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Author Title Number 1st Pub. 1st Penguin
Tomlinson, H.M.Gallions Reach869
Berne, EricGames People Play2768
Potter, StephenGamesmanship182619581962
James, M.R.Ghost Stories of an Antiquary9119101937
ColetteGigi and the Cat1313
Pearson, HeskethGilbert and Sullivan79119351950
Ward, MaisieGilbert Keith Chesterton107019441958
Potts, JeanGo, Lovely Rose205019541963
Garnett, DavidGo She Must237
Wills Crofts, FreemanGolden Ashes139619401959
Webb, MaryGone to Earth9
Isherwood, ChristopherGoodbye to Berlin504
Dickens, CharlesGreat Expectations104118611955
Brand, ChristiannaGreen for Danger158119451961
Connelly, MarcGreen Pastures357
Mackail, DenisGreenery Street87
Buchan, JohnGreenmantle113219161956
Armstrong, H.C.Grey Steel (J.C.Smuts)204
Armstrong, H.C.Grey Wolf77
Peacock, Thomas LoveGryll Grange557
Allen, W.E.D.Guerrilla War in Abyssinia439
MacDonald, PhilipGuest in the House210319561964
Freeling, NicholasGuns Before Butter228019631965
Runyon, DamonGuys and Dolls1179
Carr, John DicksonHag's Nook25619331940
Kennedy, MilwardHalf Mast Murder30419301940
Innes, MichaelHamlet Revenge164019371961
Sayers, Dorothy L.Hangman's Holiday178019331962
Byrne, DonnHangman's House24
Hamilton, PatrickHangover Square1208
Innes, MichaelHare Sitting Up220119591964
de Monfreid, HenryHashish52719351946
Flecker, James ElroyHassan675
van GulikHaunted Monastery2470
Sayers, Dorothy L.Have His Carcase177719321962
Simenon, GeorgesHavoc By Accident82919431952
Hawkins, DesmondHawk Among the Sparrows525
Keverne, RichardHe Laughed at Murder35119341941
McCloy, HelenHe Never Came Back155419541961
Hare, CyrilHe Should Have Died Hereafter148619581960
Carr, John DicksonHe Who Whispers94819461953
Dickson, CarterHe Wouldn't Kill Patience81819441951
Brand, ChristiannaHeads You Lose77919411950
Baum, VickiHelene194
Bellow, SaulHenderson The Rain King2496
Holland, A.K.Henry Purcell679
Wade, HenryHere Comes The Copper583
Parker, DorothyHere Lies419
Carey, JoyceHerself Surprised103319411955
Allingham, MargeryHide My Eyes147619581960
Thirkell, AngelaHigh Rising339
Cannan, JoannaHigh Table213
Whipple, DorothyHigh Wages549
Ackerley, J.R.Hindoo Holiday242
Hersey, JohnHiroshima6031946
Marquand, JohnH.M.Pulham Esquire796
Marquand, John P.H.M.Pulham, Esquire798
Herbert, A.P.Holy Deadlock1038
Crispin, EdmundHoly Disorders130319461958
Machen, ArthurHoly Terrors526
Potts, JeanHome is the Prisoner228819601965
Watson, ColinHopjoy Was Here240419621966
Bemelmans, LudwigHotel Splendide67019421948
Ellin, StanleyHouse of Cards282519671968
Wain, NoraHouse of Exile16819331938
Mason, A.E.W.House of the Arrow148719241960
Bentley, NicholasHow Can You Bear To Be Human?1414
Llewellyn, RichardHow Green Was My Valley800
Forster, E.M.Howard's End311
Mackenzie, ComptonHunting the Fairies1365
Buchan, JohnHuntingtower1133
Houghton, ClaudeI am Johnathon Srivener54
Graves, RobertI, Claudius I318
Graves, RobertI, Claudius II31919341941
Frankau, PamelaI Find Four People14119351938
Miller, WebbI Found No Peace28919401940
McCoy, HoraceI Should Have Stayed Home241219381966
Wilson, EdmundI Thought of Daisy1876
Bowen, MarjorieI Will Maintain323
Malamud, BernardIdiots First248719631966
Gide, AndreIf It Die1234
Bridge, AnnIllyrian Spring713
Fuller, RoyImage of a Society2058
Galsworthy, JohnIn Chancery1805
Hughes, RichardIn Hazard750
Morton, H.V.In Search of England1431
Bierce, AmbroseIn the Midst of Life19918921939
Simenon, GeorgesIn Two Latitudes82819421952
Punshon, E.R.Information Received108419331955
Simenon, GeorgesInquest on Bouvet167919521962
Wills Crofts, FreemanInspector French and the Starvel Tragedy51419271946
Crofts, Freeman WillsInspector French's Greatest Case91819251953
Faulkner, WilliamIntruder in the Dust1432
Lehmann, RosamondInvitation To The Waltz328
Carr, John DicksonIt Walks By Night12419301938
Greene, GrahamIt's a Battlefield257
Bronte, CharlotteJane Eyre960
Lofts, NorahJassy946
Kaye-Smith, SheilaJoanna Godden840
Buchan, JohnJohn Macnab1135
Fielding, HenryJoseph Andrews1013
Clewes, WinstonJourney Into Spring909
Dickens, MonicaJoy and Josephine1168
Linklater, EricJuan in America1143
Linklater, EricJuan in China1268
Hives & LumleyJu-Ju and the Justice in Nigeria298
Berkeley, AnthonyJumping Jenny33719331941
Bramah, ErnestKai Lung Unrolls His Mat10819281937
Bramah, ErnestKai-Lung's Golden Hours174
Lawrence, D.H.Kangaroo75119231950
Hull, RichardKeep it Quiet99219351954
Chandler, RaymondKiller in the Rain244519641966
McBain, EdKiller's Choice197219581963
McBain, EdKiller's Payoff211019581964
McBain, EdKiller's Wedge214919591964
Westlake, DonaldKilly257819631967
Paris, JohnKimono593
McBain, EdKing's Ransom221919591965
Wells, H.G.Kipps335
Parker, JohnLabor Marches On628
Hall, J.E.D.Labour's First Year612
Lawrence, D.H.Lady Chatterley's Lover1484
Haslip, JoanLady Hester Stanhope50519341945
Hardy, WilliamLady Killer163319371961
McBain, EdLady Killer201919581964
Ward, F.KingdonLand of the Blue Poppy315
Robinson, RobertLandscape With Dead Dons183119561963
Ford, Maddox FordLast Post641
Wodehouse, P.G.Laughing Gas1172
Mitchell, GladysLaurels are Poison153319421961
Field, PeterLaw Man of Powder Valley161919421961
Storrs, Sir RonaldLawrence of Arabia288
Bates, RalphLean Man Vol.1121
Bates, RalphLean Man Vol.2122
Wodehouse, P.G.Leave it to Psmith936
Bemelmans, LudwigLife Class61519391948
Potter, StephenLifemanship182719501962
Faulkner, WilliamLight in August1433
McBain, EdLike Love283019621968
Wolfe, BernardLimbo '901647
Agate, JamesLines of Communication520
Branch, PamelaLion in the Cellar170319511962
Leacock, StephenLiterary Lapses212
Roberts, Mary-CarterLittle Brother Fate162619581961
Doyle, LynnLobster Salad594
Wraner, Sylvia TownsendLolly Willowes84
Brand, ChristiannaLondon Particular103519521955
Allingham, MargeryLook to the Lady77319311950
Wechberg, JosephLooking for a Bluebird67319441948
Pack, S.W.C. (Ed.)Lord Anson's Voyage Round the World607
Wilde, OscarLord Arthur Savile's Crime and Other Stories1021
Christie, AgathaLord Edgeware Dies68519331948
Conrad, JosephLord Jim529
Armstrong, H.C.Lord of Arabia128
Sayers, Dorothy L.Lord Peter Views the Body177919281962
Simenon, GeorgesLost Moorings85719461952
Lawrence, D.H.Love Among the Haystacks and Other Stories1512
Mitford, NancyLove in a Cold Climate984
Freeling, NicholasLove in Amsterdam288119621969
Crispin, EdmundLove Lies Bleeding97419481954
Vail, AmandaLove Me Little1499
Green, HenryLoving958
Boyd, MartinLucinda Brayford962
Amis, KingsleyLucky Jim1648
Weat, KeithMa Wei Slope1019
Ertz, SusanMadame Claire4
Mitford, NancyMadame de Pompadour118119541958
Welch, DentonMaiden Voyage979
Simenon, GeorgesMaigret Afraid225019531965
Simenon, GeorgesMaigret and the Burglar's Wife136219531959
Simenon, GeorgesMaigret and the Lazy Burglar252619611966
Simenon, GeorgesMaigret and the Old Lady1678
Simenon, GeorgesMaigret and the Reluctant Witness168119591962
Simenon, GeorgesMaigret at the Crossroads202819311965
Simenon, GeorgesMaigret has Scruples168019581962
Simenon, GeorgesMaigret in Court22511965
Simenon, GeorgesMaigret in Montmartre122119511958
Simenon, GeorgesMaigret Loses His Temper270119631967
Simenon, GeorgesMaigret Meets a Milord202719311963
Simenon, GeorgeMaigret on the Defensive283119641968
Simenon, GeorgesMaigret Sets a Trap279619551968
Simenon, GeorgesMaigret Sits it Out827
Simenon, GeorgesMaigret Stonewalled202619311963
Simenon, GeorgesMaigret Takes a Room224919511965
Simenon, GeorgesMaigret Travels South82619401952
Simenon, GeorgesMaigret's Failure224819561965
Simenon, GeorgeMaigret's First Case159419531961
Simenon, GeorgesMaigret's Mistake122219531958
Simenon, GeorgesMaigret's Revolver136319541959
Lewis, SinclairMain Street790
Shaw, BernardMajor Barbara50019071945
Daninos, PierreMajor Thompson Lives in France1382
Shaw, BernardMan and Superman56319061946
Upfield, ArthurMan of Two Tribes150319561960
Dickens, MonicaMan Overboard1813
Chesterton, G.K.Manalive587
Lewis, SinclairMantrap10519261937
Jacobs, W.W.Many Cargoes214
Williams, CharlesMany Dimensions88419311952
Dickens, MonicaMariana781
O'Brien, KateMary Lavelle801
Bramah, ErnestMax Carrados Mysteries215819271964
Bramah, ErnestMax Carrados436
Mitchell, JosephMcSorley's Wonderful Saloon1016
Lowenstein & GerhardtMeet Yourself as You Really Are382
de la Mare, WalterMemoirs of a Midget1044
Warner, RexMen and Gods885
Clarke, MarcusMen in Chains(For Term of His Natural Life)
Hemingway, ErnestMen Without Women1067
Keverne, RichardMenace60219331947
Kafka, FranzMetamorphosis and Other Stories1572
Armstrong, CharlotteMischief125219511957
Baker, FrankMiss Hargreaves783
West, NathanielMiss Lonelyhearts & A Cool Million1567
Christie, AgathaMiss Marple and the Thirteen Problems92919321953
Keverne, RichardMissing From His Home218
Fitt, MaryMizmaze158719591961
Steele & Hancock, Sel.byModern American Short Stories316
Ferguson, John (Ed.)Modern One-Act Plays352
Steele, Alan (Ed.)Modern Short Stories Vol.2170
James, M.R.More Ghost Stories1347
Allingham, MargeryMore Work for the Undertaker86419491952
Gunn, Neil M.Morning Tide51
Lawrence, D.H.Mornings in Mexico and Etruscan Places1513
Huxley, AldousMortal Coils105119221955
Allingham, MargeryMr Campion and Others76219391950
Bailey, H.CMr Fortune, Please *3419271936
Warner, Sylvia TownsendMr Fortune's Maggot642
Hornung, E.W.Mr Justice Raffles101
Forester, C.S.Mr Midshipman Hornblower1115
Isherwood, ChristopherMr Norris Changes Trains32119351942
Walpole, HughMr Perrin and Mr Traill132
Belloc, HilaireMr Petre633
Berkeley, AnthonyMr Priestley's Problem589
Buchan, JohnMr Standfast1134
Powys, T.F.Mr Weston's Good Wine7319271937
Bromfield, LouisMrs Parkington1331
Cole, G.D.H. & MargaretMurder at Crome House155
Bennet, EricMurder at The Admiralty497
Casson, StanleyMurder by Burial41819381943
Philips, JudsonMurder Clear, Track Fast262419611967
Upfield, ArthurMurder Down Under80619371951
Branch, PamelaMurder Every Monday109719541956
Bell, JosephineMurder in Hospital302
Christie, AgathaMurder in Mesopotamia109919361955
Mainwaring, MarionMurder in Pastiche170819551962
Berkeley, AnthonyMurder in the Basement59119321947
Connington, J.J.Murder in the Maze18819271939
Christie, AgathaMurder in the Mews and Other Stories163719371961
Ferrars, ElizabethMurder in Time110819531955
Cannan, JoannaMurder Included132419501958
Ames, DelanoMurder Maestro Please203619521963
Hull, RichardMurder of My Aunt95319341953
Eberhart, M.G.Murder of My Patient354
Galwey, G.V.Murder on Leave702
Lanham, EdwinMurder on My Street158919581961
Huxley, ElspethMurder on Safari112919381957
Christie, AgathaMurder on the Orient Express68919341948
Bingham, JohnMurder Plan Six194919581964
Gardner, Erle StanleyMurder Up My Sleeve96819381954
Vickers, RoyMurdering Mr Velfrage107719501955
Branch, PamelaMurder's Little Sister194719581963
Huxley, AldousMusic at Night74819311950
Chaplin, CharlesMy Autobiography2550
Durrell, GeraldMy Family and Other Animals1399
Simenon, GeorgesMy Friend Maigret141919491959
Harland, HenryMy Friend Prospero59619041947
David-Neel, A.My Journey to Lhasa310
Thurber, JamesMy Life and Hard Times65319331948
Wodehouse, P.G.My Man Jeeves2719191936
Bingham, JohnMy Name is Michael Sibley116719521958
Muspratt, EricMy South Sea Island67
Crofts, Freeman WillsMystery in the Channel138019311959
Allingham, MargeryMystery Mile7611950
Mitchell, GladysMystery of a Butcher's Shop79219301950
Punshon, E.R.Mystery Villa79319341950
Nabakov, VladimirNabakov's Dozen149319581960
Reynolds, E.E.Nansen661
Bagnold, EnidNational Velvet232
BartimeusNaval Occasions25
Claymore, TodNest of Vipers103019481955
Mair, JohnNever Come Back470
Simenon, GeorgesNewhaven-Dieppe & The Man From Everywhere85519421952
de Saint-Exupery, AntoineNight Flight182
Bromfield, LouisNight in Bombay766
Ferguson, JohnNight in Glengyle60619331947
Sanderson, DouglasNight of the Horns161719581961
Masters, JohnNight Runners of Bengal1076
Jacobs, W.W.Night Watches *308
Gibbons, StellaNightingale Wood293
Bingham, JohnNight's Black Agent224119611965
Nijinsky, RomolaNijinsky1410
Orwell, GeorgeNineteen Eighty-Four97219491954
Farjeon, J.JeffersonNo 1720919261939
Brahms & Simon, Carl & S.J.No Bed for Bacon671
Upfield, ArthurNo Footprints in the Bush744
Bonett, John & EmeryNo Grave for a Lady180719601963
Allingham, MargeryNo Love Lost141619541959
Ford, Maddox FordNo More Parades639
McCoy, HoraceNo Pockets in a Shroud175919371962
Moorehead, AlanNo Room in the Ark178419591962
Cannan, JoannaNo Walls of Jasper329
Mitford, NancyNoblesse Oblige1348
Connington, J.J.Nordenholt's Million58219231946
Lindbergh, Anne MorrowNorth to the Orient161
Austen, JaneNorthanger Abbey425
Laver, JemesNostradamus555
Conrad, JosephNostromo2062
Berkeley, AnthonyNot to be Taken584
Spain, NancyNot Wanted on Voyage116319511956
Daly, ElizabethNothing Can Rescue Me80319451951
Ertz, SusanNow East Now West106
Daly King, C.Obelists at Sea16019321932
Jacobs, W.W.Odd Craft *26
Green, F.L.Odd Man Out646
Steinbeck, JohnOf Mice and Men & Cannery Row717
Jones, JackOff to Philadelphia in the Morning863
Knight, Dame LauraOil Paint and Grease Paint34419361941
Knight, Dame LauraOil Paint and Grease Paint34519361941
Knight, Dame LauraOil Paint and Grease Paint34619361941
Innes, MichaelOld Hall, New Hall164119561961
Tomlinson, H.M.Old Junk30719181940
Baldwin, StanleyOn England116
Simenon, GeorgesOn the Danger Line85819441952
Amis, KingsleyOne Fat Englishman2417
Young, EdwardOne of Our Submarines1000
Dickens, MonicaOne Pair of Feet969
Dickens, MonicaOne Pair of Hands1535
Fleming, PeterOne's Company114219341956
Potter, StephenOne-upmanship1828
Innes, MichaelOperation Pax220319511964
Byrom, JamesOr Be He Dead160919581964
Robertson, E.ArnotOrdinary Families19119331939
Woolf, VirginiaOrlando381
Macaulay, RoseOrphan Island340
Greene, GrahamOur Man in Havana1790
Lewis, SinclairOur Mr Wrenn21
Blixen, KarenOut of Africa913
Stout, RexOver My Dead Body110619401955
Galsworthy, JohnOver the River2787
Marsh, NgaioOverture to Death70519391949
Berkeley, AnthonyPanic Party402
Baker, GeorgeParis of Troy719
Christie, AgathaParker Pyne Investigates93219341953
Parkinson, C.NorthcoteParkinson's Law236619571965
Ervine, St JohnParnell45719251944
Doughty, CharlesPassages From Arabia Deserta1157
Carr, John DicksonPatrick Butler for the Defence139119561959
MacDonald, PhillipPatrol13
Forester, C.S.Payment Deferred111119261955
Kornitzer, LouisPearls and Men541
Chandler, RaymondPearls are a Nuisance213619501964
Bridge, AnnPeking Picnic171
Collins, NormanPenang Appointment 186
France, AnatolePenguin Island617
Penguin Parade New Stories Vol.1120
Aldiss, BrianPenguin Science Fiction163819611961
Daily TelegraphPenguin Second Crossword Book620
The TimesPenguin Third Crossword Book621
Acton, HaroldPeonies and Ponies665
Wodehouse, P.G.Performing Flea1600
Christie, AgathaPeril at End House68819321948
Austen, JanePersuasion427
Reid, ForrestPeter Waring551
Walmsley, LeoPhantom Lobster452
Mitford, NancyPigeon Pie1532
Wodehouse, P.G.Pigs Have Wings1170
Hay, IanPip211
Forester, C.S.Plain Murder84219301951
Chandler, RaymondPlayback160819581961
Shaw, BernardPlays Pleasant56018981946
Shaw, BernardPlays Unpleasant56118981946
Dodge, DavidPlunder of the Sun102219501955
Linklater, EricPoets Pub319291935
Huxley, AldousPoint Counter Point1047
Carr, John DicksonPoison in Jest25019321940
Wentworth, PatriciaPoison in The Pen181219571962
Cheyney, PeterPoison Ivy72319371949
Berkeley, AnthonyPoisoned Chocolates Case5819361936
Simenon, GeorgesPoisoned Relations122419381958
Allingham, MargeryPolice at the Funeral21919311939
Wade, HenryPoliceman's Lot597
Cullingford, GuyPost Mortem112619531956
Isherwood, ChristopherPrater Violet1658
O'Brien, KatePray For the Wanderer836
Kersh, GeraldPrelude to a Certain Midnight89419471953
Buchan, JohnPrester John1138
Bottome, PhillisPrivate Worlds10719341937
From the "New Yorker"Profiles Second Series476
Clevely, HughPublic Enemy161819531961
Nocolson, HaroldPublic Faces489
Waugh, EvelynPut Out More Flags42319421943
Quentin, PatrickPuzzle for Fiends106219461955
Shaw, BernardPygmalion30019161941
Shanks, EdwardQueer Street Vol.1163
Shanks, EdwardQueer Street Vol.2164
Hornung, E.W.Raffles6318991936
Mannin, EthelRagged Banners177
Dodge, DavidRansom of the Angel139219371961
Hammett, DashiellRed Harvest1888
Bagby, GeorgeRed is for Killing100819411954
Stout, RexRed Threads97619411954
Grierson, EdwardReputation for a Song108319521955
Fitt, MaryRequiem for Robert65719421948
Michener, JamesReturn to Paradise1186
Claymore, TodReunion in Florida108719521955
Fuller, TimothyReunion With Murder84819471952
Fuller, TimothyReunion With Murder888
Fowler, SydneyRex v. Anne Bickerton58519301947
Bennett, ArnoldRiceyman Steps996
Hewlett, MauriceRichard Yea-and-Nay471
Wodehouse, P.G.Right Ho Jeeves934
Montague, C.E.Right Off the Map27019271940
ColetteRipening Seed1359
Household, GeoffreyRogue Male69519461949
Moravia, AlbertRoman Tales1357
Murray, MaxRoyal Bed for a Corpse158319551961
Irwin, MargaretRoyal Flush733
Welcome, JohnRun for Cover188119581963
Forbes, RositaRussian Road to India290
Koteliansky, S.S.Russian Short Stories33319411941

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