Penguin Books

by Number 471-899

Author Title Number 1st Pub. 1st Penguin
Hewlett, MauriceRichard Yea-and-Nay471
O'Hara, JohnAppointment in Samarra472
Gubbins, NatSitting on the Fence47319441944
Anand, Mulk RajCoolie474
Golding, LouisThe Miracle Boy475
From the "New Yorker"Profiles Second Series476
Poe, Edgar AllanSome Tales of Mystery and Imagination477
The Second Penguin Problems Book47819441944
Stark, FreyaThe Southern Gates of Arabia479
Sackville-West, V.Seducers in Ecuador480
Woolf, VirginiaA Room of One's Own481
Warner, RexThe Professor482
Douglas, NormanFountains in the Sand483
Gustafson, Ralph (Ed.)Canadian Accent484
Myers, L.H.Strange Glory485
Myers, L.H.The "Clio"486
Falkner, J.MeadeThe Lost Stradivarius487
Hewlitt, MauriceThe Forest Lovers488
Nocolson, HaroldPublic Faces489
de Beer, G.R.Escape to Switzerland490
Garer, GeoffreyAfrican Dances491
Powell, S.W.A South Sea Diary492
Thorne, AnthonyDelay in the Sun49319351944
Hawthorne, NathanielThe Scarlet Letter494
Trollope, AnthonyThe Warden495
Eliot, GeorgeSilas Marner496
Bennet, EricMurder at The Admiralty497
Weyman, StanleyUnder the Red Robe498
Goldsmith, OliverThe Vicar of Wakefield499
Shaw, BernardMajor Barbara50019071945
Lancaster, OsbertCartoons501
Douglas, NormanTogether50219231945
Lynd, RobertDr Johnson and Company5031946
Isherwood, ChristopherGoodbye to Berlin504
Haslip, JoanLady Hester Stanhope50519341945
Conrad, JosephWithin the Tides506
Wright, S.FowlerThe Island of Captain Sparrow507
Gaboriau, EmileThe Mystery of Orcival50818671945
Gaboriau, EmileThe Widow Lerouge50918661945
Grossmith, George & WeedonDiary Of A Nobody510
Butler, SamuelThe Way of All Flesh51119031947
Wills Crofts, FreemanThe Pit Prop Syndicate51219221945
Lawrence, D.H.The Prussian Officer513
Wills Crofts, FreemanInspector French and the Starvel Tragedy51419271946
Collis, MauriceTrails in Burma51519381938
Gloag, JohnDocuments Marked "Secret"51619381945
Ambler, EricCause for Alarm51719381945
Muratoff & AllenThe Russian Campaigns 1944518
Bennett, ArnoldThe Grim Smile of The 5 Towns519
Welty, EudoraA Curtain of Green520
Agate, JamesLines of Communication520
Parkes, JamesAn Enemy of the People521
Cozzens, James GouldA Cure of Flesh522
Eberhart, M.G.The Cases of Susan Dare52319351947
Gaskell, ElizabethCranford523
Bronte, EmilyWuthering Heights524
Hawkins, DesmondHawk Among the Sparrows525
Machen, ArthurHoly Terrors526
de Monfreid, HenryHashish52719351946
Keverne, RichardThe Shadow Syndicate52819301946
Conrad, JosephLord Jim529
Trollope, AnthonyBarchester Towers529?
Morris, JohnTraveller From Tokyo53019431946
Crofts, Freeman WillsThe Groote Park Murder53119231946
Merriman, Henry SetonBarlasch of the Guard532
de Monfreid, HenrySea Adventures533
Bowen, ElizabethTo The North534
Bowen, ElizabethThe House in Paris535
Ford, Ford MaddoxThe Good Soldier536
Bronte, AnneThe Tenant of Wildfell Hall536
Bronte, CharlotteShirley537
Bonnamy, FrancisA Rope of Sand537
Trollope, AnthonyDoctor Thorne538
Koestler, ArthurDarkness at Noon539
The Third Penguin Problems Book540
Kornitzer, LouisPearls and Men541
Anstey, F.The Brass Bottle542
Bentley & Warner AllenTrent's Own Case54319361946
Cooper, LetticeThe New House544
SakiThe Unbearable Bassington545
SakiBeasts and Superbeasts546
SakiThe Chronicles of Clovis547
Stevenson, R.L.Virginibus Puerisque54818811946
Whipple, DorothyHigh Wages549
Chesterton, G.KThe Napoleon of Notting Hill550
Reid, ForrestPeter Waring551
Byrne, DonnThe Power Of the Dog552
Heberden, M.V.Fugitive From Murder55319401946
Bronte, CharlotteThe Professor554
Bronte, AnneAgnes Grey555
Laver, JemesNostradamus555
Wren, P.C.Beau Sabreur556
Peacock, Thomas LoveGryll Grange557
Morrison, ArthurA Child of the Jago558
Greene, GrahamThe Lawless Roads559
Shaw, BernardPlays Pleasant56018981946
Shaw, BernardPlays Unpleasant56118981946
Shaw, BernardThree Plays for Puritans56219011946
Shaw, BernardMan and Superman56319061946
Shaw, BernardThe Doctor's Dilemma56419061946
Shaw, BernardSaint Joan56519241946
Shaw, BernardAndrocles and the Lion56619121946
Shaw, BernardThe Black Girl in Search of God56719321946
Hinkson, PamelaThe Ladies' Road568
Green, Anna K.The Leavenworth Case56918781946
Wells, H.G.The War of the Worlds570
Wells, H.G.The Island of Doctor Moreau57118961946
Wells, H.G.?572
Wells, H.G.?573
Wells, H.G.?574
Wells, H.G.?575
Wells, H.G.Tono-Bungay576
Meredith, GeorgeThe Tragic Comedians57718801940
Dana, Richard HenryTwo Tears Before the Mast578
Belloc, HilaireThe Green Overcoat579
Harland, HenryThe Cardinal's Snuff Box580
Chesterton, G.K.The Club of Queer Trades581
Connington, J.J.Nordenholt's Million58219231946
Wade, HenryHere Comes The Copper583
Berkeley, AnthonyNot to be Taken584
Fowler, SydneyRex v. Anne Bickerton58519301947
Garnett, RichardThe Twilight of the Gods586
Chesterton, G.K.Manalive587
Paul, ElliotA Narrow Street588
Berkeley, AnthonyMr Priestley's Problem589
Berkeley, AnthonyTrial and Error59019371947
Berkeley, AnthonyMurder in the Basement59119321947
James, HenryThe Turn of the Screw592
Paris, JohnKimono593
Doyle, LynnLobster Salad594
Coppard, A.E.Adam and Eve and Pinch Me595
Harland, HenryMy Friend Prospero59619041947
Wade, HenryPoliceman's Lot597
Cooper, R.W.The Nuremberg Trials598
Reves, EmeryThe Anatomy of Peace59919451947
Wilde, OscarSalome and Other Plays60018941947
Hastings, LewisDragons are Extra60119471947
Keverne, RichardMenace60219331947
Hersey, JohnHiroshima6031946
Mitchell, GladysThe Longer Bodies604
Graves, RobertAntigua, Penny Puce605
Ferguson, JohnNight in Glengyle60619331947
Pack, S.W.C. (Ed.)Lord Anson's Voyage Round the World607
Scott, J.W.RobertsonEngland's Green and Pleasant Land60819251931
Anderson, SherwoodWinesburg Ohio609
Carr, John DicksonThe Mad Hatter Mystery61019331947
Ernst, MorrisThe Best is Yet611
Hall, J.E.D.Labour's First Year612
Ashby, EricScientist in Russia613?
Bruce, LeoCase for Three Detectives613
Wilson, Francesca M.Aftermath614
Bemelmans, LudwigLife Class61519391948
Wilde, OscarA Picture of Dorian Grey616
France, AnatolePenguin Island617
Lewis, EilunedDew on the Grass61819341947
Perham & SimmonsAfrican Discovery619
Daily TelegraphPenguin Second Crossword Book620
The TimesPenguin Third Crossword Book621
Curtis, JamesThe Gilt Kid623
Fauconnier, HenryThe Soul of Malaya624
Douglas, NormanSiren Land62519111948
Myers, ElizabethA Well Full of Leaves626
Pearson, HeskethThe Hero of Delphi627
Parker, JohnLabor Marches On628
Curtis, PeterDead March in Three Keys62919401948
Fitt, MaryDeath and Mary Dazill63019411948
Hollowood, BernardScowle and Other Papers63119481948
Ford, Maddox FordSome Do Not632
Belloc, HilaireMr Petre633
Hodge, Harry (Ed.)Famous Trials 263419481948
Hogg, QuintinThe Case for Conservatism63519471947
Sitwell, EdithAlexander Pope63619301948
Yeats-Brown, F.Bengal Lancer637
Guiraldes, RicardoDon Segundo Sombra638
Ford, Maddox FordNo More Parades639
Ford, Maddox FordA Man Could Stand Up640
Ford, Maddox FordLast Post641
Warner, Sylvia TownsendMr Fortune's Maggot642
Huxley, AldousAntic Hay645
Green, F.L.Odd Man Out646
Reitz, DeneysCommando647
Carey, JoyceA Horse's Mouth648
Strachey, LyttonEminent Victorians64919181948
Priestley, J.B.Angel Pavement650
Maugham, SomersetCakes and Ale65119301948
Chandler, RaymondThe Big Sleep65219391948
Thurber, JamesMy Life and Hard Times65319331948
Thorne, AnthonyFruit in Season654
Bonnamy, FrancisDead Reckoning65519431948
Bonnamy, FrancisThe King is Dead on Queen St65619451948
Fitt, MaryRequiem for Robert65719421948
Bonnamy, FrancisDeath of a Beauty Queen658
Fitt, MaryDeath on Heron's Mere65919411948
Hopley, GeorgeThe Night Has a Thousand Eyes660
Reynolds, E.E.Nansen661
du Maurier, DaphneThe du Mauriers662
Punshon, E.R.Crossword Mystery66319341948
Arthur, FrankThe Suva Harbour Mystery66419411948
Acton, HaroldPeonies and Ponies665
Collier, JohnDefy the Foul Fiend666
Allingham, MargeryDancers in Mourning66719371948
Lawrence, D.H.Sons and Lovers66819131948
Pearson, HeskethThe Smith of Smiths66919341948
Bemelmans, LudwigHotel Splendide67019421948
Brahms & Simon, Carl & S.J.No Bed for Bacon671
Garnett, DavidThe Sailor's Return and Beany-Eye672
Wechberg, JosephLooking for a Bluebird67319441948
Barbellion, W.N.P.The Journal of a Disappointed Man67419191948
Flecker, James ElroyHassan675
Sasson, SiegfriedSherston's Progress676
Morpurgo, J.E.Charles Lamb and Elia677
Parkham, FrancisThe Oregon Trail678
Holland, A.K.Henry Purcell679
Pemberton, W.BaringWilliam Cobbett68019491949
Christie, AgathaAppointment With Death68219321948
Christie, AgathaThe ABC Murders68319361948
Christie, AgathaThe Murder of Roger Ackroyd68419261948
Christie, AgathaLord Edgeware Dies68519331948
Christie, AgathaThe Murder at the Vicarage68619291948
Christie, AgathaThe Seven Dials Mystery68719291948
Christie, AgathaPeril at End House68819321948
Christie, AgathaMurder on the Orient Express68919341948
Christie, AgathaThe Sittaford Mystery69019311948
Christie, AgathaThe Mystery of the Blue Train69119281948
Lawrence, D.H.The Rainbow692
Lavin, MaryThe House in Clewe Street693
Hughes, RobertA High Wind in Jamaica694
Household, GeoffreyRogue Male69519461949
Williamson, HenryThe Beautiful Years696
Howe, P.P.The Life of William Hazlitt697
Forester, C.S.The Ship698
Boyle, KayThe White Horses of Vienna699
Gosse, EdmundFather and Son700
Chandler, RaymondFarewell My Lovely70119401949
Galwey, G.V.Murder on Leave702
McKenna, StephenSonia703
Marsh, NgaioDeath and the Dancing Footman70419421949
Marsh, NgaioOverture to Death70519391949
Marsh, NgaioDeath at the Bar70619401949
Carr, E.H.The Romantic Exiles707
Hull, RichardExcellent Intentions70819381949
Lipsky, EleazarThe Kiss of Death70919471949
Mitford, NancyThe Pursuit of Love711
Williamson, HenrySalar the Salmon712
Bridge, AnnIllyrian Spring713
Dickens, MonicaThursday Afternoons714
Brahms & Simon, Carl & S.J.Don't, Mr Disraeli71519401949
O'Brien, KateWithout My Cloak716
Steinbeck, JohnOf Mice and Men & Cannery Row717
Eustis, HelenThe Horizontal Man71819471949
Baker, GeorgeParis of Troy719
Cheyney, PeterCan Ladies Kill72019381949
Cheyney, PeterDangerous Curves72119391949
Cheyney, PeterDark Duet72219421949
Cheyney, PeterPoison Ivy72319371949
Cheyney, PeterThe Urgent Hangman72419381949
Graves, RobertSergeant Lamb of the Ninth725
Quiller-Couch, Sir ArthurTroy Town726
Gearon, JohnThe Velvet Well72719461949
Fearing, KennethThe Big Clock72819461949
Postgate, RaymondVerdict of Twelve73019401949
Irwin, MargaretRoyal Flush733
Daly, ElizabethEvidence of Things Seen73419461951
Bentley, PhyllisFreedom Farewell735
Allingham, MargeryCoroner's Pidgin73619451950
Allingham, MargeryBlack Plumes7371950
Connington, J.J.The Case With Nine Solutions738
Simenon, GeorgesBattle of Nerves & At Gai-Moulin739'39:'401950
Keverne, RichardCarteret's Cure74019261950
Chandler, Raymond741'33'461950
Cole, G.D.H. & M.Death of a Millionaire74219251950
Ferrars, Elizabeth74319421951
Upfield, ArthurNo Footprints in the Bush744
Ferrars, Elizabeth74519401950
Fitzgerald, F.ScottThe Great Gatsby746
Davidson, AngusEdward Lear747
Huxley, AldousMusic at Night74819311950
The Last of the Summer749
Hughes, RichardIn Hazard750
Lawrence, D.H.Kangaroo75119231950
Lawrence, D.H.The Lost Girl752
Lawrence, D.H.Selected Essays753
Lawrence, D.H.The Plumed Serpent75419261950
Lawrence, D.H.Aaron's Rod755
Lawrence, D.H.Etruscan Places756
Lawrence, D.H.Sr Mawr & The Virgin and The Gypsy75719251950
Lawrence, D.H.The Woman Who Rode Away758
Lawrence, D.H.Selected Letters759
Lawrence, D.H.The White Peacock76019111950
Allingham, MargeryMystery Mile7611950
Allingham, MargeryMr Campion and Others76219391950
Morrell, J.M. (Ed.)Four English Comedies763
Ferguson, JohnDeath Comes to Perigord764
Chesterton, G.K.The Innocence of F.Brown76519111950
Bromfield, LouisNight in Bombay766
Allingham, MargerySweet Danger76919331950
Allingham, MargeryCrime at the Black Dudley77019291950
Allingham, MargeryThe Fashion in Shrouds77119381950
Allingham, MargeryTraitor's Purse77219411950
Allingham, MargeryLook to the Lady77319311950
Walter, Van Tilburg ClarkThe Ox-Bow Incident77619401950
Godden, RumerBlack Narcissus777
Marjoribanks, EdwardFamous Trials of Marshall Hall77819291950
Brand, ChristiannaHeads You Lose77919411950
Aldington, RichardSeven Against Reeves780
Dickens, MonicaMariana781
Bridge, AnnThe Ginger Griffin782
Baker, FrankMiss Hargreaves783
Miller, HenryThe Colossus of Maroussi78419411950
Conan Doyle, Sir A.The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes7851950
Steinbeck, JohnTortilla Flat786
Hodge, Harry (Ed.)Famous Trials III78719501950
Bonett, John & EmeryDead Lion78819491953
Conrad, JosephThe Rescue789
Lewis, SinclairMain Street790
Pearson, HeskethGilbert and Sullivan79119351950
Mitchell, GladysMystery of a Butcher's Shop79219301950
Punshon, E.R.Mystery Villa79319341950
Hull, RichardThe Ghost it Was79419361950
Fitt, MaryDeath and the Pleasant Voices79519461950
Thirkell, AngelaThe Brandons796
Marquand, JohnH.M.Pulham Esquire796
Chevallier, GabrielClochmerle79719361951
Marquand, John P.H.M.Pulham, Esquire798
Mansfield, KatherineThe Garden Party799
Llewellyn, RichardHow Green Was My Valley800
O'Brien, KateMary Lavelle801
Hasek, J.The Good Slodier Schweik802
Daly, ElizabethNothing Can Rescue Me80319451951
Brand, ChristiannaSuddenly at His Residence80419471951
Doyle, Sir Arthur ConanThe Case Book of Sherlock Holmes80519271951
Upfield, ArthurMurder Down Under80619371951
Galwey, G.V.The Lift and the Drop80719481951
Dickson, CarterThe White Priory Murders81119351951
Dickson, CarterThe Reader is Warned81219391951
Dickson, CarterAnd So to Murder81419411951
Dickson, CarterThe Red Widow Murders81519351951
Dickson, CarterShe Died A Lady81619431951
Dickson, CarterThe Ten Teacups81719371951
Dickson, CarterHe Wouldn't Kill Patience81819441951
Dickson, CarterThe Judas Window81919381951
Dickson, CarterThe Plague Court Murders82019351951
Waugh, EvelynBrideshead Revisited821
Waugh, EvelynA Handful of Dust822
Waugh, EvelynThe Loved One823
Waugh, EvelynScott-King's Modern Europe824
Waugh, EvelynWhen the Going Was Good825
Simenon, GeorgesMaigret Travels South82619401952
Simenon, GeorgesMaigret Sits it Out827
Simenon, GeorgesIn Two Latitudes82819421952
Simenon, GeorgesHavoc By Accident82919431952
Simenon, GeorgesEscape in Vain830
Galsworthy, JohnThe Man of Property831
Steinbeck, JohnThe Grapes of Wrath833
Smith, BettyA Tree Grows in Brooklyn834
Forester, C.S.The Happy Return835
O'Brien, KatePray For the Wanderer836
Street, A.G.Farmer's Glory837
Orwell, GeorgeAnimal Farm838
Perelman, S.J.Crazy Like a Fox839
Kaye-Smith, SheilaJoanna Godden840
Tey, JosephineThe Franchise Affair84119481951
Forester, C.S.Plain Murder84219301951
Moore, GeorgeThe Brook Kerith844
Synge, J.M.The Plays of J.M.Synge845
Casteret, NorbertTen Years Under the Earth846
Bruce, LeoCase for Sergeant Beef84719511951
Fuller, TimothyReunion With Murder84819471952
Bush, ChristopherThe Case of the Tudor Queen84919381953
Daly, ElizabethThe House Without the Door85019451951
Chandler, RaymondThe High Window85119431951
Thirkell, AngelaBefore Lunch852
Park, RuthThe Harp in the South853
Stribling, T.S.Fombombo854
Simenon, GeorgesNewhaven-Dieppe & The Man From Everywhere85519421952
Simenon, GeorgesA Crime in Holland & A Face for a Clue85619391952
Simenon, GeorgesLost Moorings85719461952
Simenon, GeorgesOn the Danger Line85819441952
Priestley, J.B.The Priestley Companion860
Priestley, J.B.Bright Day861
Carr, John DicksonThe Hollow Man86219351951
Jones, JackOff to Philadelphia in the Morning863
Allingham, MargeryMore Work for the Undertaker86419491952
Rees, DilwynThe Cambridge Murders86519451952
Lucey, R.M.A Problem a Day86619371952
Chandler, RaymondThe Lady in the Lake86719441952
Crane, FrancesThe Golden Box86819441952
Tomlinson, H.M.Gallions Reach869
Saroyen, WilliamSouth870
Thurber, JamesThe Thurber Carnival871
Maugham, SomersetThe Painted Veil872
Cain, JamesThe Postman Always Rings Twice87419341952
Carr, John DicksonThe Blind Barber87519341952
Wills Crofts, FreemanThe Cask87619201952
Jesse, F.TennysonA Pin to See the Peepshow87719341952
Stark, FreyaThe Valley of the Assassins878
Smith, EmmaThe Far Cry879
Moravia, AlbertoThe Woman of Rome880
Gide, AndreStrait is the Gate881
Towers, FrancesTea With Mr Rochester882
Moore, JohnBrensham Village883
Williams, CharlesMany Dimensions88419311952
Warner, RexMen and Gods885
Lawrence, HildaDuet of Death88619491952
Paul, ElliotThe Mysterious Mickey Finn88719391953
Fuller, TimothyReunion With Murder888
Martienssen, AnthonyCrime and the Police88819511953
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Black-eyed Blonde88919441952
Finnegan, RobertThe Bandaged Nude89019491952
Rice, CraigTrial by Fury89119501952
Miller, WadeDeadly Weapon89219471952
Kersh, GeraldPrelude to a Certain Midnight89419471953
Beerbohm, MaxZuleika Dobson895
Woolf, VirginiaBetween the Acts896
Hare, CyrilTragedy at Law89719421953
Tomlinson, H.M.The Sea and the Jungle898
Faulkener, WilliamSanctuary899

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