81719371951
Bronte, AnneThe Tenant of Wildfell Hall536
Ballard, J.G.The Terminal Beach2499
Sims, GeorgeThe Terrible Door265219641967
Hammett, DashiellThe Thin Man1419321935
Adams, Morley (Ed.)The Third Penguin Crossword Book460
The Third Penguin Problems Book540
Buchan, JohnThe Thirty Nine Steps1130
Collins, NormanThe Three Friends322
Buchan, JohnThe Three Hostages908
Fitt, MaryThe Three Hunting Horns30119371940
Knox, RonaldThe Three Taps145119271960
Thurber, JamesThe Thurber Album1606
Thurber, JamesThe Thurber Carnival871
Thurber, JamesThe Thurber Carnival907
Allingham, MargeryThe Tiger in the Smoke121619521957
Bentley, NicholasThe Tongue-Tied Canary100519481954
Meredith, GeorgeThe Tragic Comedians57718801940
Travern, BThe Treasure of the Sierra Madre1154
Lawrence, D.H.The Trespasser1480
Kafka, FranzThe Trial907
James, HenryThe Turn of the Screw592
Mitchell, GladysThe Twenty Third ManSTRIPED19571961
Garnett, RichardThe Twilight of the Gods586
SakiThe Unbearable Bassington545
Heyer, GeorgetteThe Unfinished Clue428
Sayers, DorothyThe Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club519281935
Haggard, WilliamThe Unquiet Sleep212919621964
Faulkner, WilliamThe Unvanquished1058
Cheyney, PeterThe Urgent Hangman72419381949
ColetteThe Vagabond1494
Stark, FreyaThe Valley of the Assassins878
Gide, AndreThe Vatican Cellars1404
Gearon, JohnThe Velvet Well72719461949
Wade, HenryThe Verdict of You All2161939
Goldsmith, OliverThe Vicar of Wakefield499
Murray, MaxThe Voice of the Corpse112419481956
Seton, GrahamThe W Plan50
Bramah, ErnestThe Wallet of Kai Lung3919001936
Wherry, EdithThe Wanderer on a Thousand Hills272
Wells, H.G.The War of the Worlds570
Trollope, AnthonyThe Warden495
Herbert, A.P.The Water Gypsies1426
Wentworth, Patriciathe Watersplash140219541959
Carr, John DicksonThe Waxworks Murders158
Butler, SamuelThe Way of All Flesh51119031947
Ervine, St JohnThe Wayward Man32
Innes, MichaelThe Weight of the Evidence157819441961
White, Ethel LinaThe Wheel Spins110419361955
Cullingford, GuyThe Whipping Boys214119581964
Eberhart, MignonThe White Cockatoo24019341939
Boyle, KayThe White Horses of Vienna699
Lawrence, D.H.The White Peacock76019111950
Dickson, CarterThe White Priory Murders81119351951
Gaboriau, EmileThe Widow Lerouge50918661945
Upfield, ArthurThe Widows of Broome178119511962
Quentin, PatrickThe Wife of Ronald Sheldon140319541959
Blanch, LesleyThe Wilder Shores of Love1360
van Gulik, RobertThe Willow Pattern281119651968
Carr, John DicksonThe Witch of the Low Tide213219611964
Moravia, AlbertoThe Woman of Rome880
Lawrence, D.H.The Woman Who Rode Away758
Branch, PamelaThe Wooden Overcoat135419511959
Cherry-Garrard, ApsleyThe Worst Journey in The World Vol.199
Cherry-Garrard, ApsleyThe Worst Journey in The World Vol.2100
Spota, LuisThe Wounds of Hunger1623
Rinehart, Mary RobertsThe Yellow Room94319491053
Innes, MichaelThere Came Both Mist and Snow130919401958
Langley, NoelThere's a Porpoise Close Behind Us1538
Mauriac, FrancoisTherese1397
Arlen, MichaelThese Charming People86
McCoy, HoraceThey Shoot Horses Don't They?230619351965
Mackenzie, ComptonThin Ice1369
Bentley, NicholasThird Party Risk154819531961
Crane, FrancesThirteen White Tulips133019531959
Fitzgerald, F.ScottThis Side of Paradise186719201963
Huxley, AldousThose Barren Leaves1046
Lindsay, MartinThose Greenland Days233
Buckingham, BruceThree Bad Nights153419561961
Walmsley, LeoThree Fevers454
Jerome, Jerome K.Three Men in a Boat121318891957
Shaw, BernardThree Plays for Puritans56219011946
Tchehov, AntonThree Plays2921940
Fitt, MaryThree Sisters Flew Home94119361953
Seymour, Beatrice KeanThree Wives59
McCloy, HelenThrough a Glass, Darkly16641961
Morley, ChristopherThunder on the Left74
Dickens, MonicaThursday Afternoons714
Carr, John DicksonTill Death Do Us Part95019441953
Snow, C.P.Time of Hope1763
Simenon, GeorgesTo Any Lengths122519441958
Simenon, GeorgesTo Any Lengths
Carey, JoyceTo Be A Pilgrim1201
Dodge, DavidTo Catch a Thief105319531955
Hemingway, ErnestTo Have and Have Not1065
Bowen, ElizabethTo The North534
Douglas, NormanTogether50219231945
Mitchell, GladysTom Brown's Body95419491953
Wells, H.G.Tono-Bungay576
Berkeley, AnthonyTop Storey Murder31319311941
Smith, ThorneTopper Takes a Trip121919361957
Steinbeck, JohnTortilla Flat786
Brand, ChristiannaTour de Force120519551957
Kornitzer, LouisTrade Winds347
Horn, A.AloysiusTrader Horn126
Hare, CyrilTragedy at Law89719421953
Collis, MauriceTrails in Burma51519381938
Allingham, MargeryTraitor's Purse77219411950
Morris, JohnTraveller From Tokyo53019431946
Bentley, E.C.Trent Intervenes91519381953
Bentley, E.C.Trent's Last Case7819121937
Bentley & Warner AllenTrent's Own Case54319361946
Berkeley, AnthonyTrial and Error59019371947
Rice, CraigTrial by Fury89119501952
Baker, DorothyTrio963
Sitwell, OsbertTriple Fugue24819241940
John, WyndhamTrouble With Lichen1986
Quiller-Couch, Sir ArthurTroy Town726
Durnford, H.G.Tunnellers of Holzminden286
Bolitho, WilliamTwelve Against the Gods230
Bromfield, LouisTwenty Four Hours1333
Nichols, BeverleyTwenty-Five719261935
Lawrence, D.H.Twilight in Italy1481
Conrad, JosephTwixt Land and Sea447
Moravia, AlbertTwo Adolescents1460
Gardner, Erle StanleyTwo Clues187019471964
Dana, Richard HenryTwo Tears Before the Mast578
Gordon, Jan & CoraTwo Vagabonds in Serbia and Montenegro223
Moravia, AlbertoTwo Women1603
McCloy, HelenTwo-thirds of a Ghost171819571962
Wodehouse, P.G.Uncle Fred in the Springtime971
Le Fanu, J.SheridanUncle Silas279
Ambler, EricUncommon Danger146719371960
Weyman, StanleyUnder the Red Robe498
Blunden, EdmundUndertones of War82
Wodehouse, P.G.Uneasy Money1273
Kishon, EphraimUnfair to Goliath3224
Straus, RalphUnseemly Adventure167
Anand, Mulk RajUntouchable312
Firbank, RonaldValmouth, Prancing Nigger etc1570
Wentworth, PatriciaVanishing Point226019551965
Haggard, WilliamVenetian Blind217419591964
Upfield, ArthurVenom House290819531969
van der Post, LaurensVenture to the Interior123819521957
Powell, AnthonyVenusburg1628
Postgate, RaymondVerdict of Twelve73019401949
Conrad, JosephVictory2060
Waugh, EvelynVile Bodies136
Marsh, NgaioVintage Murder25319371940
Stevenson, R.L.Virginibus Puerisque54818811946
Mitford, NancyVoltaire in Love1505
Rice, ElmerVoyage to Purilia901
Murray, MaxWait for a Corpse165619571961
Cook, KennethWake in Fright240519611967
Wells, H.GWar in The Air343
Mackenzie, ComptonWater on the Brain1368
Chapman, F.S.Watkins's Last Expedition13319341938
Mitchell, GladysWatson's Choice119419551957
"T.Nonesuch"Week-end Book Vol.1129
"T.Nonesuch"Week-end Book Vol.2130
Daniel, GlynWelcome Death174319541962
Jones, Selected by GwynWelsh Short Stories *306
Innes, MichaelWhat Happened at Hazelwood25-019461968
Powell, AnthonyWhat's Become of Waring?1706
Waugh, EvelynWhen the Going Was Good825
Hare, CyrilWhen the Wind Blows103719491955
SakiWhen William Came331
Forster, E.M.Where Angels Fear to Tread1344
Woollcott, AlexanderWhile Rome Burns11819341937
Mackenzie, ComptonWhisky Galore1220
Phillips, JudsonWhisper Town213419601964
Laver, JamesWhistler387
Heyer, GeorgetteWhy Shoot a Butler?42919431946
Onions, OliverWiddershins222
Herbert, A.P.Wigs at Work2556
Muspratt, EricWild Oats258
Thirkell, AngelaWild Strawberries9319341937
Pemberton, W.BaringWilliam Cobbett68019491949
Keverne, RichardWilliam Cook - Antique Dealer38419281943
Young, E.H.William8
Anderson, SherwoodWinesburg Ohio609
Johnson, "Johnnie"Wing Leader1383
Bishop, W.AWinged Warfare149
Upfield, ArthurWings Above the Diamantina230119361965
Hare, CyrilWith a Bare Bodkin100719461954
David-Neel, A.With Mystics and Magicians in Tibet68
Harrison & CartwrightWithin Four Walls281
Conrad, JosephWithin the Tides506
O'Brien, KateWithout My Cloak716
Lawrence, D.H.Women in Love148519211960
Gant, RolandWorld in a Jug1500
Bronte, EmilyWuthering Heights424
Bronte, EmilyWuthering Heights524
Macdonald, PhilipX v. Rex110719331955
Milner, GeorgeYour Money and Your Life173519571962
Seymour, Beatrice KeanYouth Rides Out102
Keating, H.R.F.Zen There Was Murder1965
Beerbohm, MaxZuleika Dobson895

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