Green Penguin Books

by Author A-H

Author Title Number 1st Pub. 1st Penguin
Allingham, MargeryBlack Plumes7371950
Coroner's Pidgin73619451950
Crime at the Black Dudley77019291950
Dancers in Mourning66719371948
Death of a Ghost37919341942
Flowers for the Judge45919361944
Hide My Eyes147619581960
Look to the Lady77319311950
More Work for the Undertaker86419491952
Mr Campion and Others76219391950
Mystery Mile7611950
No Love Lost141619541959
Police at the Funeral21919311939
Sweet Danger76919331950
Take Two at Bedtime137419501959
The Beckoning Lady141719551960
The Case of the Late Pig276
The Fashion in Shrouds77119381950
The Tiger in the Smoke121619521957
Traitor's Purse77219411950
Ambler, EricCause for Alarm51719381945
Uncommon Danger146719371960
Ames, DelanoCorpse Diplomatique180419501962
Murder Maestro Please203619521963
Appleby, JohnAphrodite Means Death100919511954
Armstrong, AnthonyTen Minute Alibi13119341938
Armstrong, CharlotteMischief125219511957
Arthur, FrankThe Suva Harbour Mystery66419411948
Atkinson, AlexExit Charlie123219551957
Bagby, GeorgeRed is for Killing100819411954
Bailey, H.CMr Fortune, Please *3419271936
Ballairs, GeorgeDeath in High Provence1771
Bedford, SybilleThe Best We Can Do163919581961
Bell, JosephineDeath on the Borough Council464
Fall Over Cliff31719381941
Murder in Hospital302
The Port of London Murders106319381955
Bennet, EricMurder at The Admiralty497
Bentley & Warner AllenTrent's Own Case54319361946
Bentley, E.C.Trent Intervenes91519381953
Trent's Last Case7819121937
Bentley, NicholasThe Floating Dutchman97519501954
The Tongue-Tied Canary100519481954
Third Party Risk154819531961
Berkeley, AnthonyJumping Jenny33719331941
Mr Priestley's Problem589
Murder in the Basement59119321947
Not to be Taken584
Panic Party402
Poisoned Chocolates Case5819361936
The Piccadilly Murder15319381938
The Second Shot409
The Silk Stocking Murders3681941
Top Storey Murder31319311941
Trial and Error59019371947
Bingham, JohnFive Roundabouts to Heaven142019531959
Murder Plan Six194919581964
My Name is Michael Sibley116719521958
Night's Black Agent224119611965
The Paton Street Case203819551964
Blackburn, JohnA Ring of Roses259319651968
A Scent of New-Mown Hay161519581961
A Sour Apple Tree192619581963
Dead Man Running21721964
Blake, NicholasA Question of Proof110119351955
Shell of DeathUS 54319361944
The Case of the Abominable Snowman97319411954
Blochman, LawrenceSee You at the Morgue159719461961
Bonett, John & EmeryDead Lion78819491953
No Grave for a Lady180719601963
Bonnamy, FrancisA Rope of Sand537
Dead Reckoning65519431948
Death of a Beauty Queen658
The King is Dead on Queen St65619451948
Brahms & Simon, Carl & S.J.A Bullet in the Ballet37719371942
Bramah, ErnestMax Carrados Mysteries215819271964
Max Carrados436
The Eyes of Max Carrados303
Branch, PamelaLion in the Cellar170319511962
Murder Every Monday109719541956
Murder's Little Sister194719581963
The Wooden Overcoat135419511959
Brand, ChristiannaGreen for Danger158119451961
Heads You Lose77919411950
London Particular103519521955
Suddenly at His Residence80419471951
Tour de Force120519551957
Browne & TullettBernard Spilsbury His Life and Cases109219511955
Bruce, ChristopherThe Case of the Second Chance150919461960
Bruce, LeoCase for Sergeant Beef84719511951
Case for Three Detectives613
Buckingham, BruceBoiled Alive163619571962
Three Bad Nights153419561961
Bush, ChristopherCut-Throat407
The Case of the Tudor Queen84919381953
Byrom, JamesOr Be He Dead160919581964
Take Only As Directed212619591964
Cain, JamesThe Postman Always Rings Twice87419341952
Campbell, AliceSpiderweb1421938
Cannan, JoannaMurder Included132419501958
Carr, John DiccksonThe Man Who Explained Miracles251319631966
Carr, John DicksonBelow Suspicion116419501956
Captain Cut-Throat1488
Death Watch91419351953
Fire, Burn!16221961
Hag's Nook25619331940
He Who Whispers94819461953
It Walks By Night12419301938
Patrick Butler for the Defence139119561959
Poison in Jest25019321940
The Blind Barber87519341952
The Case of the Constant Suicides94719411953
The Dead Man's Knock156419581961
The Demoniacs222019621965
The Devil in Velvet124219511957
The Emporer's Snuff Box94919435367
The Hollow Man86219351951
The Mad Hatter Mystery61019331947
The Waxworks Murders158
The Witch of the Low Tide213219611964
Till Death Do Us Part95019441953
Casson, StanleyMurder by Burial41819381943
Chandler, Raymond741'33'461950
Farewell My Lovely70119401949
Killer in the Rain244519641966
Pearls are a Nuisance213619501964
Smart Aleck Kill219819641964
The Big Sleep65219391948
The High Window85119431951
The Lady in the Lake86719441952
The Little Sister109619491955
The Long Good-bye140019531959
Chesterton, G.K.The Incredulity of F.Brown106919261958
The Innocence of F.Brown76519111950
Cheyney, PeterCan Ladies Kill72019381949
Dangerous Curves72119391949
Dark Duet72219421949
Poison Ivy72319371949
The Urgent Hangman72419381949
Childers, ErskineThe Riddle of the Sands90519031952
Christie, AgathaAppointment With Death68219321948
Crooked House92519491953
Death Comes as the End92619451953
Death on the Nile92719371953
Lord Edgeware Dies68519331948
Miss Marple and the Thirteen Problems92919321953
Murder in Mesopotamia109919361955
Murder in the Mews and Other Stories163719371961
Murder on the Orient Express68919341948
Parker Pyne Investigates93219341953
Peril at End House68819321948
Ten Little Niggers125619391958
The ABC Murders68319361948
The Big Four119619271957
The Body in the Library92419421953
The Labours of Hercules92819471953
The Moving Finger93019431953
The Murder at the Vicarage68619291948
The Murder of Roger Ackroyd68419261948
The Murder on the Links6119201935
The Mysterious Affair at Styles619201935
The Mysterious Mr Quin93119301953
The Mystery of the Blue Train69119281948
The Seven Dials Mystery68719291948
The Sittaford Mystery69019311948
Claymore, TodAppointment in New Orleans106119501955
Nest of Vipers103019481955
Reunion in Florida108719521955
Clevely, HughPublic Enemy161819531961
Cole, G.D.H. & MargaretMurder at Crome House155
Cole, G.D.H. & M.Death of a Millionaire74219251950
Collins, WilkieThe Moonstone107218681955
Conan Doyle, Sir A.The Hound of the Baskervilles11119021937
Connington, J.J.Murder in the Maze18819271939
The Dangerfield Talisman15919261938
Connington, JohnDeath at Swaythling Court13719261938
Cook, KennethWake in Fright240519611967
Crane, FrancesThe Golden Box86819441952
Thirteen White Tulips133019531959
Crispin, EdmundFrequent Hearses129119501958
Holy Disorders130319461958
Love Lies Bleeding97419481954
Swan Song104319471955
The Case of the Gilded Fly98819441954
The Long Divorce130419511958
The Moving Toyshop131519461958
Crofts, Freeman WillsDeath Of a Train91619461953
Inspector French's Greatest Case91819251953
Mystery in the Channel138019311959
The 12.30 From Croydon92019341953
The Cheyne Mystery91719261953
The Groote Park Murder53119231946
The Loss of The Jane Vosper91919361953
Cullingford, GuyConjurer's Coffin119919541957
Framed for Hanging134619561959
Post Mortem112619531956
The Whipping Boys214119581964
Curtis, PeterDead March in Three Keys62919401948
Daly, ElizabethEvidence of Things Seen73419461951
Nothing Can Rescue Me80319451951
The House Without the Door85019451951
Daly King, C.Obelists at Sea16019321932
Daniel, GlynWelcome Death174319541962
Davey, JocelynA Touch of Stagefright188019601963
Davidson, LionelThe Night of Wenceslas175819601962
Dickson, CarterAnd So to Murder81419411951
He Wouldn't Kill Patience81819441951
She Died A Lady81619431951
The Judas Window81919381951
The Plague Court Murders82019351951
The Reader is Warned81219391951
The Red Widow Murders81519351951
The Ten Teacups81719371951
The White Priory Murders81119351951
Dodge, DavidBullets for the Bridegroom92319481953
Plunder of the Sun102219501955
Ransom of the Angel139219371961
Shear the Black Sheep107819491955
The Lights of Skaro112719541956
The Long Escape100219501954
To Catch a Thief105319531955
Doyle, Sir Arthur ConanThe Case Book of Sherlock Holmes80519271951
Durrenmatt, FriedrichThe Pledge219519581964
Eberhardt, M.G.Speak No Evil110219411955
Eberhart, M.G.Murder of My Patient354
The Cases of Susan Dare52319351947
Eberhart, MignonThe White Cockatoo24019341939
Eden, DorothyDarling Clementine141319551959
Ellin, StanleyDreadful Summit209619481964
House of Cards282519671968
The Eighth Circle231319581966
The Key to Nicholas Street169419531962
The Speciality of the House279519561968
Eustis, HelenThe Horizontal Man71819471949
Farjeon, J.JeffersonNo 1720919261939
Farrer, KatharineThe Cretan Counterfeit110319541955
The Missing Link104519521955
Fearing, KennethThe Big Clock72819461949
Ferguson, JohnDeath Comes to Perigord764
Night in Glengyle60619331947
Stealthy Terror23919351939
The Man in the Dark6519281936
Ferrars, Elizabeth74319421951
Murder in Time110819531955
Field, PeterLaw Man of Powder Valley161919421961
Finnegan, RobertThe Bandaged Nude89019491952
Fitt, MaryDeath and Mary Dazill63019411948
Death and the Pleasant Voices79519461950
Death on Heron's Mere65919411948
Requiem for Robert65719421948
The Three Hunting Horns30119371940
Three Sisters Flew Home94119361953
Forester, C.S.Payment Deferred111119261955
Plain Murder84219301951
Fowler, SydneyRex v. Anne Bickerton58519301947
Freeling, NicholasBecause of the Cats228219631965
Criminal Conversation276119651967
Double Barrell258519641967
Guns Before Butter228019631965
Love in Amsterdam288119621969
Strike Out Where Not Applicable30091967
The Dresden Green290219661969
The King of the Rainy Country285319661968
Fuller, RoyThe Second Curtain176019531962
Fuller, TimothyReunion With Murder84819471952
Reunion With Murder888
Furneaux, RupertCourtroom USA 1179519621962
Gaboriau, EmileThe Mystery of Orcival50818671945
The Widow Lerouge50918661945
Galwey, G.V.Murder on Leave702
The Lift and the Drop80719481951
Gardener, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Counterfeit Eye95219351953
Gardner, Erle StanleyMurder Up My Sleeve96819381954
The Case of the Baited Hook124719401957
The Case of the Black-eyed Blonde88919441952
The Case of the Borrowed Brunette96419511954
The Case of the Buried Clock129319431958
The Case of the Careless Kitten137519441950
The Case of the Caretaker's Cat107419351955
The Case of the Crooked Candle129419471958
The Case of the Curious Bride145519351960
The Case of the Dangerous Dowager175319371962
The Case of the Drowning Duck124619421957
The Case of the Drowsy Mosquito96519461954
The Case of the Empty Tin186919411963
The Case of the Goldigger's Purse137619491959
The Case of the Half-Wakened Wife113919491956
The Case of the Haunted Husband123119441957
The Case of the Howling Dog145819351960
The Case of the Lame Canary91219371953
The Case of the Perjured Parrot137719391959
The Case of the Rolling Bones105419391955
The Case of the Shoplifter's Shoe129519381958
The Case of the Silent Partner120419401957
The Case of the Sleepwalkers Neice96619361954
The Case of the Smoking Chimney186819431963
The Case of the Stuttering Bishop93919371953
The Case of the Substitute Face91119381953
The Case of the Turning Tide189919411963
The DA Breaks the Seal137219461964
The DA Calls a Turn96719471954
The DA Calls it Murder104019371955
The DA Draws a Circle162019391961
The DA Holds a Candle1239
Two Clues187019471964
Gearon, JohnThe Velvet Well72719461949
Gilbert, AnthonyThe Black Stage110519451955
Gloag, JohnDocuments Marked "Secret"51619381945
Green, Anna K.The Leavenworth Case56918781946
Grierson, EdwardReputation for a Song108319521955
Haggard, WilliamClosed Circuit175519601962
Slow Burner223319581965
The Antagonists270319641968
The Arena187919611963
The Hard Sell264219651968
The High Wire232319631965
The Powder Barrel275119651967
The Telemann Touch242019581966
The Unquiet Sleep212919621964
Venetian Blind217419591964
Hammett, DashiellRed Harvest1888
The Glass Key243519311966
The Maltese Falcon188719301963
The Thin Man1419321935
Hardy, WilliamLady Killer163319371961
Hare, CyrilAn English Murder112319511956
Best Detective Stories219419591964
Death is No Sportsman106019381955
He Should Have Died Hereafter148619581960
Suicide Excepted116219371956
Tenant for Death108119371955
That Yew Tree's Shade106419541956
Tragedy at Law89719421953
When the Wind Blows103719491955
With a Bare Bodkin100719461954
Hastings, MacdonaldCork and the Serpent134119551959
Cork in Bottle117619531957
Cork in the Dodhouse155319571961
Cork on the Water102819511956
Heard, GeraldA Taste for Honey162419421961
Heberden, M.V.Fugitive From Murder55319401946
Heyer, GeorgetteDeath in The Stocks378
The Unfinished Clue428
Why Shoot a Butler?42919431946
Hodge, Harry (Ed.)Famous Trials 263419481948
Famous Trials 498319541954
Famous Trials 61775
Famous Trials I0216027-361941
Famous Trials I33819411941
Famous Trials III78719501950
Hodge, James H. (Ed.)Famous Trials 5109419551955
Hornung, E.W.Mr Justice Raffles101
Household, GeoffreyRogue Male69519461949
Hughes, DorothyThe Bamboo Blonde39719411942
Hull, RichardExcellent Intentions70819381949
Keep it Quiet99219351954
Murder of My Aunt95319341953
The Ghost it Was79419361950
Huxley, ElspethMurder on Safari112919381957
The Merry Hippo232119631965
Hyde, H.MontgomeryFamous Trials 9: Casement212419601964

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