Penguin Books

by Number 901-1439

Author Title Number 1st Pub. 1st Penguin
Rice, ElmerVoyage to Purilia901
Cain, James M.Serenade902
Miller, MerleThe Sure Thing903
Fast, HowardThe Last Frontier904
Childers, ErskineThe Riddle of the Sands90519031952
Fitzgerald, F.ScottTender is the Night906
Thurber, JamesThe Thurber Carnival907
Kafka, FranzThe Trial907
Buchan, JohnThe Three Hostages908
Clewes, WinstonJourney Into Spring909
Heyer, GeorgetteDevil's Cub910
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Substitute Face91119381953
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Lame Canary91219371953
Blixen, KarenOut of Africa913
Carr, John DicksonDeath Watch91419351953
Bentley, E.C.Trent Intervenes91519381953
Crofts, Freeman WillsDeath Of a Train91619461953
Crofts, Freeman WillsThe Cheyne Mystery91719261953
Crofts, Freeman WillsInspector French's Greatest Case91819251953
Crofts, Freeman WillsThe Loss of The Jane Vosper91919361953
Crofts, Freeman WillsThe 12.30 From Croydon92019341953
Johnson, Pamela HansforsAn Avenue of Stone921
Lea, TomThe Brave Bulls922
Dodge, DavidBullets for the Bridegroom92319481953
Christie, AgathaThe Body in the Library92419421953
Christie, AgathaCrooked House92519491953
Christie, AgathaDeath Comes as the End92619451953
Christie, AgathaDeath on the Nile92719371953
Christie, AgathaThe Labours of Hercules92819471953
Christie, AgathaMiss Marple and the Thirteen Problems92919321953
Christie, AgathaThe Moving Finger93019431953
Christie, AgathaThe Mysterious Mr Quin93119301953
Christie, AgathaParker Pyne Investigates93219341953
Wodehouse, P.G.The Inimitable Jeeves933
Wodehouse, P.G.Right Ho Jeeves934
Wodehouse, P.G.The Code of the Woosters935
Wodehouse, P.G.Leave it to Psmith936
Wodehouse, P.G.Big Money937
Norman, JamesThe Nightwalkers93819481953
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Stuttering Bishop93919371953
Fitt, MaryThree Sisters Flew Home94119361953
Rinehart, Mary RobertsThe Yellow Room94319491053
Rutherford, DouglasComes the Blind Fury94419501953
Lofts, NorahJassy946
Carr, John DicksonThe Case of the Constant Suicides94719411953
Carr, John DicksonHe Who Whispers94819461953
Carr, John DicksonThe Emporer's Snuff Box94919435367
Carr, John DicksonTill Death Do Us Part95019441953
Gardener, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Counterfeit Eye95219351953
Hull, RichardMurder of My Aunt95319341953
Mitchell, GladysTom Brown's Body95419491953
Waugh, EvelynEdmund Campion955
Wilde, OscarSelected Essays and Poems95718911954
Green, HenryLoving958
Brahms & Simon, Carl & S.J.Six Cyrtains for Stroganova959
Bronte, CharlotteJane Eyre960
Sava, GeorgeThe Healing Knife96119381953
Boyd, MartinLucinda Brayford962
Baker, DorothyTrio963
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Borrowed Brunette96419511954
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Drowsy Mosquito96519461954
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Sleepwalkers Neice96619361954
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe DA Calls a Turn96719471954
Gardner, Erle StanleyMurder Up My Sleeve96819381954
Dickens, MonicaOne Pair of Feet969
Gogarty, Oliver St JohnAs I Was Going Down Sackville St97019371954
Wodehouse, P.G.Uncle Fred in the Springtime971
Orwell, GeorgeNineteen Eighty-Four97219491954
Blake, NicholasThe Case of the Abominable Snowman97319411954
Crispin, EdmundLove Lies Bleeding97419481954
Bentley, NicholasThe Floating Dutchman97519501954
Stout, RexRed Threads97619411954
Lawrence, HildaDeath of a Doll97719481954
Welch, DentonMaiden Voyage979
Goodwin, GeraintThe Heyday in the Blood980
Quennell, PeterByron: The Years of Fame982
Hodge, Harry (Ed.)Famous Trials 498319541954
Mitford, NancyLove in a Cold Climate984
Wodehouse, P.G.Blandings Castle985
Crispin, EdmundThe Case of the Gilded Fly98819441954
Symons, JulianThe Immaterial Murder Case98919451954
Tey, JosephineThe Daughter of Time99019511954
Lawrence, HildaBlood Upon the Snow99119461954
Hull, RichardKeep it Quiet99219351954
Wyndham, JohnThe Day of the Triffids993
Wodehouse, P.G.Summer Lightning995
Bennett, ArnoldRiceyman Steps996
Bennett, ArnoldClayhanger997
Bennett, ArnoldThe Old Wives Tale998
Bennett, ArnoldThe Journals of99919301954
Young, EdwardOne of Our Submarines1000
Dawood, N.J.A Thousand and One Nights1001
Dodge, DavidThe Long Escape100219501954
Mitchell, GladysCome Away Death100319371954
Johnson, Pamela HansfordA Summer to Decide1004
Bentley, NicholasThe Tongue-Tied Canary100519481954
Taylor, SamuelThe Man With My Face100619491954
Hare, CyrilWith a Bare Bodkin100719461954
Bagby, GeorgeRed is for Killing100819411954
Appleby, JohnAphrodite Means Death100919511954
Beerbohm, MaxSeven Men101019191954
Disraeli, BenjaminSybil1012
Fielding, HenryJoseph Andrews1013
Wakeman, FredericThe Hucksters1014
Mitchell, JosephMcSorley's Wonderful Saloon1016
Taylor, ElizabethA View of the Harbour1017
Weat, KeithMa Wei Slope1019
ColetteCheri & The Last of Cheri1020
Wilde, OscarLord Arthur Savile's Crime and Other Stories1021
Dodge, DavidPlunder of the Sun102219501955
Wills Crofts, FreemanSir John Magill's Last Journey102319301955
Hastings, MacdonaldCork on the Water102819511956
Claymore, TodNest of Vipers103019481955
Forster, E.M.Collected Short Stories *1031
Punshon, E.R.Death Among the Sunbathers103219341955
Carey, JoyceHerself Surprised103319411955
Bates, H.E.The Jacaranda Tree1034
Brand, ChristiannaLondon Particular103519521955
Hare, CyrilWhen the Wind Blows103719491955
Herbert, A.P.Holy Deadlock1038
Thirkell, AngelaThe Headmistress103919441955
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe DA Calls it Murder104019371955
Dickens, CharlesGreat Expectations104118611955
Sackville-West, VSaint Joan Of Arc104219361955
Crispin, EdmundSwan Song104319471955
de la Mare, WalterMemoirs of a Midget1044
Farrer, KatharineThe Missing Link104519521955
Huxley, AldousThose Barren Leaves1046
Huxley, AldousPoint Counter Point1047
Huxley, AldousBeyond the Mexique Bay1048
Huxley, AldousAfter Many a Summer104919391955
Huxley, AldousEyeless in Gaza1050
Huxley, AldousMortal Coils105119221955
Huxley, AldousBrave New World1052
Dodge, DavidTo Catch a Thief105319531955
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Rolling Bones105419391955
Nabarro, DerrickThe Rod of Anger105519531955
Chevallier, GabrielThe Affairs of Flavie1056
Quennell, PeterByron in Italy1057
Faulkner, WilliamThe Unvanquished1058
Forster, E.M.A Room With a View1059
Hare, CyrilDeath is No Sportsman106019381955
Claymore, TodAppointment in New Orleans106119501955
Quentin, PatrickPuzzle for Fiends106219461955
Bell, JosephineThe Port of London Murders106319381955
Hare, CyrilThat Yew Tree's Shade106419541956
Hemingway, ErnestTo Have and Have Not1065
Hemingway, ErnestFor Whom the Bell Tolls106619411955
Hemingway, ErnestMen Without Women1067
Hemingway, ErnestA Farewell to Arms1068
Chesterton, G.K.The Incredulity of F.Brown106919261958
Ward, MaisieGilbert Keith Chesterton107019441958
Phillips, HubertThe Hubert Phillips Crossword Book1071
Collins, WilkieThe Moonstone107218681955
Vulliamy, C.E.Don Among the Dead Men107319521955
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Caretaker's Cat107419351955
Wyndham, JohnThe Kraken Wakes1075
Masters, JohnNight Runners of Bengal1076
Vickers, RoyMurdering Mr Velfrage107719501955
Dodge, DavidShear the Black Sheep107819491955
Bombard, AlainThe Bombard Story107919531956
Stout, RexFer-De-Lance108019351955
Hare, CyrilTenant for Death108119371955
Mann, ThomasDeath In Venice1082
Grierson, EdwardReputation for a Song108319521955
Punshon, E.R.Information Received108419331955
Masters, JohnThe Deceivers108519521955
Claymore, TodReunion in Florida108719521955
Quentin, PatrickThe Follower108819501955
Snow, C.P.The Masters1089
Vickers, RoyThe Department of Dead Ends109019491955
Browne & TullettBernard Spilsbury His Life and Cases109219511955
Bates, H.E.Colonel Julian109319511955
Hodge, James H. (Ed.)Famous Trials 5109419551955
Cary, JoyceA Fearful Joy1095
Chandler, RaymondThe Little Sister109619491955
Branch, PamelaMurder Every Monday109719541956
The Daily Telegraph Fifth Crossword Book1098
Christie, AgathaMurder in Mesopotamia109919361955
Marsh, NgaioSurfeit of Lampreys110019411955
Blake, NicholasA Question of Proof110119351955
Eberhardt, M.G.Speak No Evil110219411955
Farrer, KatharineThe Cretan Counterfeit110319541955
White, Ethel LinaThe Wheel Spins110419361955
Gilbert, AnthonyThe Black Stage110519451955
Stout, RexOver My Dead Body110619401955
Macdonald, PhilipX v. Rex110719331955
Ferrars, ElizabethMurder in Time110819531955
Poe, Edgar AllanSelected Tales1109
Woodham-Smith, CecilFlorence Nightingale1110
Forester, C.S.Payment Deferred111119261955
Forester, C.S.The African Queen1112
Forester, C.S.Flying Colours111319381956
Forester, C.S.A Ship of the Line1114
Forester, C.S.Mr Midshipman Hornblower1115
Forester, C.S.The Commodore111619451956
Forester, C.S.The General1117
Forester, C.S.Brown on Resolution1118
Forester, C.S.Death to the French1119
Williams, J.H.Elephant Bill1120
Monsarrat, NicholasThe Cruel Sea1121
Mitchell, GladysFaintley Speaking112219541956
Hare, CyrilAn English Murder112319511956
Murray, MaxThe Voice of the Corpse112419481956
The Guardian Fifth Crossword Book1125
Cullingford, GuyPost Mortem112619531956
Dodge, DavidThe Lights of Skaro112719541956
Walker, DavidDiamonds for Moscow112819531956
Huxley, ElspethMurder on Safari112919381957
Buchan, JohnThe Thirty Nine Steps1130
Buchan, JohnThe Island of Sheep1131
Buchan, JohnGreenmantle113219161956
Buchan, JohnHuntingtower1133
Buchan, JohnMr Standfast1134
Buchan, JohnJohn Macnab1135
Buchan, JohnCastle Gay1136
Buchan, JohnThe House of the Four Winds1137
Buchan, JohnPrester John1138
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Half-Wakened Wife113919491956
Strachan, T.S.The Short Weekend114019531956
Fleming, PeterOne's Company114219341956
Linklater, EricJuan in America1143
Joyce, JamesDubliners1144
Queen, ElleryThe American Gun Mystery114719331956
Queen, ElleryThe French Powder Mystery114819301956
Queen, ElleryThe Roman Hat Mystery114919291956
Queen, ElleryThe Chinese Orange Mystery115019341956
Queen, ElleryThe Dutch Shoe Mystery115119311956
Travern, BThe Treasure of the Sierra Madre1154
Garnett, David (Ed.)The Essential T.E.Lawrence1155
Doughty, CharlesPassages From Arabia Deserta1157
The Fourth Penguin Crossword Book1158
MacDonald, BettyThe Egg and I1160
Murray, MaxThe Sunshine Corpse116119541956
Hare, CyrilSuicide Excepted116219371956
Spain, NancyNot Wanted on Voyage116319511956
Carr, John DicksonBelow Suspicion116419501956
Masters, JohnThe Lotus and the Wind116619531956
Bingham, JohnMy Name is Michael Sibley116719521958
Dickens, MonicaJoy and Josephine1168
Shaw, BernardThe Apple Cart116919301956
Wodehouse, P.G.Pigs Have Wings1170
Wodehouse, P.G.The Mating Season1171
Wodehouse, P.G.Laughing Gas1172
Wodehouse, P.G.Carry on Jeeves1174
Stout, RexThe Red Box117519371957
Hastings, MacdonaldCork in Bottle117619531957
Murray, MaxThe King and the Corpse117719491957
Murray, MaxThe Doctor and the Corpse117819531957
Runyon, DamonGuys and Dolls1179
Mitford, NancyMadame de Pompadour118119541958
Rutherford, DouglasTelling of Murder118219521956
Montagu, EwenThe Man Who Never Was118319531956
Michener, JamesReturn to Paradise1186
Brickhill, PaulThe Great Escape1187
Wildeblood, PeterAgainst The Law118819551957
Quiller-Couch, Sir ArthurSelected Short Stories1191
Mitchell, GladysWatson's Choice119419551957
Christie, AgathaThe Big Four119619271957
Starkie, WalterSpanish Raggle-Taggle119719341961
Queen, ElleryThe Greek Coffin Mystery119819321957
Cullingford, GuyConjurer's Coffin119919541957
Carey, JoyceTo Be A Pilgrim1201
Murray, MaxThe Right Honourable Corpse120319521957
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Silent Partner120419401957
Brand, ChristiannaTour de Force120519551957
Joly, CyrilTake These Men1207
Hamilton, PatrickHangover Square1208
March, WilliamThe Bad Seed121019541957
Mitford, NancyThe Blessing1211
Scott, Sir HaroldScotland Yard121219541957
Jerome, Jerome K.Three Men in a Boat121318891957
Mann, ThomasBuddenbrooks1214
Menen, AubreyThe Prevalence1215
Allingham, MargeryThe Tiger in the Smoke121619521957
Arno, PeterThe Penguin Peter Arno1217
Smith, ThorneThe Night Life of the Gods1218
Smith, ThorneTopper Takes a Trip121919361957
Mackenzie, ComptonWhisky Galore1220
Simenon, GeorgesMaigret in Montmartre122119511958
Simenon, GeorgesMaigret's Mistake122219531958
Simenon, GeorgesThe Murderer122319371958
Simenon, GeorgesPoisoned Relations122419381958
Simenon, GeorgesTo Any Lengths122519441958
ColetteChance Acquaintances1227
Durrell, GeraldThe Overloaded Ark122819531957
Simenon, GeorgesTo Any Lengths
Mayne, PeterThe Alleys of Marrakesh123019531957
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Haunted Husband123119441957
Atkinson, AlexExit Charlie123219551957
Gide, AndreIf It Die1234
McGivern, WilliamThe Big Heat123619531957
Roth, HollyThe Mask of Glass123719571957
van der Post, LaurensVenture to the Interior123819521957
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe DA Holds a Candle1239
Rinehart, Mary RobertsThe Circular Staircase124119081957
Carr, John DicksonThe Devil in Velvet124219511957
Bates, H.E.Selected Stories1243
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Drowning Duck124619421957
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Baited Hook124719401957
Salinger, J.D.The Carcher in the Rye1248
McCloy, HelenAlias Basil Willing125119511957
Armstrong, CharlotteMischief125219511957
Christie, AgathaTen Little Niggers125619391958
Marsh, NgaioFinal Curtain126119471958
Durrell, GeraldThe Bafut Beagles1266
Innes, MichaelStop Press126619391958
Linklater, EricJuan in China1268
Queen, ElleryDouble, Double126919501958
Queen, ElleryThe Spanish Cape Mystery127019351958
Dickens, MonicaThe Happy Prisoner1271
Wodehouse, P.G.Uneasy Money1273
Paton, AlanCry the Beloved Country127419441958
Chevallier, GabrielClochmerle - Babylon1275
Bates, H.E.Fair Stood the Wind for France1279
Bates, H.E.The Scarlet Sword1281
Innes, MichaelDeath at The President's Lodging128619361958
Innes, MichaelA Private View128719521958
Crispin, EdmundFrequent Hearses129119501958
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Buried Clock129319431958
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Crooked Candle129419471958
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Shoplifter's Shoe129519381958
Queen, ElleryThe Four of Hearts129619361958
Queen, ElleryThe Door Between129719361958
Innes, MichaelThe Secret Vanguard129819401958
Innes, MichaelStop Press129919391958
Crispin, EdmundHoly Disorders130319461958
Crispin, EdmundThe Long Divorce130419511958
Masters, JohnCoromandel!1305
Wyndham, JohnThe Chrysalidsorange
Innes, MichaelThere Came Both Mist and Snow130919401958
Wilson, AngusAnglo-Saxon Attitudes1311
Postgate, RaymondThe Ledger is Kept131219531958
ColetteGigi and the Cat1313
Durrell, GeraldThe Drunken Forest131419561958
Crispin, EdmundThe Moving Toyshop131519461958
Cousteau, Jacques-YvesThe Silent World1316
Compton-Burnett, IvyThe House and its Head1317
Mann, ThomasConfessions of Felix Krull1320
Worsley-Gough, BarbaraAlibi Innnings132119541958
Roth, HollyThe Content Assignment132319541958
Cannan, JoannaMurder Included132419501958
Belloc, HilaireSelected Essays13251958
Crane, FrancesThirteen White Tulips133019531959
Bromfield, LouisMrs Parkington1331
Bromfield, LouisThe Rains Came1332
Bromfield, LouisTwenty Four Hours1333
Smith, ClarkThe Speaking Eye133419551959
Johnston, GeorgeDeath Takes Small Bites134019481959
Hastings, MacdonaldCork and the Serpent134119551959
Forster, E.M.Where Angels Fear to Tread1344
Jacobs, W.W.Selected Short Stories1345
Cullingford, GuyFramed for Hanging134619561959
James, M.R.More Ghost Stories1347
Mitford, NancyNoblesse Oblige1348
Bates, H.E.The Daffodil Sky and Other135219351959
Roth, HollyThe Sleeper135319551959
Branch, PamelaThe Wooden Overcoat135419511959
Snow, C.P.The New Men1356
Moravia, AlbertRoman Tales1357
ColetteRipening Seed1359
Blanch, LesleyThe Wilder Shores of Love1360
Simenon, GeorgesMaigret and the Burglar's Wife136219531959
Simenon, GeorgesMaigret's Revolver136319541959
Mackenzie, ComptonHunting the Fairies1365
Mackenzie, ComptonThe Monarch of the Glen1366
Mackenzie, ComptonThe Rival Monster1367
Mackenzie, ComptonWater on the Brain1368
Mackenzie, ComptonThin Ice1369
Wodehouse, P.G.Doctor Sally1370
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe DA Breaks the Seal137219461964
Allingham, MargeryTake Two at Bedtime137419501959
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Careless Kitten137519441950
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Goldigger's Purse137619491959
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Perjured Parrot137719391959
Wills Crofts, FreemanCrime at Guildford137819351959
Wills Crofts, FreemanFatal Venture137919391959
Crofts, Freeman WillsMystery in the Channel138019311959
Daninos, PierreMajor Thompson Lives in France1382
Johnson, "Johnnie"Wing Leader1383
Trench, JohnDocken Dead138419531960
Wyndham, JohnThe Seeds of Time1385
Carr, John DicksonPatrick Butler for the Defence139119561959
Dodge, DavidRansom of the Angel139219371961
Macdonald, BettyThe Plague and I1394
Wills Crofts, FreemanThe Sea Mystery139519281959
Wills Crofts, FreemanGolden Ashes139619401959
Mauriac, FrancoisTherese1397
Durrell, GeraldMy Family and Other Animals1399
Chandler, RaymondThe Long Good-bye140019531959
Wentworth, Patriciathe Watersplash140219541959
Quentin, PatrickThe Wife of Ronald Sheldon140319541959
Gide, AndreThe Vatican Cellars1404
Sterling, ThomasThe Evil of the Day140719551959
Vickers, RoyThe Sole Survivor The Kynsard Affair140819521965
Nijinsky, RomolaNijinsky1410
Grigoriev, S.L.The Diaghilev Ballet 1909-19291411
Lewis, NormanThe Day of the Fox1412
Eden, DorothyDarling Clementine141319551959
Bentley, NicholasHow Can You Bear To Be Human?1414
Potts, JeanThe Dierhard141519561960
Allingham, MargeryNo Love Lost141619541959
Allingham, MargeryThe Beckoning Lady141719551960
The Daily Telegraph Seventh Crossword Book1418
Simenon, GeorgesMy Friend Maigret141919491959
Bingham, JohnFive Roundabouts to Heaven142019531959
Buck, PearlThe Good Earth142319311960
Sellar & Yeatman1066 and All That1424
Tracy, HonorThe Straight and Narrow Path1425
Herbert, A.P.The Water Gypsies1426
Pearson, HeskethThe Life of Oscar Wilde1427
Smith, ThorneThe Bishop's Jaegers142819341960
Langley, NoelCage Me a Peacock1429
Bjarnhof, KarlThe Stars Grow Pale1430
Morton, H.V.In Search of England1431
Faulkner, WilliamIntruder in the Dust1432
Faulkner, WilliamLight in August1433
Masters, JohnBnowani Junction1439

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