Penguin Books

All Numbers

Author Title Number 1st Pub. 1st Penguin
Maurois, AndreAriel119241935
Hemingway, ErnestA Farewell to Arms2
Linklater, EricPoets Pub319291935
Ertz, SusanMadame Claire4
Sayers, DorothyThe Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club519281935
Christie, AgathaThe Mysterious Affair at Styles619201935
Nichols, BeverleyTwenty-Five719261935
Young, E.H.William8
Webb, MaryGone to Earth9
Mackenzie, ComptonCarnival10
Douglas, NormanSouth Wind1119171935
Hudson, W.H.The Purple Land12
MacDonald, PhillipPatrol13
Hammett, DashiellThe Thin Man1419321935
Robertson, E.ArnatFour Frightened People1519311935
Sackville-West, V.The Edwardians16
O'Flaherty, LiamThe Informer1719251935
Stern, G.B.Debonair18
Bromfield, LouisThe Strange Case of Miss Annie Spragg1919281935
Butler, SamuelErewhon2018721935
Lewis, SinclairOur Mr Wrenn21
Ashton, HelenDr Serocold22
Moore, GeorgeEsther Waters23
Byrne, DonnHangman's House24
BartimeusNaval Occasions25
Jacobs, W.W.Odd Craft *26
Wodehouse, P.G.My Man Jeeves2719191936
Garstin, CrosbieThe Owl's House28
Asquith, MargotAutobiography Vol.129
Asquith, MargotAutobiography Vol.230
Wells, H.G.A Short History of the World31
Ervine, St JohnThe Wayward Man32
Bennett, ArnoldAnna of the Five Towns33
Bailey, H.CMr Fortune, Please *3419271936
Preedy, GeorgeThe Rocklitz35
Conrad, JosephAlmayer's Folly36
Davey, NormanThe Pilgrim of a Smile37
de la Mare, WalterThe Return38
Bramah, ErnestThe Wallet of Kai Lung3919001936
Benson, E.F.Dodo40
Huxley, AldousCrome Yellow4119211936
Aldington, RichardDeath of a Hero4219291936
Hay, IanA Safety Match4319111936
Travers, BenA Cuckoo in The Nest44
Bowen, MarjorieThe Glen O'Weeping45
Montague, C.E.A Hind Let Loose46
Holme, ConstanceThe Lonely Plough47
Forster, E.M.A Passage to India48
Sinclair, UptonThe Jungle49
Seton, GrahamThe W Plan50
Gunn, Neil M.Morning Tide51
Mottram, R.H.The Spanish Farm52
Lehmann, RosamundDusty Answer53
Houghton, ClaudeI am Johnathon Srivener54
Hergesheimer, JosephThe Party Dress55
Thompson, SylviaThe Hounds of Spring56
Young, Francis BrettThe Black Diamond57
Berkeley, AnthonyPoisoned Chocolates Case5819361936
Seymour, Beatrice KeanThree Wives59
von Rintelen, Capt.The Dark Invader60
Christie, AgathaThe Murder on the Links6119201935
Sykes, W.StanleyThe Missing Money Lender6219311936
Hornung, E.W.Raffles6318991936
Wallace, EdgarThe Four Just Men6419361936
Ferguson, JohnThe Man in the Dark6519281936
Abraham, J.JohnstonThe Surgeon's Log6619111936
Muspratt, EricMy South Sea Island67
David-Neel, A.With Mystics and Magicians in Tibet68
Monckton, C.A.W.Some Experiences of a New Guinea Resident Magistrate Vol.169
Monckton, C.A.W.Some Experiences of a New Guinea Resident Magistrate Vol.270
Mannin, EthelConfessions and Impressions71
Irwin, MargaretStill She Wished for Company72
Powys, T.F.Mr Weston's Good Wine7319271937
Morley, ChristopherThunder on the Left74
Waugh, EvelynDecline and Fall7519281937
Macaulay, RoseDangerous Ages76
Armstrong, H.C.Grey Wolf77
Bentley, E.C.Trent's Last Case7819121937
Macdonald, PhillipThe Rasp7919371937
Hilton, JamesThe Dawn of Reckoning80
Williamson, HenryTarka the Otter81
Blunden, EdmundUndertones of War82
Bates, H.E.The Poacher83
Wraner, Sylvia TownsendLolly Willowes84
Broster, D.K.Sir Isumbras at the Ford85
Arlen, MichaelThese Charming People86
Mackail, DenisGreenery Street87
Beauclerk, HelenThe Green Lacquer Pavilion88
Sayers, Dorothy L.The Documents in the Case891937
Keverne, RichardThe Sanfield Scandalyes19291937
James, M.R.Ghost Stories of an Antiquary9119101937
Beresford, J.D.The Hampdenshire Wonder92
Thirkell, AngelaWild Strawberries9319341937
Hampson, JohnSaturday Night at the Greyhound94
Chesterton, G.K.The Man Who Was Thursday9519081937
Steele, Alan (Ed.)Selected Modern Short Stories96
Somerville & RossSome Experiences of an Irish R.M.9718991937
Rhode, JohnThe Murders in Praed Street98
Cherry-Garrard, ApsleyThe Worst Journey in The World Vol.199
Cherry-Garrard, ApsleyThe Worst Journey in The World Vol.2100
Hornung, E.W.Mr Justice Raffles101
Seymour, Beatrice KeanYouth Rides Out102
BartimeusA Tall Ship10319151937
Jacobs, W.W.Deep Waters *1041937
Lewis, SinclairMantrap10519261937
Ertz, SusanNow East Now West106
Bottome, PhillisPrivate Worlds10719341937
Bramah, ErnestKai Lung Unrolls His Mat10819281937
Millin, Sarah GertrudeThe Fiddler109
Maurois, AndreDisraeli11019271937
Conan Doyle, Sir A.The Hound of the Baskervilles11119021937
Mannin, EthelChildren of the Earth112
Forbes, RositaThe Secret of the Sahara113
Hart, B.H.LiddellFoch: Man of Orleans Vol.1114
Hart, B.H.LiddellFoch: Man of Orleans Vol.2115
Baldwin, StanleyOn England116
Seven Famous One-Act Plays11719371937
Woollcott, AlexanderWhile Rome Burns11819341937
Lindrum, HoraceBilliards and Snooker for Amateur Players119
Penguin Parade New Stories Vol.1120
Bates, RalphLean Man Vol.1121
Bates, RalphLean Man Vol.2122
Faulkner, WilliamSoldiers' Pay123
Carr, John DicksonIt Walks By Night12419301938
Thompson, EdwardAn Indian Day125
Horn, A.AloysiusTrader Horn126
Keverne, RichardThe Havering Plot12719381938
Armstrong, H.C.Lord of Arabia128
"T.Nonesuch"Week-end Book Vol.1129
"T.Nonesuch"Week-end Book Vol.2130
Armstrong, AnthonyTen Minute Alibi13119341938
Walpole, HughMr Perrin and Mr Traill132
Chapman, F.S.Watkins's Last Expedition13319341938
Frank, LeonhardCarl and Anna134
Sender, RamonSeven Red Sundays135
Waugh, EvelynVile Bodies136
Connington, JohnDeath at Swaythling Court13719261938
Nichols, BeverleySelf138
Fokker, AnthonyFlying Dutchman139
Gibbons, StellaCold Comfort Farm14019321938
Frankau, PamelaI Find Four People14119351938
Campbell, AliceSpiderweb1421938
Silone, IgnazioFontamara143
O'Sullivan, Maurice20 Years A'Growing144
Hickens, RobertThe Paradine Case Vol.1145
Hickens, RobertThe Paradine Case Vol.2146
Keverne, RichardThe Man in The Red Hat14719381938
Scott, J.M.The Land That God Gave Cain14819331938
Bishop, W.AWinged Warfare149
Campbell, J.L.The Miracle of Pielle150
Wells, H.G.The Invisible Man1511926
Marsh, NgaioEnter a Murderer15219351938
Berkeley, AnthonyThe Piccadilly Murder15319381938
Rhode, JohnThe House on Tollard Ridge15419291938
Cole, G.D.H. & MargaretMurder at Crome House155
Milne, A.A.The Red House Mystery15619221938
Rohmer, SaxThe Mystery of Dr Fu-Manchu15719131938
Carr, John DicksonThe Waxworks Murders158
Connington, J.J.The Dangerfield Talisman15919261938
Daly King, C.Obelists at Sea16019321932
Lindbergh, Anne MorrowNorth to the Orient161
Sitwell, OsbertBefore the Bombardment16219261938
Shanks, EdwardQueer Street Vol.1163
Shanks, EdwardQueer Street Vol.2164
Charlton, L.E.O.Charlton165
Blackwood, AlgernonThe Centaur166
Straus, RalphUnseemly Adventure167
Wain, NoraHouse of Exile16819331938
Benson, E.F.As We Were16919301938
Steele, Alan (Ed.)Modern Short Stories Vol.2170
Bridge, AnnPeking Picnic171
Young, Francis BrettThe Crescent Moon172
Wharton, EdithEthan Frome173
Bramah, ErnestKai-Lung's Golden Hours174
Macaulay, RoseCrewe Train17519261938
Bennett, ArnoldThe Grand Babylon Hotel17619021938
Mannin, EthelRagged Banners177
Houghton, ClaudeChaos Is Come Again178
Waugh, EvelynBlack Mischief179
TchehovTales From Tchehov18019381938
Fothergill, JohnAn Innkeeper's Diary181
de Saint-Exupery, AntoineNight Flight182
Gerbault, AlainThe Fight of the Firecrest183
SakiSelected Stories of Saki184
Moore, GeorgeConfessions of a Young Man18519861939
Collins, NormanPenang Appointment 186
Scott, DavidThe Egypt's Gold187
Connington, J.J.Murder in the Maze18819271939
Belloc, HilaireBut Soft We are Observed18919281939
Kitchin, C.H.B.Death Of My Aunt19019291939
Robertson, E.ArnotOrdinary Families19119331939
Wallace, DoreenBarnham Rectory192
Lindsay, MartinSledge193
Baum, VickiHelene194
Thurston, E.TempleThe City of Beautiful Nonsense195
Milne, A.AFour Plays196
Schreiner, OliveStory of an African Farm197
Dower, GandarAmateur Adventure19819341939
Bierce, AmbroseIn the Midst of Life19918921939
Shaw, BernardBack to Methuselah200
Saroyan, WilliamThe Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze20119351939
Evans, A.J.The Escaping Club20219211939
Aldington, RichardThe Colonel's Daughter203
Armstrong, H.C.Grey Steel (J.C.Smuts)204
Forbes, RositaFrom Red Sea to Blue Nile205
White, AntoniaFrost in May206
Gwynn, StephenCaptain Scott20719291939
Sabatini, RafaelBardelys the Magnificent208
Farjeon, J.JeffersonNo 1720919261939
Marsh, NgaioA Man Lay Dead21019341939
Hay, IanPip211
Leacock, StephenLiterary Lapses212
Cannan, JoannaHigh Table213
Jacobs, W.W.Many Cargoes214
Golding, LouisStore of Ladies215
Wade, HenryThe Verdict of You All2161939
Mitchell, GladysDeath at the Opera2171934Aust
Keverne, RichardMissing From His Home218
Allingham, MargeryPolice at the Funeral21919311939
Masterman, J.C.An Oxford Tragedy22019331939
O'Faolain, SeanDe Valera22119391939
Onions, OliverWiddershins222
Gordon, Jan & CoraTwo Vagabonds in Serbia and Montenegro223
Beresford, J.D.The Camberwell Miracle224
Powys, LlewelynEbony and Ivory225
Chapman, Olive MurrayAcross Lapland226
Keverne, RichardThe Fleet Hall Inheritance22719311939
Mitchell, GladysThe Devil at Saxon Wall228
Forester, C.S.The Gun22919331939
Bolitho, WilliamTwelve Against the Gods230
Sackville-West, V.All Passion Spent231
Bagnold, EnidNational Velvet232
Lindsay, MartinThose Greenland Days233
Lear, EdwardA Book of Lear234
Hilton, JamesThe Passionate Year235
Martyr, WestonThe Southseaman23619391939
Garnett, DavidGo She Must237
Walton, IzaakThe Compleat Angler2381939
Ferguson, JohnStealthy Terror23919351939
Eberhart, MignonThe White Cockatoo24019341939
"Shalimar"A Windjammer's Half-Deck241
Ackerley, J.R.Hindoo Holiday242
Sabatini, RafaelThe Tavern Knight243
Holme, ConstanceCrump Flok Going Home244
Ferguson, RachelThe Brontes Went to Woolworths24519311940
Morton, J.B.(Beachcomber)The Barber of Putney246
Bell, AdrianCorduroy24719301940
Sitwell, OsbertTriple Fugue24819241940
Marsh, NgaioDeath in Ecstasy24919361940
Carr, John DicksonPoison in Jest25019321940
Tressall, RobertThe Ragged Trousered Philanthropist251
Masterman, J.C.Fate Cannot Harm Me252
Marsh, NgaioVintage Murder25319371940
Belfrage, CedricAway From It All254
Marshall, RobertArctic Village255
Carr, John DicksonHag's Nook25619331940
Greene, GrahamIt's a Battlefield257
Muspratt, EricWild Oats258
Kiernan, R.H.Col.Albert Ball V.C.259
Williams & SavageThe First Penguin Problems Book26019401940
de Maupassant, GuyBoule De Suif *265
Wade, HenryThe Dying Alderman26619401940
Montague, C.E.Right Off the Map27019271940
Wherry, EdithThe Wanderer on a Thousand Hills272
Wilde, OscarThe Importance of Being Ernest274
Bell, GertrudeSelected Letters275
Allingham, MargeryThe Case of the Late Pig276
Gorki, MaximFragments From My Diary27719241940
Bell, AdrianSilver Ley27819311940
Le Fanu, J.SheridanUncle Silas279
Harrison & CartwrightWithin Four Walls281
Maurois, AndreThe Silence of Colonel Bramble282
Hay, IanThe First Hundred Thousand283
Keverne, RichardAt The Blue Gates28419321940
Woodthorpe, R.C.The Public School Murder285
Durnford, H.G.Tunnellers of Holzminden286
Hervey, H.G.Cage Birds287
Storrs, Sir RonaldLawrence of Arabia288
Miller, WebbI Found No Peace28919401940
Forbes, RositaRussian Road to India290
Symons, A.J.The Quest For Corvo29119341940
Tchehov, AntonThree Plays2921940
Gibbons, StellaNightingale Wood293
Collis, MauriceSiamese White294
White, GilbertThe Natural History of Selborne296
Orwell, GeorgeDown and Out in London and Paris297
Hives & LumleyJu-Ju and the Justice in Nigeria298
Gwynn, StephenThe Life of Mary Kingsley299
Shaw, BernardPygmalion30019161941
Fitt, MaryThe Three Hunting Horns30119371940
Bell, JosephineMurder in Hospital302
Bramah, ErnestThe Eyes of Max Carrados303
Kennedy, MilwardHalf Mast Murder30419301940
Jones, Selected by GwynWelsh Short Stories *306
Tomlinson, H.M.Old Junk30719181940
Jacobs, W.W.Night Watches *308
Bott, AlanEastern Flights309
David-Neel, A.My Journey to Lhasa310
Forster, E.M.Howard's End311
Anand, Mulk RajUntouchable312
Berkeley, AnthonyTop Storey Murder31319311941
Johnson, James W.Along This Way314
Ward, F.KingdonLand of the Blue Poppy315
Steele & Hancock, Sel.byModern American Short Stories316
Bell, JosephineFall Over Cliff31719381941
Graves, RobertI, Claudius I318
Graves, RobertI, Claudius II31919341941
Leacock, StephenSunshine Sketches *320
Isherwood, ChristopherMr Norris Changes Trains32119351942
Collins, NormanThe Three Friends322
Bowen, MarjorieI Will Maintain323
Seymour, Beatrice KeanFalse Spring324
Clarke, MarcusMen in Chains(For Term of His Natural Life)
Mannin, EthelCactus326
Farrell, M.J.Full House327
Lehmann, RosamondInvitation To The Waltz328
Cannan, JoannaNo Walls of Jasper329
Evans, A.J. (Ed.)The Penguin Herodotus330
SakiWhen William Came331
Wilder, ThorntonBridge of San Louis Rey33219271941
Koteliansky, S.S.Russian Short Stories33319411941
Ecclestone, EricSir Walter Raleigh334
Wells, H.G.Kipps335
Coppard, A.E.Fishmonger's Fiddle336
Berkeley, AnthonyJumping Jenny33719331941
Hodge, Harry (Ed.)Famous Trials I33819411941
Thirkell, AngelaHigh Rising339
Macaulay, RoseOrphan Island340
Shy, TimothyBeyond The Headlines341
White, T.H.Farewell Victoria342
Wells, H.GWar in The Air343
Knight, Dame LauraOil Paint and Grease Paint34419361941
Knight, Dame LauraOil Paint and Grease Paint34519361941
Knight, Dame LauraOil Paint and Grease Paint34619361941
Kornitzer, LouisTrade Winds347
Johns, W.E.Biggles Flies Again348
Adams, Morley (Ed.)The Second Penguin Crossword Puzzle Book349
Merwin, SamuelSilk350
Keverne, RichardHe Laughed at Murder35119341941
Ferguson, John (Ed.)Modern One-Act Plays352
Marsh, NgaioArtists in Crime35319381941
Eberhart, M.G.Murder of My Patient354
Marsh, NgaioThe Nursing Home Murder355
Waugh, AlecThe Loom of Youth356
Connelly, MarcGreen Pastures357
Daily TelegraphCrossword Puzzle Book358
Hay, IanThe British Infantryman359
Jones, IraAn Airfighter's Scrapbook360
Koestler, ArthurDialogue With Death363
Shepherd, WalterFor Amazement Only364?
Doyle, LyleBallygullion *366
Berkeley, AnthonyThe Silk Stocking Murders3681941
Gosse, PhilipA Naturalist Goes to War369
Bome, DavidThe Brassbounder37319101942
Mahan, CaptainThe Life of Nelson375
Brahms & Simon, Carl & S.J.A Bullet in the Ballet37719371942
Heyer, GeorgetteDeath in The Stocks378
Allingham, MargeryDeath of a Ghost37919341942
Woolf, VirginiaOrlando381
Lowenstein & GerhardtMeet Yourself as You Really Are382
Robinson, LewisThe General Goes too Far38319351942
Keverne, RichardWilliam Cook - Antique Dealer38419281943
Laver, JamesWhistler387
Hendry, T. & J.F. (Ed.)Scottish Short Stories38919431943
Greene, GrahamEngland Made Me392
Blackwood, AlgernonSelected Tales393
Hughes, DorothyThe Bamboo Blonde39719411942
Bowen, ElizabethFriends and Relations398
Berkeley, AnthonyPanic Party402
Galsworthy, JohnThe Patrician406
Bush, ChristopherCut-Throat407
Holme, ConstanceThe Old Road From Spain408
Berkeley, AnthonyThe Second Shot409
Keverne, RichardArtifex Intervenes410
O'Crohan, TomasThe Islandman41119291943
Jacobs, W.W.The Lady of the Barge41619081943
Casson, StanleyMurder by Burial41819381943
Parker, DorothyHere Lies419
Graves, RobertClaudius the God421
Graves, RobertClaudius the God422
Waugh, EvelynPut Out More Flags42319421943
Bronte, EmilyWuthering Heights424
Austen, JaneNorthanger Abbey425
TaffrailSea Escapes and Adventures426
Austen, JanePersuasion427
Heyer, GeorgetteThe Unfinished Clue428
Heyer, GeorgetteWhy Shoot a Butler?42919431946
London, JackThe Mutiny of the "Elsinore"43019151943
Mitchell, GladysSpeedy Death43319291943
The Manchester GuardianCrossword Puzzle Book435
Bramah, ErnestMax Carrados436
Allen, W.E.D.Guerrilla War in Abyssinia439
Greene, GrahamBrighton Rock44219381943
Collis, MauriceShe Was a Queen443
Fourth Leaders From the Times444
Walpole, HughThe Secret City445
Pearson, HeskethDoctor Darwin446
Conrad, JosephTwixt Land and Sea447
Marsh, NgaioDeath in a White Tie45019381940
Walmsley, LeoForeigners451
Walmsley, LeoPhantom Lobster452
Warner, RexThe Aerodrome453
Walmsley, LeoThree Fevers454
Waugh, EvelynScoop455
Orwell, GeorgeBurmese Days456
Ervine, St JohnParnell45719251944
Bullen, Frank T.The Cruise of the "Cachalot"458
Allingham, MargeryFlowers for the Judge45919361944
Adams, Morley (Ed.)The Third Penguin Crossword Book460
London, JackThe Iron Heel461
Harrison, G.ElsieSon to Susanna462
Conrad, JosephTales of Hearsay463
Bell, JosephineDeath on the Borough Council464
Lawrence, D.H.Sea and Sardinia465
Krimov, YuriThe Tanker "Derbent"466
Muratoff & AllenThe Russian Campaigns 1941-1943467
Maugham, SomersetThe Moon and Sixpence468
Martin, StuartThe Hangman's Guests469
Mair, JohnNever Come Back470
Hewlett, MauriceRichard Yea-and-Nay471
O'Hara, JohnAppointment in Samarra472
Gubbins, NatSitting on the Fence47319441944
Anand, Mulk RajCoolie474
Golding, LouisThe Miracle Boy475
From the "New Yorker"Profiles Second Series476
Poe, Edgar AllanSome Tales of Mystery and Imagination477
The Second Penguin Problems Book47819441944
Stark, FreyaThe Southern Gates of Arabia479
Sackville-West, V.Seducers in Ecuador480
Woolf, VirginiaA Room of One's Own481
Warner, RexThe Professor482
Douglas, NormanFountains in the Sand483
Gustafson, Ralph (Ed.)Canadian Accent484
Myers, L.H.Strange Glory485
Myers, L.H.The "Clio"486
Falkner, J.MeadeThe Lost Stradivarius487
Hewlitt, MauriceThe Forest Lovers488
Nocolson, HaroldPublic Faces489
de Beer, G.R.Escape to Switzerland490
Garer, GeoffreyAfrican Dances491
Powell, S.W.A South Sea Diary492
Thorne, AnthonyDelay in the Sun49319351944
Hawthorne, NathanielThe Scarlet Letter494
Trollope, AnthonyThe Warden495
Eliot, GeorgeSilas Marner496
Bennet, EricMurder at The Admiralty497
Weyman, StanleyUnder the Red Robe498
Goldsmith, OliverThe Vicar of Wakefield499
Shaw, BernardMajor Barbara50019071945
Lancaster, OsbertCartoons501
Douglas, NormanTogether50219231945
Lynd, RobertDr Johnson and Company5031946
Isherwood, ChristopherGoodbye to Berlin504
Haslip, JoanLady Hester Stanhope50519341945
Conrad, JosephWithin the Tides506
Wright, S.FowlerThe Island of Captain Sparrow507
Gaboriau, EmileThe Mystery of Orcival50818671945
Gaboriau, EmileThe Widow Lerouge50918661945
Grossmith, George & WeedonDiary Of A Nobody510
Butler, SamuelThe Way of All Flesh51119031947
Wills Crofts, FreemanThe Pit Prop Syndicate51219221945
Lawrence, D.H.The Prussian Officer513
Wills Crofts, FreemanInspector French and the Starvel Tragedy51419271946
Collis, MauriceTrails in Burma51519381938
Gloag, JohnDocuments Marked "Secret"51619381945
Ambler, EricCause for Alarm51719381945
Muratoff & AllenThe Russian Campaigns 1944518
Bennett, ArnoldThe Grim Smile of The 5 Towns519
Welty, EudoraA Curtain of Green520
Agate, JamesLines of Communication520
Parkes, JamesAn Enemy of the People521
Cozzens, James GouldA Cure of Flesh522
Eberhart, M.G.The Cases of Susan Dare52319351947
Gaskell, ElizabethCranford523
Bronte, EmilyWuthering Heights524
Hawkins, DesmondHawk Among the Sparrows525
Machen, ArthurHoly Terrors526
de Monfreid, HenryHashish52719351946
Keverne, RichardThe Shadow Syndicate52819301946
Conrad, JosephLord Jim529
Trollope, AnthonyBarchester Towers529?
Morris, JohnTraveller From Tokyo53019431946
Crofts, Freeman WillsThe Groote Park Murder53119231946
Merriman, Henry SetonBarlasch of the Guard532
de Monfreid, HenrySea Adventures533
Bowen, ElizabethTo The North534
Bowen, ElizabethThe House in Paris535
Ford, Ford MaddoxThe Good Soldier536
Bronte, AnneThe Tenant of Wildfell Hall536
Bronte, CharlotteShirley537
Bonnamy, FrancisA Rope of Sand537
Trollope, AnthonyDoctor Thorne538
Koestler, ArthurDarkness at Noon539
The Third Penguin Problems Book540
Kornitzer, LouisPearls and Men541
Anstey, F.The Brass Bottle542
Bentley & Warner AllenTrent's Own Case54319361946
Cooper, LetticeThe New House544
SakiThe Unbearable Bassington545
SakiBeasts and Superbeasts546
SakiThe Chronicles of Clovis547
Stevenson, R.L.Virginibus Puerisque54818811946
Whipple, DorothyHigh Wages549
Chesterton, G.KThe Napoleon of Notting Hill550
Reid, ForrestPeter Waring551
Byrne, DonnThe Power Of the Dog552
Heberden, M.V.Fugitive From Murder55319401946
Bronte, CharlotteThe Professor554
Bronte, AnneAgnes Grey555
Laver, JemesNostradamus555
Wren, P.C.Beau Sabreur556
Peacock, Thomas LoveGryll Grange557
Morrison, ArthurA Child of the Jago558
Greene, GrahamThe Lawless Roads559
Shaw, BernardPlays Pleasant56018981946
Shaw, BernardPlays Unpleasant56118981946
Shaw, BernardThree Plays for Puritans56219011946
Shaw, BernardMan and Superman56319061946
Shaw, BernardThe Doctor's Dilemma56419061946
Shaw, BernardSaint Joan56519241946
Shaw, BernardAndrocles and the Lion56619121946
Shaw, BernardThe Black Girl in Search of God56719321946
Hinkson, PamelaThe Ladies' Road568
Green, Anna K.The Leavenworth Case56918781946
Wells, H.G.The War of the Worlds570
Wells, H.G.The Island of Doctor Moreau57118961946
Wells, H.G.?572
Wells, H.G.?573
Wells, H.G.?574
Wells, H.G.?575
Wells, H.G.Tono-Bungay576
Meredith, GeorgeThe Tragic Comedians57718801940
Dana, Richard HenryTwo Tears Before the Mast578
Belloc, HilaireThe Green Overcoat579
Harland, HenryThe Cardinal's Snuff Box580
Chesterton, G.K.The Club of Queer Trades581
Connington, J.J.Nordenholt's Million58219231946
Wade, HenryHere Comes The Copper583
Berkeley, AnthonyNot to be Taken584
Fowler, SydneyRex v. Anne Bickerton58519301947
Garnett, RichardThe Twilight of the Gods586
Chesterton, G.K.Manalive587
Paul, ElliotA Narrow Street588
Berkeley, AnthonyMr Priestley's Problem589
Berkeley, AnthonyTrial and Error59019371947
Berkeley, AnthonyMurder in the Basement59119321947
James, HenryThe Turn of the Screw592
Paris, JohnKimono593
Doyle, LynnLobster Salad594
Coppard, A.E.Adam and Eve and Pinch Me595
Harland, HenryMy Friend Prospero59619041947
Wade, HenryPoliceman's Lot597
Cooper, R.W.The Nuremberg Trials598
Reves, EmeryThe Anatomy of Peace59919451947
Wilde, OscarSalome and Other Plays60018941947
Hastings, LewisDragons are Extra60119471947
Keverne, RichardMenace60219331947
Hersey, JohnHiroshima6031946
Mitchell, GladysThe Longer Bodies604
Graves, RobertAntigua, Penny Puce605
Ferguson, JohnNight in Glengyle60619331947
Pack, S.W.C. (Ed.)Lord Anson's Voyage Round the World607
Scott, J.W.RobertsonEngland's Green and Pleasant Land60819251931
Anderson, SherwoodWinesburg Ohio609
Carr, John DicksonThe Mad Hatter Mystery61019331947
Ernst, MorrisThe Best is Yet611
Hall, J.E.D.Labour's First Year612
Ashby, EricScientist in Russia613?
Bruce, LeoCase for Three Detectives613
Wilson, Francesca M.Aftermath614
Bemelmans, LudwigLife Class61519391948
Wilde, OscarA Picture of Dorian Grey616
France, AnatolePenguin Island617
Lewis, EilunedDew on the Grass61819341947
Perham & SimmonsAfrican Discovery619
Daily TelegraphPenguin Second Crossword Book620
The TimesPenguin Third Crossword Book621
Curtis, JamesThe Gilt Kid623
Fauconnier, HenryThe Soul of Malaya624
Douglas, NormanSiren Land62519111948
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McBain, EdLike Love283019621968
Simenon, GeorgeMaigret on the Defensive283119641968
Donleavy, J.P.The Saddest Summer of Samuel S2832
Freeling, NicholasThe King of the Rainy Country285319661968
Freeling, NicholasLove in Amsterdam288119621969
Freeling, NicholasThe Dresden Green290219661969
Upfield, ArthurVenom House290819531969
Sims, GeorgeSleep No More294919661969
Pike, RobertBullitt299919631969
Innes, MichaelAppleby's End300219461969
Freeling, NicholasStrike Out Where Not Applicable30091967
Latham, EmmaDeath Shall Overcome301019661974
Kishon, EphraimUnfair to Goliath3224
Blake, NicholasShell of DeathUS 54319361944
Hodge, Harry (Ed.)Famous Trials 8

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