Penguin Books

by Author Q-Z

Author Title Number 1st Pub. 1st Penguin
Queen, ElleryDouble, Double126919501958
Siamese Twin Mystery159819331961
The Adventures of Ellery Queen190819341963
The American Gun Mystery114719331956
The Chinese Orange Mystery115019341956
The Door Between129719361958
The Dutch Shoe Mystery115119311956
The Egyptian Cross Mystery184219321962
The Finishing Stroke260719581967
The Four of Hearts129619361958
The French Powder Mystery114819301956
The Glass Village175719541963
The Greek Coffin Mystery119819321957
The King is Dead151119521960
The New Adventures of Ellery Queen254419401966
The Player on the Other Side274219631967
The Roman Hat Mystery114919291956
The Scarlet Letters216319531965
The Spanish Cape Mystery127019351958
Quennell, PeterByron in Italy1057
Byron: The Years of Fame982
Quentin, PatrickPuzzle for Fiends106219461955
Suspicious Circumstances223419571965
The Follower108819501955
The Man in the Net157919561961
The Wife of Ronald Sheldon140319541959
Quiller-Couch, Sir ArthurSelected Short Stories1191
Troy Town726
Rees, DilwynThe Cambridge Murders86519451952
Reid, ForrestPeter Waring551
Reitz, DeneysCommando647
Reves, EmeryThe Anatomy of Peace59919451947
Reynolds, E.E.Nansen661
Rhode, JohnThe House on Tollard Ridge15419291938
The Murders in Praed Street98
Rice, CraigTrial by Fury89119501952
Rice, ElmerVoyage to Purilia901
Rinehart, Mary RobertsThe Circular Staircase124119081957
The Yellow Room94319491053
Roberts, Mary-CarterLittle Brother Fate162619581961
Robertson, E.ArnatFour Frightened People1519311935
Robertson, E.ArnotOrdinary Families19119331939
Robinson, LewisThe General Goes too Far38319351942
Robinson, RobertLandscape With Dead Dons183119561963
Rohmer, SaxThe Mystery of Dr Fu-Manchu15719131938
Roth, HollyShadow of a Lady162719571961
The Content Assignment132319541958
The Crimson in the Purple180119571962
The Mask of Glass123719571957
The Sleeper135319551959
Runyon, DamonGuys and Dolls1179
Rutherford, DouglasComes the Blind Fury94419501953
Telling of Murder118219521956
Sabatini, RafaelBardelys the Magnificent208
The Tavern Knight243
Sackville-West, V.All Passion Spent231
Sackville-West, VSaint Joan Of Arc104219361955
Sackville-West, V.Seducers in Ecuador480
The Edwardians16
Sagan, FrancoisA Certain Smile1444
SakiBeasts and Superbeasts546
Selected Stories of Saki184
The Chronicles of Clovis547
The Unbearable Bassington545
When William Came331
Salinger, J.D.The Carcher in the Rye1248
Sanderson, DouglasNight of the Horns161719581961
Saroyan, WilliamThe Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze20119351939
Saroyen, WilliamSouth870
Sartre, J.P.The Reprieve1823
Sasson, SiegfriedSherston's Progress676
Sava, GeorgeThe Healing Knife96119381953
Sayers, Dorothy L.Busman's Honeymoon177819371962
Hangman's Holiday178019331962
Have His Carcase177719321962
Lord Peter Views the Body177919281962
The Documents in the Case891937
Sayers, DorothyThe Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club519281935
Schreiner, OliveStory of an African Farm197
Schulberg, BuddThe Disenchanted1498
Scott, DavidThe Egypt's Gold187
Scott, J.M.The Land That God Gave Cain14819331938
Scott, J.W.RobertsonEngland's Green and Pleasant Land60819251931
Scott, Sir HaroldScotland Yard121219541957
Sellar & Yeatman1066 and All That1424
Sender, RamonSeven Red Sundays135
Seton, GrahamThe W Plan50
Seven Famous One-Act Plays11719371937
Seymour, Beatrice KeanFalse Spring324
Three Wives59
Youth Rides Out102
"Shalimar"A Windjammer's Half-Deck241
Shanks, EdwardQueer Street Vol.1163
Queer Street Vol.2164
Shaw, BernardAndrocles and the Lion56619121946
Back to Methuselah200
Major Barbara50019071945
Man and Superman56319061946
Plays Pleasant56018981946
Plays Unpleasant56118981946
Saint Joan56519241946
The Apple Cart116919301956
The Black Girl in Search of God56719321946
The Doctor's Dilemma56419061946
Three Plays for Puritans56219011946
Shepherd, WalterFor Amazement Only364?
Sherwood, JohnThe Half Hunter207819611964
Shy, TimothyBeyond The Headlines341
Silone, IgnazioFontamara143
Simenon, GeorgeMaigret on the Defensive283119641968
Maigret's First Case159419531961
Simenon, GeorgesA Crime in Holland & A Face for a Clue85619391952
A New Lease of Life238819511966
Account Unsettled231619541966
Battle of Nerves & At Gai-Moulin739'39:'401950
Black Rain224619411965
Escape in Vain830
Havoc By Accident82919431952
In Two Latitudes82819421952
Inquest on Bouvet167919521962
Lost Moorings85719461952
Maigret Afraid225019531965
Maigret and the Burglar's Wife136219531959
Maigret and the Lazy Burglar252619611966
Maigret and the Old Lady1678
Maigret and the Reluctant Witness168119591962
Maigret at the Crossroads202819311965
Maigret has Scruples168019581962
Maigret in Court22511965
Maigret in Montmartre122119511958
Maigret Loses His Temper270119631967
Maigret Meets a Milord202719311963
Maigret Sets a Trap279619551968
Maigret Sits it Out827
Maigret Stonewalled202619311963
Maigret Takes a Room224919511965
Maigret Travels South82619401952
Maigret's Failure224819561965
Maigret's Mistake122219531958
Maigret's Revolver136319541959
My Friend Maigret141919491959
Newhaven-Dieppe & The Man From Everywhere85519421952
On the Danger Line85819441952
Poisoned Relations122419381958
The Blue Room278919641968
The Door268019621968
The Fate of the Malous235619511966
The Mouse237819381966
The Murderer122319371958
The Premier206419581964
To Any Lengths122519441958
To Any Lengths
Simenon, GeorgeThe Hatter's Ghosts145619491960
Simenon, GorgesThe Iron Staircase259019531967
Sims, GeorgeSleep No More294919661969
The Terrible Door265219641967
Sinclair, UptonThe Jungle49
Sitwell, EdithAlexander Pope63619301948
Sitwell, OsbertBefore the Bombardment16219261938
Triple Fugue24819241940
Slesar, HenryEnter Murderers257919601967
The Grey Flannel Shroud196119591963
Smith, BettyA Tree Grows in Brooklyn834
Smith, ClarkThe Case of Torches171019571963
The Deadly Reaper160519561961
The Speaking Eye133419551959
Smith, EmmaThe Far Cry879
Smith, ThorneThe Bishop's Jaegers142819341960
The Night Life of the Gods1218
Topper Takes a Trip121919361957
Snow, C.P.Death Under Sail195319321963
The Conscience of the Rich1526
The Masters1089
The New Men1356
Time of Hope1763
Somerville & RossSome Experiences of an Irish R.M.9718991937
Soviet Short Stories1793
Spain, NancyNot Wanted on Voyage116319511956
Spota, LuisThe Wounds of Hunger1623
Stark, FreyaThe Southern Gates of Arabia479
The Valley of the Assassins878
Starkie, WalterSpanish Raggle-Taggle119719341961
Steele & Hancock, Sel.byModern American Short Stories316
Steele, Alan (Ed.)Modern Short Stories Vol.2170
Selected Modern Short Stories96
Steinbeck, JohnOf Mice and Men & Cannery Row717
The Grapes of Wrath833
Tortilla Flat786
Sterling, ThomasThe Evil of the Day140719551959
Stern, G.B.Debonair18
Stevenson, R.L.Virginibus Puerisque54818811946
Stewart, J.I.M.A Use of Riches1960
The Man Who Won The Pools2037
Storey, DavidFlight Into Camden1843
Storrs, Sir RonaldLawrence of Arabia288
Stout, RexFer-De-Lance108019351955
Over My Dead Body110619401955
Red Threads97619411954
The League of Frightened Men154919351961
The Red Box117519371957
Strachan, T.S.The Short Weekend114019531956
Strachey, LyttonEminent Victorians64919181948
Straus, RalphUnseemly Adventure167
Street, A.G.Farmer's Glory837
Stribling, T.S.Fombombo854
Sykes, W.StanleyThe Missing Money Lender6219311936
Symons, A.J.The Quest For Corvo29119341940
Symons, JulianThe Immaterial Murder Case98919451954
Synge, J.M.The Plays of J.M.Synge845
TaffrailSea Escapes and Adventures426
Taylor, ElizabethA View of the Harbour1017
Taylor, SamuelThe Man With My Face100619491954
Tchehov, AntonThree Plays2921940
TchehovTales From Tchehov18019381938
Tey, JosephineThe Daughter of Time99019511954
The Franchise Affair84119481951
The Daily Telegraph Eighth Crossword Book155819611961
The Daily Telegraph Fifth Crossword Book1098
The Daily Telegraph Seventh Crossword Book1418
The Fourth Penguin Crossword Book1158
The Guardian Fifth Crossword Book1125
The Last of the Summer749
The Manchester GuardianCrossword Puzzle Book435
The Penguin Hundred Best Crosswords177319621962
The Second Penguin Problems Book47819441944
The Sixth Penguin Crossword Book1701
The Sunday Times Crossword Book1557
The Third Penguin Problems Book540
The TimesPenguin Third Crossword Book621
Thirkell, AngelaBefore Lunch852
High Rising339
The Brandons796
The Headmistress103919441955
Wild Strawberries9319341937
Thompson, EdwardAn Indian Day125
Thompson, SylviaThe Hounds of Spring56
Thorne, AnthonyDelay in the Sun49319351944
Fruit in Season654
Thurber, JamesMy Life and Hard Times65319331948
The Beast in Me and Other Animals1646
The Thurber Album1606
The Thurber Carnival871
The Thurber Carnival907
Thurston, E.TempleThe City of Beautiful Nonsense195
"T.Nonesuch"Week-end Book Vol.1129
Week-end Book Vol.2130
Tomlinson, H.M.Gallions Reach869
Old Junk30719181940
The Sea and the Jungle898
Towers, FrancesTea With Mr Rochester882
Tracy, HonorThe Straight and Narrow Path1425
Traver, RobertAnatomy of a Murder1479
Travern, BThe Treasure of the Sierra Madre1154
Travers, BenA Cuckoo in The Nest44
Trench, JohnDishonoured Bones150719541960
Docken Dead138419531960
Tressall, RobertThe Ragged Trousered Philanthropist251
Trollope, AnthonyBarchester Towers529?
Doctor Thorne538
The Warden495
Truman, CapoteThe Grass Harp2563
Unekis, RichardThe Chase269919621967
Upfield, ArthurMan of Two Tribes150319561960
Murder Down Under80619371951
No Footprints in the Bush744
The Battling Prophet145219561960
The Widows of Broome178119511962
Venom House290819531969
Wings Above the Diamantina230119361965
Vail, AmandaLove Me Little1499
Vailland, RogerThe Law1501
van der Post, LaaurensThe Lost World of the Kalahari1716
van der Post, LaurensVenture to the Interior123819521957
van Gulik, RobertThe Chinese Gold Murders177619591962
The Laquer Screen282619681968
The Willow Pattern281119651968
van GulikHaunted Monastery2470
Vickers, RoyMurdering Mr Velfrage107719501955
The Department of Dead Ends109019491955
The Sole Survivor The Kynsard Affair140819521965
von Rintelen, Capt.The Dark Invader60
Vulliamy, C.E.Don Among the Dead Men107319521955
Wade, HenryHere Comes The Copper583
Policeman's Lot597
The Dying Alderman26619401940
The Verdict of You All2161939
Wain, JohnA Travelling Woman1930
Wain, NoraHouse of Exile16819331938
Wakeman, FredericThe Hucksters1014
Walker, DavidDiamonds for Moscow112819531956
Wallace, DoreenBarnham Rectory192
Wallace, EdgarThe Four Just Men6419361936
Walmsley, LeoForeigners451
Phantom Lobster452
Three Fevers454
Walpole, HughMr Perrin and Mr Traill132
The Secret City445
Walter, Van Tilburg ClarkThe Ox-Bow Incident77619401950
Walton, IzaakThe Compleat Angler2381939
Ward, F.KingdonLand of the Blue Poppy315
Ward, MaisieGilbert Keith Chesterton107019441958
Warner, RexMen and Gods885
The Aerodrome453
The Professor482
Warner, Sylvia TownsendMr Fortune's Maggot642
Warriner, ThurmanThe Doors of Sleep161019551961
Watson, ColinBump in the Night196619601963
Coffin, Scarcely Used1754
Hopjoy Was Here240419621966
Waugh, AlecThe Loom of Youth356
Waugh, EvelynA Handful of Dust822
Black Mischief179
Brideshead Revisited821
Decline and Fall7519281937
Edmund Campion955
Put Out More Flags42319421943
Scott-King's Modern Europe824
The Loved One823
Vile Bodies136
When the Going Was Good825
Weat, KeithMa Wei Slope1019
Webb, MaryGone to Earth9
Wechberg, JosephLooking for a Bluebird67319441948
Welch, DentonMaiden Voyage979
Welcome, JohnRun for Cover188119581963
Stop at Nothing2035
Wells, H.G.?572
A Short History of the World31
The Invisible Man1511926
The Island of Doctor Moreau57118961946
The War of the Worlds570
Wells, H.GWar in The Air343
Welty, EudoraA Curtain of Green520
Wentworth, PatriciaPoison in The Pen181219571962
The Gazebo159619551965
the Watersplash140219541959
Vanishing Point226019551965
West, NathanielMiss Lonelyhearts & A Cool Million1567
Westlake, Donald361258819621967
The Busy Body271819661967
Weyman, StanleyUnder the Red Robe498
Wharton, EdithEthan Frome173
Wherry, EdithThe Wanderer on a Thousand Hills272
Whipple, DorothyHigh Wages549
White, AntoniaFrost in May206
White, Ethel LinaThe Wheel Spins110419361955
White, GilbertThe Natural History of Selborne296
White, T.H.Farewell Victoria342
Wilde, OscarA Picture of Dorian Grey616
Lord Arthur Savile's Crime and Other Stories1021
Salome and Other Plays60018941947
Selected Essays and Poems95718911954
The Importance of Being Ernest274
Wildeblood, PeterAgainst The Law118819551957
Wilder, ThorntonBridge of San Louis Rey33219271941
The Ides of March1565
Williams & SavageThe First Penguin Problems Book26019401940
Williams, CharlesMany Dimensions88419311952
Williams, J.H.Bandoola1761
Elephant Bill1120
Williamson, HenrySalar the Salmon712
Tarka the Otter81
The Beautiful Years696
Willock, ColinDeath in Covert193419611963
Wills Crofts, FreemanCrime at Guildford137819351959
Fatal Venture137919391959
Golden Ashes139619401959
Inspector French and the Starvel Tragedy51419271946
Sir John Magill's Last Journey102319301955
The Cask87619201952
The Pit Prop Syndicate51219221945
The Sea Mystery139519281959
Wilson, AngusAnglo-Saxon Attitudes1311
Such Darling Dodos1508
Wilson, EdmundI Thought of Daisy1876
Wilson, Francesca M.Aftermath614
Wise, ArthurThe Death's Head235319621965
The Little Fishes252419611966
Wodehouse, P.G.A Damsel in Distress1599
Big Money937
Blandings Castle985
Carry on Jeeves1174
Doctor Sally1370
Full Moon1652
Laughing Gas1172
Leave it to Psmith936
My Man Jeeves2719191936
Performing Flea1600
Pigs Have Wings1170
Right Ho Jeeves934
Summer Lightning995
The Code of the Woosters935
The Inimitable Jeeves933
The Man With Two Left Feet160119171961
The Mating Season1171
Uncle Fred in the Springtime971
Uneasy Money1273
Wolfe, BernardLimbo '901647
Woodham-Smith, CecilFlorence Nightingale1110
Woodthorpe, R.C.The Public School Murder285
Woolf, VirginiaA Room of One's Own481
Between the Acts896
Woollcott, AlexanderWhile Rome Burns11819341937
Worsley-Gough, BarbaraAlibi Innnings132119541958
Wraner, Sylvia TownsendLolly Willowes84
Wren, P.C.Beau Sabreur556
Wright, S.FowlerThe Island of Captain Sparrow507
Wyndham & Parkes, John & LucasThe Outward Urge154419591962
Wyndham, JohnThe Chrysalidsorange
The Day of the Triffids993
The Kraken Wakes1075
The Seeds of Time1385
Yeats-Brown, F.Bengal Lancer637
Young, EdwardOne of Our Submarines1000
Young, E.H.William8
Young, Francis BrettThe Crescent Moon172
The Black Diamond57

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