Penguin Books

by Number 1444-3224

Author Title Number 1st Pub. 1st Penguin
Sagan, FrancoisA Certain Smile1444
Dickens, MonicaThe Angel in The Corner1447
Levin, IraA Kiss Before Dying145019541960
Knox, RonaldThe Three Taps145119271960
Upfield, ArthurThe Battling Prophet145219561960
Heyerdahl, ThorAku-Aku145419581960
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Curious Bride145519351960
Simenon, GeorgeThe Hatter's Ghosts145619491960
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Howling Dog145819351960
Moravia, AlbertTwo Adolescents1460
Bridge, AnnThe Portugese Escape1461
Ambler, EricUncommon Danger146719371960
O'Hara, JohnButterfield Eight1469
Forster, E.M.The Longest Journey1470
Mann, ThomasThe Magic Mountain1475
Allingham, MargeryHide My Eyes147619581960
Joyce, JamesA Portrait of The Artist as a Young Man1477
Traver, RobertAnatomy of a Murder1479
Lawrence, D.H.The Trespasser1480
Lawrence, D.H.Twilight in Italy1481
Lawrence, D.H.England My England1482
Lawrence, D.H.The Ladybird1483
Lawrence, D.H.Lady Chatterley's Lover1484
Lawrence, D.H.Women in Love148519211960
Hare, CyrilHe Should Have Died Hereafter148619581960
Mason, A.E.W.House of the Arrow148719241960
Carr, John DicksonCaptain Cut-Throat1488
Mackenzie, ComptonSinister Street1490
Nabakov, VladimirNabakov's Dozen149319581960
ColetteThe Vagabond1494
Fitzgerald, F.ScottThe Last Tycoon1495
Gary, RomainThe Roots Of Heaven1496
Gide, AndreThe Immoralist1497
Schulberg, BuddThe Disenchanted1498
Vail, AmandaLove Me Little1499
Gant, RolandWorld in a Jug1500
Vailland, RogerThe Law1501
Upfield, ArthurMan of Two Tribes150319561960
Mitford, NancyVoltaire in Love1505
Mitchell, GladysSpotted Hemlock150619581960
Trench, JohnDishonoured Bones150719541960
Wilson, AngusSuch Darling Dodos1508
Bruce, ChristopherThe Case of the Second Chance150919461960
Queen, ElleryThe King is Dead151119521960
Lawrence, D.H.Love Among the Haystacks and Other Stories1512
Lawrence, D.H.Mornings in Mexico and Etruscan Places1513
Moore, Harry TThe Intelligent Heart - D.H. Lawrence1514
Moravia, AlbertoBitter Hioneymoon1519
Snow, C.P.The Conscience of the Rich1526
Mitford, NancyPigeon Pie1532
Mitchell, GladysLaurels are Poison153319421961
Buckingham, BruceThree Bad Nights153419561961
Dickens, MonicaOne Pair of Hands1535
Keyes, Francis ParkinsonThe Ambassadress1537
Langley, NoelThere's a Porpoise Close Behind Us1538
Masters, JohnFar, Far the Mountain Peak1543
Wyndham & Parkes, John & LucasThe Outward Urge154419591962
Pasternak, BorisThe Last Summer1547
Bentley, NicholasThird Party Risk154819531961
Stout, RexThe League of Frightened Men154919351961
Hastings, MacdonaldCork in the Dodhouse155319571961
McCloy, HelenHe Never Came Back155419541961
Masterman, J.C.The Case of Four Friends155519561961
The Sunday Times Crossword Book1557
The Daily Telegraph Eighth Crossword Book155819611961
Carr, John DicksonThe Dead Man's Knock156419581961
Wilder, ThorntonThe Ides of March1565
McCullers, CarsonThe Heart is a Lonely Hunter1566
West, NathanielMiss Lonelyhearts & A Cool Million1567
Firbank, RonaldValmouth, Prancing Nigger etc1570
Kafka, FranzMetamorphosis and Other Stories1572
Connolly, CyrilEnemies of Promise1573
Innes, MichaelThe Journeying Boy157419491961
Innes, MichaelThe Man From the Sea157519551961
Innes, MichaelAppleby Plays Chicken157619561961
Innes, MichaelAppleby on Ararat157719411961
Innes, MichaelThe Weight of the Evidence157819441961
Quentin, PatrickThe Man in the Net157919561961
Brand, ChristiannaGreen for Danger158119451961
de Saint Exupery, AntoineFlight to Arras1582
Murray, MaxRoyal Bed for a Corpse158319551961
Fitt, MaryMizmaze158719591961
Mitchell, Gladys12 Horses and The Hangmans Noose158819561961
Lanham, EdwinMurder on My Street158919581961
Potts, JeanDeath of a Stray Cat159519561961
Simenon, GeorgeMaigret's First Case159419531961
Wentworth, PatriciaThe Gazebo159619551965
Blochman, LawrenceSee You at the Morgue159719461961
Queen, EllerySiamese Twin Mystery159819331961
Wodehouse, P.G.A Damsel in Distress1599
Wodehouse, P.G.Performing Flea1600
Wodehouse, P.G.The Man With Two Left Feet160119171961
Bates, H.E.The Darling Buds of May1602
Moravia, AlbertoTwo Women1603
Smith, ClarkThe Deadly Reaper160519561961
Thurber, JamesThe Thurber Album1606
Chandler, RaymondPlayback160819581961
Byrom, JamesOr Be He Dead160919581964
Warriner, ThurmanThe Doors of Sleep161019551961
Blackburn, JohnA Scent of New-Mown Hay161519581961
Sanderson, DouglasNight of the Horns161719581961
Clevely, HughPublic Enemy161819531961
Field, PeterLaw Man of Powder Valley161919421961
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe DA Draws a Circle162019391961
Carr, John DicksonFire, Burn!16221961
Spota, LuisThe Wounds of Hunger1623
Heard, GeraldA Taste for Honey162419421961
Roberts, Mary-CarterLittle Brother Fate162619581961
Roth, HollyShadow of a Lady162719571961
Powell, AnthonyVenusburg1628
Hardy, WilliamLady Killer163319371961
Buckingham, BruceBoiled Alive163619571962
Christie, AgathaMurder in the Mews and Other Stories163719371961
Aldiss, BrianPenguin Science Fiction163819611961
Bedford, SybilleThe Best We Can Do163919581961
Innes, MichaelHamlet Revenge164019371961
Innes, MichaelOld Hall, New Hall164119561961
Innes, MichaelChristmas at Candleshoe164219531961
Mitchell, GladysThe Twenty Third ManSTRIPED19571961
Thurber, JamesThe Beast in Me and Other Animals1646
Wolfe, BernardLimbo '901647
Amis, KingsleyLucky Jim1648
Wodehouse, P.G.Full Moon1652
Buchan, JohnThe Blanket of the Dark1653
Murray, MaxWait for a Corpse165619571961
Isherwood, ChristopherPrater Violet1658
Masters, JohnFandango Rock166219591961
McCloy, HelenThrough a Glass, Darkly16641961
Barstow, StanA Kind of Loving1669
Longrigg, RogerA High-Pitched Buzzing1676
Simenon, GeorgesMaigret and the Old Lady1678
Simenon, GeorgesInquest on Bouvet167919521962
Simenon, GeorgesMaigret has Scruples168019581962
Simenon, GeorgesMaigret and the Reluctant Witness168119591962
Bates, H.E.A Breath of French Air168519591962
Lawrence, D.H.A Propos of Lady Chatterley's Lover1688
Innes, MichaelFrom London Far169219461962
Millar, MargaretThe Soft Talkers169319571962
Ellin, StanleyThe Key to Nicholas Street169419531962
Greene, GrahamThe Lost Childhood and Other Essays1695
The Sixth Penguin Crossword Book1701
Branch, PamelaLion in the Cellar170319511962
Powell, AnthonyWhat's Become of Waring?1706
Mainwaring, MarionMurder in Pastiche170819551962
Smith, ClarkThe Case of Torches171019571963
Compton-Burnett, IvyA Family and a Fortune1713
van der Post, LaaurensThe Lost World of the Kalahari1716
McCloy, HelenTwo-thirds of a Ghost171819571962
du Maurier, DaphneThe Scapegoat1723
GarnettShot in the Dark1731
Fitzgerald, F.ScottThe Diamond as Big as the Ritz1733
Milner, GeorgeYour Money and Your Life173519571962
Mason, A.E.W.At the Villa Rosa173619161962
Knox, RonaldThe Footsteps at the Lock174119281964
Daniel, GlynWelcome Death174319541962
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Dangerous Dowager175319371962
Watson, ColinCoffin, Scarcely Used1754
Haggard, WilliamClosed Circuit175519601962
Queen, ElleryThe Glass Village175719541963
Davidson, LionelThe Night of Wenceslas175819601962
McCoy, HoraceNo Pockets in a Shroud175919371962
Fuller, RoyThe Second Curtain176019531962
Williams, J.H.Bandoola1761
Snow, C.P.Time of Hope1763
Ballairs, GeorgeDeath in High Provence1771
The Penguin Hundred Best Crosswords177319621962
Keating, H.R.F.Death and the Visiting Fireman177419581962
Hodge, Harry (Ed.)Famous Trials 61775
van Gulik, RobertThe Chinese Gold Murders177619591962
Sayers, Dorothy L.Have His Carcase177719321962
Sayers, Dorothy L.Busman's Honeymoon177819371962
Sayers, Dorothy L.Lord Peter Views the Body177919281962
Sayers, Dorothy L.Hangman's Holiday178019331962
Upfield, ArthurThe Widows of Broome178119511962
Keith, WaterhouseBilly Liar1783
Moorehead, AlanNo Room in the Ark178419591962
Greene, GrahamThe End of the Affair178519511962
Lytton, DavidThe Goddamn White Man1787
Greene, GrahamThe Heart of the Matter1789
Greene, GrahamOur Man in Havana1790
Greene, GrahamThe Power and the Glory179119401962
Greene, GrahamThe Quiet American1792
Soviet Short Stories1793
Furneaux, RupertCourtroom USA 1179519621962
Roth, HollyThe Crimson in the Purple180119571962
Ames, DelanoCorpse Diplomatique180419501962
Galsworthy, JohnIn Chancery1805
Bonett, John & EmeryNo Grave for a Lady180719601963
Dickens, MonicaFlowers on the Grass1808
Ian, CrossThe God Boy1811
Wentworth, PatriciaPoison in The Pen181219571962
Dickens, MonicaMan Overboard1813
Kata, ElizabethBe Ready With Bells and Drums1817
"Miss Read"Fresh From the Country1818
Sartre, J.P.The Reprieve1823
Potter, StephenGamesmanship182619581962
Potter, StephenLifemanship182719501962
Potter, StephenOne-upmanship1828
Potter, StephenSupermanship182919471962
Robinson, RobertLandscape With Dead Dons183119561963
Caine, MarkThe S-Man1833
Powell, AnthonyAgents and Patients1840
Queen, ElleryThe Egyptian Cross Mystery184219321962
Storey, DavidFlight Into Camden1843
Addams, CharlesThe Penguin Charles Addams18451962
Millar, MargaretTaste of Fears185019501962
Simenon, GeorgesStriptease185319581963
Hodge, Harry (Ed.)Famous Trials 7: Oscar Wilde185719481962
Fitzgerald, F.ScottThis Side of Paradise186719201963
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Smoking Chimney186819431963
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Empty Tin186919411963
Gardner, Erle StanleyTwo Clues187019471964
Maugham, SomersetCollected Short Stories V11871
Maugham, SomersetCollected Short Stories V21872
Maugham, SomersetCollected Short Stories V31873
Maugham, SomersetCollected Short Stories V41874
Wilson, EdmundI Thought of Daisy1876
Haggard, WilliamThe Arena187919611963
Davey, JocelynA Touch of Stagefright188019601963
Welcome, JohnRun for Cover188119581963
Hemingway, ErnestThe Snows of Kilimanjaro1882
Powell, AnthonyAt Lady Molly's1883
Hammett, DashiellThe Maltese Falcon188719301963
Hammett, DashiellRed Harvest1888
Peck, David W.The Greer Case188919561963
Greene, GrahamA Burnt-out Case1894
Greene, GrahamThe Confidential Agent1895
Greene, GrahamA Gun for Sale1896
Greene, GrahamThe Ministry of Fear1897
Greene, GrahamStamboul Train1898
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Turning Tide189919411963
Queen, ElleryThe Adventures of Ellery Queen190819341963
Blackburn, JohnA Sour Apple Tree192619581963
Wain, JohnA Travelling Woman1930
Willock, ColinDeath in Covert193419611963
Lawrence, D.H.The Boy in the Bush1935
de Vries, PeterThe Mackerel Plaza1936
Gallico, PaulFlowers for Mrs Harris1944
Branch, PamelaMurder's Little Sister194719581963
MacDonald, PhilipThe List of Adrian Messenger194819591963
Bingham, JohnMurder Plan Six194919581964
Snow, C.P.Death Under Sail195319321963
Mole, WilliamThe Hammersmith Maggot195919551963
Stewart, J.I.M.A Use of Riches1960
Slesar, HenryThe Grey Flannel Shroud196119591963
Powell, AnthonyAfternoon Men1964
Keating, H.R.F.Zen There Was Murder1965
Watson, ColinBump in the Night196619601963
McBain, EdCop Hater196819561963
McBain, EdThe Mugger196919561963
McBain, EdThe Pusher197019561963
McBain, EdThe Con Man1971
McBain, EdKiller's Choice197219581963
Mitford, NancyDon't Tell Alfred197619601963
John, WyndhamTrouble With Lichen1986
Potts, JeanThe Man With the Cane20021957
Murdoch, IrisA Severed Head2003
Simenon, GeorgesSunday201819591963
McBain, EdLady Killer201919581964
Simenon, GeorgesMaigret Stonewalled202619311963
Simenon, GeorgesMaigret Meets a Milord202719311963
Simenon, GeorgesMaigret at the Crossroads202819311965
Welcome, JohnStop at Nothing2035
Ames, DelanoMurder Maestro Please203619521963
Stewart, J.I.M.The Man Who Won The Pools2037
Bingham, JohnThe Paton Street Case203819551964
Potts, JeanGo, Lovely Rose205019541963
Fuller, RoyImage of a Society2058
Conrad, JosephThe Secret Agent2059
Conrad, JosephVictory2060
Conrad, JosephThe Nigger of the "Narcissus" Typhoon2061
Conrad, JosephNostromo2062
Simenon, GeorgesThe Premier206419581964
Le Carre, JohnCall for the Dead206619611964
Hughes, RichardThe Fox in the Attic2069
Innes, MichaelThe New Sonia Wayward207419601964
Sherwood, JohnThe Half Hunter207819611964
Ellin, StanleyDreadful Summit209619481964
MacDonald, PhilipGuest in the House210319561964
Kelly, MaryThe Spoilt Kill210419611964
McBain, EdKiller's Payoff211019581964
Payne, LaurenceThe Nose on My Face211119611964
Hyde, H.MontgomeryFamous Trials 9: Casement212419601964
Haggard, WilliamThe Unquiet Sleep212919621964
Byrom, JamesTake Only As Directed212619591964
Carr, John DicksonThe Witch of the Low Tide213219611964
Haggard, WilliamSlow Burner223319581965
Phillips, JudsonWhisper Town213419601964
Chandler, RaymondPearls are a Nuisance213619501964
Cullingford, GuyThe Whipping Boys214119581964
MacInnes, ColinAbsolute Beginners2142
McBain, EdKiller's Wedge214919591964
Bowen, JohnThe Birdcage2155
Bramah, ErnestMax Carrados Mysteries215819271964
Hodge, Harry (Ed.)Famous Trials I0216027-361941
Queen, ElleryThe Scarlet Letters216319531965
Mortimer, PenelopeThe Pumpkin Eater216619621964
Blackburn, JohnDead Man Running21721964
Haggard, WilliamVenetian Blind217419591964
McCarthy, MaryThe Group2184
Hare, CyrilBest Detective Stories219419591964
Durrenmatt, FriedrichThe Pledge219519581964
Chandler, RaymondSmart Aleck Kill219819641964
Innes, MichaelHare Sitting Up220119591964
Innes, MichaelOperation Pax220319511964
McBain, EdKing's Ransom221919591965
Carr, John DicksonThe Demoniacs222019621965
de Vries, PeterComfort Me With Apples2232
Quentin, PatrickSuspicious Circumstances223419571965
Bingham, JohnNight's Black Agent224119611965
Simenon, GeorgesBlack Rain224619411965
Simenon, GeorgesMaigret's Failure224819561965
Simenon, GeorgesMaigret Takes a Room224919511965
Simenon, GeorgesMaigret Afraid225019531965
Simenon, GeorgesMaigret in Court22511965
Wentworth, PatriciaVanishing Point226019551965
Le Carre, JohnA Murder of Quality227119621964
Freeling, NicholasGuns Before Butter228019631965
Freeling, NicholasBecause of the Cats228219631965
Potts, JeanHome is the Prisoner228819601965
Powell, AnthonyThe Kindly Ones2292
Paton, AlanDebbie Go Home2298
Upfield, ArthurWings Above the Diamantina230119361965
McCoy, HoraceThey Shoot Horses Don't They?230619351965
Ellin, StanleyThe Eighth Circle231319581966
Simenon, GeorgesAccount Unsettled231619541966
McCullers, CarsonClock Without Hands2317
Huxley, ElspethThe Merry Hippo232119631965
Haggard, WilliamThe High Wire232319631965
Wise, ArthurThe Death's Head235319621965
Simenon, GeorgesThe Fate of the Malous235619511966
Parkinson, C.NorthcoteParkinson's Law236619571965
Innes, MichaelA Night of Errors237319481966
Simenon, GeorgesThe Mouse237819381966
Simenon, GeorgesA New Lease of Life238819511966
McBain, EdThe Heckler239319601966
Watson, ColinHopjoy Was Here240419621966
Cook, KennethWake in Fright240519611967
Innes, MichaelA Connoisseur's Case241019621966
McCoy, HoraceI Should Have Stayed Home241219381966
Fitzgerald, F.ScottThe Beautiful and the Damned241419221966
Amis, KingsleyOne Fat Englishman2417
Haggard, WilliamThe Telemann Touch242019581966
Bellow, SaulThe Adventures of Augie March2434
Hammett, DashiellThe Glass Key243519311966
Banks, LynneAn End to Running2442
Keating, H.R.F.The Dog It Was That Died244319621966
Chandler, RaymondKiller in the Rain244519641966
Len, DeightonFuneral in Berlin2461
van GulikHaunted Monastery2470
Malamud, BernardIdiots First248719631966
Bellow, SaulHenderson The Rain King2496
Ballard, J.G.The Terminal Beach2499
Carr, John DiccksonThe Man Who Explained Miracles251319631966
Wise, ArthurThe Little Fishes252419611966
Simenon, GeorgesMaigret and the Lazy Burglar252619611966
Lennon, JohnThe Penguin John Lennon2540
Queen, ElleryThe New Adventures of Ellery Queen254419401966
Chaplin, CharlesMy Autobiography2550
Herbert, A.P.Wigs at Work2556
Murdoch, IrisThe Italian Girl255919641967
Truman, CapoteThe Grass Harp2563
McBain, EdTen Plus One256519631967
Keating, H.R.F.Death of a Fat God256719631967
Westlake, DonaldKilly257819631967
Slesar, HenryEnter Murderers257919601967
Freeling, NicholasDouble Barrell258519641967
Westlake, Donald361258819621967
Simenon, GorgesThe Iron Staircase259019531967
Blackburn, JohnA Ring of Roses259319651968
Innes, MichaelWhat Happened at Hazelwood25-019461968
Queen, ElleryThe Finishing Stroke260719581967
Philips, JudsonMurder Clear, Track Fast262419611967
McBain, EdAxe263119641968
Kelly, MaryDue to a Death263219621968
Haggard, WilliamThe Hard Sell264219651968
Sims, GeorgeThe Terrible Door265219641967
Knowlton, RobertCourt of Crows267219611967
Galsworthy, JohnThe Swan Song2676
Simenon, GeorgesThe Door268019621968
Keating, H.R.F.The Perfect Murder268319641968
Unekis, RichardThe Chase269919621967
Simenon, GeorgesMaigret Loses His Temper270119631967
Haggard, WilliamThe Antagonists270319641968
Kemelman, HarryFriday the Rabbi Slept Late270419641967
Lathen, EmmaAccounting for Murder271319641967
Westlake, DonaldThe Busy Body271819661967
Queen, ElleryThe Player on the Other Side274219631967
Haggard, WilliamThe Powder Barrel275119651967
Jaeger, MurielBefore Victoria275819561967
Freeling, NicholasCriminal Conversation276119651967
Berne, EricGames People Play2768
Amis, KingsleyThe Egyptologists2769
Galsworthy, JohnOver the River2787
Kelly, MaryDead Corse278819661968
Simenon, GeorgesThe Blue Room278919641968
Ellin, StanleyThe Speciality of the House279519561968
Simenon, GeorgesMaigret Sets a Trap279619551968
Naipaul, V.S.An Area of Darkness2805
van Gulik, RobertThe Willow Pattern281119651968
Ellin, StanleyHouse of Cards282519671968
van Gulik, RobertThe Laquer Screen282619681968
McBain, EdLike Love283019621968
Simenon, GeorgeMaigret on the Defensive283119641968
Donleavy, J.P.The Saddest Summer of Samuel S2832
Freeling, NicholasThe King of the Rainy Country285319661968
Freeling, NicholasLove in Amsterdam288119621969
Freeling, NicholasThe Dresden Green290219661969
Upfield, ArthurVenom House290819531969
Sims, GeorgeSleep No More294919661969
Pike, RobertBullitt299919631969
Innes, MichaelAppleby's End300219461969
Freeling, NicholasStrike Out Where Not Applicable30091967
Latham, EmmaDeath Shall Overcome301019661974
Kishon, EphraimUnfair to Goliath3224
Blake, NicholasShell of DeathUS 54319361944
Hodge, Harry (Ed.)Famous Trials 8

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