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by Title S-"The K"

Author Title Number 1st Pub. 1st Penguin
Sackville-West, VSaint Joan Of Arc104219361955
Shaw, BernardSaint Joan56519241946
Williamson, HenrySalar the Salmon712
Wilde, OscarSalome and Other Plays60018941947
Faulkener, WilliamSanctuary899
Hampson, JohnSaturday Night at the Greyhound94
Ashby, EricScientist in Russia613?
Waugh, EvelynScoop455
Scott, Sir HaroldScotland Yard121219541957
Hendry, T. & J.F. (Ed.)Scottish Short Stories38919431943
Waugh, EvelynScott-King's Modern Europe824
Hollowood, BernardScowle and Other Papers63119481948
de Monfreid, HenrySea Adventures533
Lawrence, D.H.Sea and Sardinia465
TaffrailSea Escapes and Adventures426
Sackville-West, V.Seducers in Ecuador480
Blochman, LawrenceSee You at the Morgue159719461961
Wilde, OscarSelected Essays and Poems95718911954
Belloc, HilaireSelected Essays13251958
Lawrence, D.H.Selected Essays753
Bell, GertrudeSelected Letters275
Lawrence, D.H.Selected Letters759
Steele, Alan (Ed.)Selected Modern Short Stories96
Quiller-Couch, Sir ArthurSelected Short Stories1191
Jacobs, W.W.Selected Short Stories1345
SakiSelected Stories of Saki184
Bates, H.E.Selected Stories1243
Poe, Edgar AllanSelected Tales1109
Blackwood, AlgernonSelected Tales393
Nichols, BeverleySelf138
Cain, James M.Serenade902
Graves, RobertSergeant Lamb of the Ninth725
Aldington, RichardSeven Against Reeves780
Seven Famous One-Act Plays11719371937
Beerbohm, MaxSeven Men101019191954
Sender, RamonSeven Red Sundays135
Roth, HollyShadow of a Lady162719571961
Dickson, CarterShe Died A Lady81619431951
Collis, MauriceShe Was a Queen443
Dodge, DavidShear the Black Sheep107819491955
Blake, NicholasShell of DeathUS 54319361944
Sasson, SiegfriedSherston's Progress676
Bronte, CharlotteShirley537
GarnettShot in the Dark1731
Queen, EllerySiamese Twin Mystery159819331961
Collis, MauriceSiamese White294
Eliot, GeorgeSilas Marner496
Merwin, SamuelSilk350
Bell, AdrianSilver Ley27819311940
Mackenzie, ComptonSinister Street1490
Broster, D.K.Sir Isumbras at the Ford85
Wills Crofts, FreemanSir John Magill's Last Journey102319301955
Ecclestone, EricSir Walter Raleigh334
Douglas, NormanSiren Land62519111948
Gubbins, NatSitting on the Fence47319441944
Brahms & Simon, Carl & S.J.Six Cyrtains for Stroganova959
Lindsay, MartinSledge193
Sims, GeorgeSleep No More294919661969
Haggard, WilliamSlow Burner223319581965
Chandler, RaymondSmart Aleck Kill219819641964
Faulkner, WilliamSoldiers' Pay123
Ford, Maddox FordSome Do Not632
Monckton, C.A.W.Some Experiences of a New Guinea Resident Magistrate Vol.169
Monckton, C.A.W.Some Experiences of a New Guinea Resident Magistrate Vol.270
Somerville & RossSome Experiences of an Irish R.M.9718991937
Poe, Edgar AllanSome Tales of Mystery and Imagination477
Harrison, G.ElsieSon to Susanna462
McKenna, StephenSonia703
Lawrence, D.H.Sons and Lovers66819131948
Douglas, NormanSouth Wind1119171935
Saroyen, WilliamSouth870
Soviet Short Stories1793
Starkie, WalterSpanish Raggle-Taggle119719341961
Eberhardt, M.G.Speak No Evil110219411955
Mitchell, GladysSpeedy Death43319291943
Campbell, AliceSpiderweb1421938
Mitchell, GladysSpotted Hemlock150619581960
Lawrence, D.H.Sr Mawr & The Virgin and The Gypsy75719251950
Greene, GrahamStamboul Train1898
Ferguson, JohnStealthy Terror23919351939
Irwin, MargaretStill She Wished for Company72
Welcome, JohnStop at Nothing2035
Innes, MichaelStop Press126619391958
Innes, MichaelStop Press129919391958
Golding, LouisStore of Ladies215
Schreiner, OliveStory of an African Farm197
Gide, AndreStrait is the Gate881
Myers, L.H.Strange Glory485
Freeling, NicholasStrike Out Where Not Applicable30091967
Simenon, GeorgesStriptease185319581963
Wilson, AngusSuch Darling Dodos1508
Brand, ChristiannaSuddenly at His Residence80419471951
Hare, CyrilSuicide Excepted116219371956
Wodehouse, P.G.Summer Lightning995
Simenon, GeorgesSunday201819591963
Leacock, StephenSunshine Sketches *320
Potter, StephenSupermanship182919471962
Marsh, NgaioSurfeit of Lampreys110019411955
Quentin, PatrickSuspicious Circumstances223419571965
Crispin, EdmundSwan Song104319471955
Allingham, MargerySweet Danger76919331950
Disraeli, BenjaminSybil1012
Byrom, JamesTake Only As Directed212619591964
Joly, CyrilTake These Men1207
Allingham, MargeryTake Two at Bedtime137419501959
TchehovTales From Tchehov18019381938
Conrad, JosephTales of Hearsay463
Williamson, HenryTarka the Otter81
Millar, MargaretTaste of Fears185019501962
Towers, FrancesTea With Mr Rochester882
Rutherford, DouglasTelling of Murder118219521956
Christie, AgathaTen Little Niggers125619391958
Armstrong, AnthonyTen Minute Alibi13119341938
McBain, EdTen Plus One256519631967
Casteret, NorbertTen Years Under the Earth846
Hare, CyrilTenant for Death108119371955
Fitzgerald, F.ScottTender is the Night906
Hare, CyrilThat Yew Tree's Shade106419541956
Crofts, Freeman WillsThe 12.30 From Croydon92019341953
Christie, AgathaThe ABC Murders68319361948
Bellow, SaulThe Adventures of Augie March2434
Queen, ElleryThe Adventures of Ellery Queen190819341963
Warner, RexThe Aerodrome453
Chevallier, GabrielThe Affairs of Flavie1056
Forester, C.S.The African Queen1112
Mayne, PeterThe Alleys of Marrakesh123019531957
Keyes, Francis ParkinsonThe Ambassadress1537
Queen, ElleryThe American Gun Mystery114719331956
Reves, EmeryThe Anatomy of Peace59919451947
Dickens, MonicaThe Angel in The Corner1447
Haggard, WilliamThe Antagonists270319641968
Shaw, BernardThe Apple Cart116919301956
Haggard, WilliamThe Arena187919611963
March, WilliamThe Bad Seed121019541957
Durrell, GeraldThe Bafut Beagles1266
Hughes, DorothyThe Bamboo Blonde39719411942
Finnegan, RobertThe Bandaged Nude89019491952
Morton, J.B.(Beachcomber)The Barber of Putney246
Upfield, ArthurThe Battling Prophet145219561960
Thurber, JamesThe Beast in Me and Other Animals1646
Fitzgerald, F.ScottThe Beautiful and the Damned241419221966
Williamson, HenryThe Beautiful Years696
Allingham, MargeryThe Beckoning Lady141719551960
Ernst, MorrisThe Best is Yet611
Bedford, SybilleThe Best We Can Do163919581961
Fearing, KennethThe Big Clock72819461949
Christie, AgathaThe Big Four119619271957
McGivern, WilliamThe Big Heat123619531957
Chandler, RaymondThe Big Sleep65219391948
Bowen, JohnThe Birdcage2155
Smith, ThorneThe Bishop's Jaegers142819341960
Young, Francis BrettThe Black Diamond57
Shaw, BernardThe Black Girl in Search of God56719321946
Gilbert, AnthonyThe Black Stage110519451955
Buchan, JohnThe Blanket of the Dark1653
Mitford, NancyThe Blessing1211
Carr, John DicksonThe Blind Barber87519341952
Simenon, GeorgesThe Blue Room278919641968
Christie, AgathaThe Body in the Library92419421953
Bombard, AlainThe Bombard Story107919531956
Lawrence, D.H.The Boy in the Bush1935
Thirkell, AngelaThe Brandons796
Anstey, F.The Brass Bottle542
Bome, DavidThe Brassbounder37319101942
Lea, TomThe Brave Bulls922
Hay, IanThe British Infantryman359
Ferguson, RachelThe Brontes Went to Woolworths24519311940
Moore, GeorgeThe Brook Kerith844
Westlake, DonaldThe Busy Body271819661967
Beresford, J.D.The Camberwell Miracle224
Rees, DilwynThe Cambridge Murders86519451952
Salinger, J.D.The Carcher in the Rye1248
Harland, HenryThe Cardinal's Snuff Box580
Doyle, Sir Arthur ConanThe Case Book of Sherlock Holmes80519271951
Hogg, QuintinThe Case for Conservatism63519471947
Masterman, J.C.The Case of Four Friends155519561961
Blake, NicholasThe Case of the Abominable Snowman97319411954
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Baited Hook124719401957
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Black-eyed Blonde88919441952
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Borrowed Brunette96419511954
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Buried Clock129319431958
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Careless Kitten137519441950
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Caretaker's Cat107419351955
Carr, John DicksonThe Case of the Constant Suicides94719411953
Gardener, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Counterfeit Eye95219351953
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Crooked Candle129419471958
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Curious Bride145519351960
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Dangerous Dowager175319371962
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Drowning Duck124619421957
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Drowsy Mosquito96519461954
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Empty Tin186919411963
Crispin, EdmundThe Case of the Gilded Fly98819441954
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Goldigger's Purse137619491959
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Half-Wakened Wife113919491956
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Haunted Husband123119441957
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Howling Dog145819351960
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Lame Canary91219371953
Allingham, MargeryThe Case of the Late Pig276
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Perjured Parrot137719391959
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Rolling Bones105419391955
Bruce, ChristopherThe Case of the Second Chance150919461960
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Shoplifter's Shoe129519381958
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Silent Partner120419401957
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Sleepwalkers Neice96619361954
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Smoking Chimney186819431963
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Stuttering Bishop93919371953
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Substitute Face91119381953
Bush, ChristopherThe Case of the Tudor Queen84919381953
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Turning Tide189919411963
Smith, ClarkThe Case of Torches171019571963
Connington, J.J.The Case With Nine Solutions738
Eberhart, M.G.The Cases of Susan Dare52319351947
Wills Crofts, FreemanThe Cask87619201952
Blackwood, AlgernonThe Centaur166
Unekis, RichardThe Chase269919621967
Crofts, Freeman WillsThe Cheyne Mystery91719261953
van Gulik, RobertThe Chinese Gold Murders177619591962
Queen, ElleryThe Chinese Orange Mystery115019341956
SakiThe Chronicles of Clovis547
Wyndham, JohnThe Chrysalidsorange
Rinehart, Mary RobertsThe Circular Staircase124119081957
Thurston, E.TempleThe City of Beautiful Nonsense195
Myers, L.H.The "Clio"486
Chesterton, G.K.The Club of Queer Trades581
Wodehouse, P.G.The Code of the Woosters935
Aldington, RichardThe Colonel's Daughter203
Miller, HenryThe Colossus of Maroussi78419411950
Forester, C.S.The Commodore111619451956
Walton, IzaakThe Compleat Angler2381939
McBain, EdThe Con Man1971
Greene, GrahamThe Confidential Agent1895
Snow, C.P.The Conscience of the Rich1526
Roth, HollyThe Content Assignment132319541958
Young, Francis BrettThe Crescent Moon172
Farrer, KatharineThe Cretan Counterfeit110319541955
Roth, HollyThe Crimson in the Purple180119571962
Monsarrat, NicholasThe Cruel Sea1121
Bullen, Frank T.The Cruise of the "Cachalot"458
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe DA Breaks the Seal137219461964
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe DA Calls a Turn96719471954
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe DA Calls it Murder104019371955
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe DA Draws a Circle162019391961
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe DA Holds a Candle1239
Bates, H.E.The Daffodil Sky and Other135219351959
The Daily Telegraph Eighth Crossword Book155819611961
The Daily Telegraph Fifth Crossword Book1098
The Daily Telegraph Seventh Crossword Book1418
Connington, J.J.The Dangerfield Talisman15919261938
Saroyan, WilliamThe Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze20119351939
von Rintelen, Capt.The Dark Invader60
Bates, H.E.The Darling Buds of May1602
Tey, JosephineThe Daughter of Time99019511954
Hilton, JamesThe Dawn of Reckoning80
Lewis, NormanThe Day of the Fox1412
Wyndham, JohnThe Day of the Triffids993
Carr, John DicksonThe Dead Man's Knock156419581961
Smith, ClarkThe Deadly Reaper160519561961
Wise, ArthurThe Death's Head235319621965
Masters, JohnThe Deceivers108519521955
Carr, John DicksonThe Demoniacs222019621965
Vickers, RoyThe Department of Dead Ends109019491955
Mitchell, GladysThe Devil at Saxon Wall228
Carr, John DicksonThe Devil in Velvet124219511957
Grigoriev, S.L.The Diaghilev Ballet 1909-19291411
Fitzgerald, F.ScottThe Diamond as Big as the Ritz1733
Potts, JeanThe Dierhard141519561960
Schulberg, BuddThe Disenchanted1498
Murray, MaxThe Doctor and the Corpse117819531957
Shaw, BernardThe Doctor's Dilemma56419061946
Sayers, Dorothy L.The Documents in the Case891937
Keating, H.R.F.The Dog It Was That Died244319621966
Queen, ElleryThe Door Between129719361958
Simenon, GeorgesThe Door268019621968
Warriner, ThurmanThe Doors of Sleep161019551961
Freeling, NicholasThe Dresden Green290219661969
Durrell, GeraldThe Drunken Forest131419561958
du Maurier, DaphneThe du Mauriers662
Queen, ElleryThe Dutch Shoe Mystery115119311956
Wade, HenryThe Dying Alderman26619401940
Sackville-West, V.The Edwardians16
MacDonald, BettyThe Egg and I1160
Queen, ElleryThe Egyptian Cross Mystery184219321962
Amis, KingsleyThe Egyptologists2769
Scott, DavidThe Egypt's Gold187
Ellin, StanleyThe Eighth Circle231319581966
Carr, John DicksonThe Emporer's Snuff Box94919435367
Greene, GrahamThe End of the Affair178519511962
Evans, A.J.The Escaping Club20219211939
Garnett, David (Ed.)The Essential T.E.Lawrence1155
Sterling, ThomasThe Evil of the Day140719551959
Bramah, ErnestThe Eyes of Max Carrados303
Smith, EmmaThe Far Cry879
Allingham, MargeryThe Fashion in Shrouds77119381950
Simenon, GeorgesThe Fate of the Malous235619511966
Millin, Sarah GertrudeThe Fiddler109
Gerbault, AlainThe Fight of the Firecrest183
Queen, ElleryThe Finishing Stroke260719581967
Hay, IanThe First Hundred Thousand283
Williams & SavageThe First Penguin Problems Book26019401940
Keverne, RichardThe Fleet Hall Inheritance22719311939
Bentley, NicholasThe Floating Dutchman97519501954
Quentin, PatrickThe Follower108819501955
Knox, RonaldThe Footsteps at the Lock174119281964
Hewlitt, MauriceThe Forest Lovers488
Wallace, EdgarThe Four Just Men6419361936
Queen, ElleryThe Four of Hearts129619361958
The Fourth Penguin Crossword Book1158
Hughes, RichardThe Fox in the Attic2069
Tey, JosephineThe Franchise Affair84119481951
Queen, ElleryThe French Powder Mystery114819301956
Mansfield, KatherineThe Garden Party799
Wentworth, PatriciaThe Gazebo159619551965
Robinson, LewisThe General Goes too Far38319351942
Forester, C.S.The General1117
Hull, RichardThe Ghost it Was79419361950
Curtis, JamesThe Gilt Kid623
Bridge, AnnThe Ginger Griffin782
Hammett, DashiellThe Glass Key243519311966
Queen, ElleryThe Glass Village175719541963
Bowen, MarjorieThe Glen O'Weeping45
Ian, CrossThe God Boy1811
Lytton, DavidThe Goddamn White Man1787
Crane, FrancesThe Golden Box86819441952
Buck, PearlThe Good Earth142319311960
Hasek, J.The Good Slodier Schweik802
Ford, Ford MaddoxThe Good Soldier536
Bennett, ArnoldThe Grand Babylon Hotel17619021938
Steinbeck, JohnThe Grapes of Wrath833
Truman, CapoteThe Grass Harp2563
Brickhill, PaulThe Great Escape1187
Fitzgerald, F.ScottThe Great Gatsby746
Queen, ElleryThe Greek Coffin Mystery119819321957
Beauclerk, HelenThe Green Lacquer Pavilion88
Belloc, HilaireThe Green Overcoat579
Peck, David W.The Greer Case188919561963
Slesar, HenryThe Grey Flannel Shroud196119591963
Bennett, ArnoldThe Grim Smile of The 5 Towns519
Crofts, Freeman WillsThe Groote Park Murder53119231946
McCarthy, MaryThe Group2184
The Guardian Fifth Crossword Book1125
Forester, C.S.The Gun22919331939
Sherwood, JohnThe Half Hunter207819611964
Mole, WilliamThe Hammersmith Maggot195919551963
Beresford, J.D.The Hampdenshire Wonder92
Martin, StuartThe Hangman's Guests469
Dickens, MonicaThe Happy Prisoner1271
Forester, C.S.The Happy Return835
Haggard, WilliamThe Hard Sell264219651968
Park, RuthThe Harp in the South853
Simenon, GeorgeThe Hatter's Ghosts145619491960
Keverne, RichardThe Havering Plot12719381938
Thirkell, AngelaThe Headmistress103919441955
Sava, GeorgeThe Healing Knife96119381953
McCullers, CarsonThe Heart is a Lonely Hunter1566
Greene, GrahamThe Heart of the Matter1789
McBain, EdThe Heckler239319601966
Pearson, HeskethThe Hero of Delphi627
Goodwin, GeraintThe Heyday in the Blood980
Chandler, RaymondThe High Window85119431951
Haggard, WilliamThe High Wire232319631965
Carr, John DicksonThe Hollow Man86219351951
Eustis, HelenThe Horizontal Man71819471949
Conan Doyle, Sir A.The Hound of the Baskervilles11119021937
Thompson, SylviaThe Hounds of Spring56
Compton-Burnett, IvyThe House and its Head1317
Lavin, MaryThe House in Clewe Street693
Bowen, ElizabethThe House in Paris535
Buchan, JohnThe House of the Four Winds1137
Rhode, JohnThe House on Tollard Ridge15419291938
Daly, ElizabethThe House Without the Door85019451951
Phillips, HubertThe Hubert Phillips Crossword Book1071
Wakeman, FredericThe Hucksters1014
Wilder, ThorntonThe Ides of March1565
Symons, JulianThe Immaterial Murder Case98919451954
Gide, AndreThe Immoralist1497
Wilde, OscarThe Importance of Being Ernest274
Chesterton, G.K.The Incredulity of F.Brown106919261958
O'Flaherty, LiamThe Informer1719251935
Wodehouse, P.G.The Inimitable Jeeves933
Chesterton, G.K.The Innocence of F.Brown76519111950
Moore, Harry TThe Intelligent Heart - D.H. Lawrence1514
Wells, H.G.The Invisible Man1511926
London, JackThe Iron Heel461
Simenon, GorgesThe Iron Staircase259019531967
Wright, S.FowlerThe Island of Captain Sparrow507
Wells, H.G.The Island of Doctor Moreau57118961946
Buchan, JohnThe Island of Sheep1131
O'Crohan, TomasThe Islandman41119291943
Murdoch, IrisThe Italian Girl255919641967
Bates, H.E.The Jacaranda Tree1034
Barbellion, W.N.P.The Journal of a Disappointed Man67419191948
Bennett, ArnoldThe Journals of99919301954
Innes, MichaelThe Journeying Boy157419491961
Dickson, CarterThe Judas Window81919381951
Sinclair, UptonThe Jungle49
Ellin, StanleyThe Key to Nicholas Street169419531962
Powell, AnthonyThe Kindly Ones2292
Murray, MaxThe King and the Corpse117719491957
Bonnamy, FrancisThe King is Dead on Queen St65619451948
Queen, ElleryThe King is Dead151119521960
Freeling, NicholasThe King of the Rainy Country285319661968
Lipsky, EleazarThe Kiss of Death70919471949
Wyndham, JohnThe Kraken Wakes1075

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