Penguin Books

by Author I-P

Author Title Number 1st Pub. 1st Penguin
Ian, CrossThe God Boy1811
Innes, MichaelA Connoisseur's Case241019621966
A Night of Errors237319481966
A Private View128719521958
Appleby on Ararat157719411961
Appleby Plays Chicken157619561961
Appleby's End300219461969
Christmas at Candleshoe164219531961
Death at The President's Lodging128619361958
From London Far169219461962
Hamlet Revenge164019371961
Hare Sitting Up220119591964
Old Hall, New Hall164119561961
Operation Pax220319511964
Stop Press126619391958
Stop Press129919391958
The Journeying Boy157419491961
The Man From the Sea157519551961
The New Sonia Wayward207419601964
The Secret Vanguard129819401958
The Weight of the Evidence157819441961
There Came Both Mist and Snow130919401958
What Happened at Hazelwood25-019461968
Irwin, MargaretRoyal Flush733
Still She Wished for Company72
Isherwood, ChristopherGoodbye to Berlin504
Mr Norris Changes Trains32119351942
Prater Violet1658
Jacobs, W.W.Deep Waters *1041937
Many Cargoes214
Night Watches *308
Odd Craft *26
Selected Short Stories1345
The Lady of the Barge41619081943
Jaeger, MurielBefore Victoria275819561967
James, HenryThe Turn of the Screw592
James, M.R.Ghost Stories of an Antiquary9119101937
More Ghost Stories1347
Jerome, Jerome K.Three Men in a Boat121318891957
Jesse, F.TennysonA Pin to See the Peepshow87719341952
John, WyndhamTrouble With Lichen1986
Johns, W.E.Biggles Flies Again348
Johnson, James W.Along This Way314
Johnson, "Johnnie"Wing Leader1383
Johnson, Pamela HansfordA Summer to Decide1004
Johnson, Pamela HansforsAn Avenue of Stone921
Johnston, GeorgeDeath Takes Small Bites134019481959
Joly, CyrilTake These Men1207
Jones, IraAn Airfighter's Scrapbook360
Jones, JackOff to Philadelphia in the Morning863
Jones, Selected by GwynWelsh Short Stories *306
Joyce, JamesA Portrait of The Artist as a Young Man1477
Kafka, FranzMetamorphosis and Other Stories1572
The Trial907
Kata, ElizabethBe Ready With Bells and Drums1817
Kaye-Smith, SheilaJoanna Godden840
Keating, H.R.F.Death and the Visiting Fireman177419581962
Death of a Fat God256719631967
The Dog It Was That Died244319621966
The Perfect Murder268319641968
Zen There Was Murder1965
Keith, WaterhouseBilly Liar1783
Kelly, MaryDead Corse278819661968
Due to a Death263219621968
The Spoilt Kill210419611964
Kemelman, HarryFriday the Rabbi Slept Late270419641967
Kennedy, MilwardHalf Mast Murder30419301940
Kersh, GeraldPrelude to a Certain Midnight89419471953
Keverne, RichardArtifex Intervenes410
At The Blue Gates28419321940
Carteret's Cure74019261950
He Laughed at Murder35119341941
Missing From His Home218
The Fleet Hall Inheritance22719311939
The Havering Plot12719381938
The Man in The Red Hat14719381938
The Sanfield Scandalyes19291937
The Shadow Syndicate52819301946
William Cook - Antique Dealer38419281943
Keyes, Francis ParkinsonThe Ambassadress1537
Kiernan, R.H.Col.Albert Ball V.C.259
Kishon, EphraimUnfair to Goliath3224
Kitchin, C.H.B.Death Of My Aunt19019291939
Knight, Dame LauraOil Paint and Grease Paint34419361941
Oil Paint and Grease Paint34519361941
Oil Paint and Grease Paint34619361941
Knowlton, RobertCourt of Crows267219611967
Knox, RonaldThe Footsteps at the Lock174119281964
The Three Taps145119271960
Koestler, ArthurDarkness at Noon539
Dialogue With Death363
Kornitzer, LouisPearls and Men541
Trade Winds347
Koteliansky, S.S.Russian Short Stories33319411941
Krimov, YuriThe Tanker "Derbent"466
Lancaster, OsbertCartoons501
Langley, NoelCage Me a Peacock1429
There's a Porpoise Close Behind Us1538
Lanham, EdwinMurder on My Street158919581961
Latham, EmmaDeath Shall Overcome301019661974
Lathen, EmmaAccounting for Murder271319641967
Laver, JamesWhistler387
Laver, JemesNostradamus555
Lavin, MaryThe House in Clewe Street693
Lawrence, D.H.A Propos of Lady Chatterley's Lover1688
Aaron's Rod755
England My England1482
Etruscan Places756
Lady Chatterley's Lover1484
Love Among the Haystacks and Other Stories1512
Mornings in Mexico and Etruscan Places1513
Sea and Sardinia465
Selected Essays753
Selected Letters759
Sons and Lovers66819131948
Sr Mawr & The Virgin and The Gypsy75719251950
The Boy in the Bush1935
The Ladybird1483
The Lost Girl752
The Plumed Serpent75419261950
The Prussian Officer513
The Rainbow692
The Trespasser1480
The White Peacock76019111950
The Woman Who Rode Away758
Twilight in Italy1481
Women in Love148519211960
Lawrence, HildaBlood Upon the Snow99119461954
Death of a Doll97719481954
Duet of Death88619491952
Le Carre, JohnA Murder of Quality227119621964
Call for the Dead206619611964
Le Fanu, J.SheridanUncle Silas279
Lea, TomThe Brave Bulls922
Leacock, StephenLiterary Lapses212
Sunshine Sketches *320
Lear, EdwardA Book of Lear234
Lehmann, RosamondInvitation To The Waltz328
Lehmann, RosamundDusty Answer53
Len, DeightonFuneral in Berlin2461
Lennon, JohnThe Penguin John Lennon2540
Levin, IraA Kiss Before Dying145019541960
Lewis, EilunedDew on the Grass61819341947
Lewis, NormanThe Day of the Fox1412
Lewis, SinclairMain Street790
Our Mr Wrenn21
Lindbergh, Anne MorrowNorth to the Orient161
Lindrum, HoraceBilliards and Snooker for Amateur Players119
Lindsay, MartinSledge193
Those Greenland Days233
Linklater, EricJuan in America1143
Juan in China1268
Poets Pub319291935
Lipsky, EleazarThe Kiss of Death70919471949
Llewellyn, RichardHow Green Was My Valley800
Lofts, NorahJassy946
London, JackThe Iron Heel461
The Mutiny of the "Elsinore"43019151943
Longrigg, RogerA High-Pitched Buzzing1676
Lowenstein & GerhardtMeet Yourself as You Really Are382
Lucey, R.M.A Problem a Day86619371952
Lynd, RobertDr Johnson and Company5031946
Lytton, DavidThe Goddamn White Man1787
Macaulay, RoseCrewe Train17519261938
Dangerous Ages76
Orphan Island340
MacDonald, BettyThe Egg and I1160
Macdonald, BettyThe Plague and I1394
MacDonald, PhilipGuest in the House210319561964
The List of Adrian Messenger194819591963
Macdonald, PhilipX v. Rex110719331955
MacDonald, PhillipPatrol13
Macdonald, PhillipThe Rasp7919371937
Machen, ArthurHoly Terrors526
MacInnes, ColinAbsolute Beginners2142
Mackail, DenisGreenery Street87
Mackenzie, ComptonCarnival10
Hunting the Fairies1365
Sinister Street1490
The Monarch of the Glen1366
The Rival Monster1367
Thin Ice1369
Water on the Brain1368
Whisky Galore1220
Mahan, CaptainThe Life of Nelson375
Mainwaring, MarionMurder in Pastiche170819551962
Mair, JohnNever Come Back470
Malamud, BernardIdiots First248719631966
Mann, ThomasBuddenbrooks1214
Confessions of Felix Krull1320
Death In Venice1082
The Magic Mountain1475
Mannin, EthelCactus326
Children of the Earth112
Confessions and Impressions71
Ragged Banners177
Mansfield, KatherineThe Garden Party799
March, WilliamThe Bad Seed121019541957
Marjoribanks, EdwardFamous Trials of Marshall Hall77819291950
Marquand, John P.H.M.Pulham, Esquire798
Marquand, JohnH.M.Pulham Esquire796
Marsh, NgaioA Man Lay Dead21019341939
Artists in Crime35319381941
Death and the Dancing Footman70419421949
Death at the Bar70619401949
Death in a White Tie45019381940
Death in Ecstasy24919361940
Enter a Murderer15219351938
Final Curtain126119471958
Overture to Death70519391949
Surfeit of Lampreys110019411955
The Nursing Home Murder355
Vintage Murder25319371940
Marshall, RobertArctic Village255
Martienssen, AnthonyCrime and the Police88819511953
Martin, StuartThe Hangman's Guests469
Martyr, WestonThe Southseaman23619391939
Mason, A.E.W.At the Villa Rosa173619161962
House of the Arrow148719241960
Masterman, J.C.An Oxford Tragedy22019331939
Fate Cannot Harm Me252
The Case of Four Friends155519561961
Masters, JohnBnowani Junction1439
Fandango Rock166219591961
Far, Far the Mountain Peak1543
Night Runners of Bengal1076
The Deceivers108519521955
The Lotus and the Wind116619531956
Maugham, SomersetCakes and Ale65119301948
Collected Short Stories V11871
Collected Short Stories V21872
Collected Short Stories V31873
Collected Short Stories V41874
The Moon and Sixpence468
The Painted Veil872
Mauriac, FrancoisTherese1397
Maurois, AndreAriel119241935
The Silence of Colonel Bramble282
Mayne, PeterThe Alleys of Marrakesh123019531957
McBain, EdAxe263119641968
Cop Hater196819561963
Killer's Choice197219581963
Killer's Payoff211019581964
Killer's Wedge214919591964
King's Ransom221919591965
Lady Killer201919581964
Like Love283019621968
Ten Plus One256519631967
The Con Man1971
The Heckler239319601966
The Mugger196919561963
The Pusher197019561963
McCarthy, MaryThe Group2184
McCloy, HelenAlias Basil Willing125119511957
He Never Came Back155419541961
Through a Glass, Darkly16641961
Two-thirds of a Ghost171819571962
McCoy, HoraceI Should Have Stayed Home241219381966
No Pockets in a Shroud175919371962
They Shoot Horses Don't They?230619351965
McCullers, CarsonClock Without Hands2317
The Heart is a Lonely Hunter1566
McGivern, WilliamThe Big Heat123619531957
McKenna, StephenSonia703
Menen, AubreyThe Prevalence1215
Meredith, GeorgeThe Tragic Comedians57718801940
Merriman, Henry SetonBarlasch of the Guard532
Merwin, SamuelSilk350
Michener, JamesReturn to Paradise1186
Millar, MargaretTaste of Fears185019501962
The Soft Talkers169319571962
Miller, HenryThe Colossus of Maroussi78419411950
Miller, MerleThe Sure Thing903
Miller, WadeDeadly Weapon89219471952
Miller, WebbI Found No Peace28919401940
Millin, Sarah GertrudeThe Fiddler109
Milne, A.AFour Plays196
Milne, A.A.The Red House Mystery15619221938
Milner, GeorgeYour Money and Your Life173519571962
"Miss Read"Fresh From the Country1818
Mitchell, Gladys12 Horses and The Hangmans Noose158819561961
Come Away Death100319371954
Death at the Opera2171934Aust
Faintley Speaking112219541956
Laurels are Poison153319421961
Mystery of a Butcher's Shop79219301950
Speedy Death43319291943
Spotted Hemlock150619581960
The Devil at Saxon Wall228
The Longer Bodies604
The Twenty Third ManSTRIPED19571961
Tom Brown's Body95419491953
Watson's Choice119419551957
Mitchell, JosephMcSorley's Wonderful Saloon1016
Mitford, NancyDon't Tell Alfred197619601963
Love in a Cold Climate984
Madame de Pompadour118119541958
Noblesse Oblige1348
Pigeon Pie1532
The Blessing1211
The Pursuit of Love711
Voltaire in Love1505
Mole, WilliamThe Hammersmith Maggot195919551963
Monckton, C.A.W.Some Experiences of a New Guinea Resident Magistrate Vol.169
Some Experiences of a New Guinea Resident Magistrate Vol.270
Monsarrat, NicholasThe Cruel Sea1121
Montagu, EwenThe Man Who Never Was118319531956
Montague, C.E.A Hind Let Loose46
Right Off the Map27019271940
Moore, GeorgeConfessions of a Young Man18519861939
Esther Waters23
The Brook Kerith844
Moore, Harry TThe Intelligent Heart - D.H. Lawrence1514
Moore, JohnBrensham Village883
Moorehead, AlanNo Room in the Ark178419591962
Moravia, AlbertoBitter Hioneymoon1519
The Woman of Rome880
Two Women1603
Moravia, AlbertRoman Tales1357
Two Adolescents1460
Morley, ChristopherThunder on the Left74
Morpurgo, J.E.Charles Lamb and Elia677
Morrell, J.M. (Ed.)Four English Comedies763
Morris, JohnTraveller From Tokyo53019431946
Morrison, ArthurA Child of the Jago558
Mortimer, PenelopeThe Pumpkin Eater216619621964
Morton, H.V.In Search of England1431
Morton, J.B.(Beachcomber)The Barber of Putney246
Mottram, R.H.The Spanish Farm52
Muratoff & AllenThe Russian Campaigns 1941-1943467
The Russian Campaigns 1944518
Murdoch, IrisA Severed Head2003
The Italian Girl255919641967
Murray, MaxRoyal Bed for a Corpse158319551961
The Doctor and the Corpse117819531957
The King and the Corpse117719491957
The Right Honourable Corpse120319521957
The Sunshine Corpse116119541956
The Voice of the Corpse112419481956
Wait for a Corpse165619571961
Muspratt, EricMy South Sea Island67
Wild Oats258
Myers, ElizabethA Well Full of Leaves626
Myers, L.H.Strange Glory485
The "Clio"486
Nabakov, VladimirNabakov's Dozen149319581960
Nabarro, DerrickThe Rod of Anger105519531955
Naipaul, V.S.An Area of Darkness2805
Nichols, BeverleySelf138
Nijinsky, RomolaNijinsky1410
Nocolson, HaroldPublic Faces489
Norman, JamesThe Nightwalkers93819481953
O'Brien, KateMary Lavelle801
Pray For the Wanderer836
Without My Cloak716
O'Crohan, TomasThe Islandman41119291943
O'Faolain, SeanDe Valera22119391939
O'Flaherty, LiamThe Informer1719251935
O'Hara, JohnAppointment in Samarra472
Butterfield Eight1469
Onions, OliverWiddershins222
Orwell, GeorgeAnimal Farm838
Burmese Days456
Down and Out in London and Paris297
Nineteen Eighty-Four97219491954
O'Sullivan, Maurice20 Years A'Growing144
Pack, S.W.C. (Ed.)Lord Anson's Voyage Round the World607
Paris, JohnKimono593
Park, RuthThe Harp in the South853
Parker, DorothyHere Lies419
Parker, JohnLabor Marches On628
Parkes, JamesAn Enemy of the People521
Parkham, FrancisThe Oregon Trail678
Parkinson, C.NorthcoteParkinson's Law236619571965
Pasternak, BorisThe Last Summer1547
Paton, AlanCry the Beloved Country127419441958
Debbie Go Home2298
Paul, ElliotA Narrow Street588
The Mysterious Mickey Finn88719391953
Payne, LaurenceThe Nose on My Face211119611964
Peacock, Thomas LoveGryll Grange557
Pearson, HeskethDoctor Darwin446
Gilbert and Sullivan79119351950
The Hero of Delphi627
The Life of Oscar Wilde1427
The Smith of Smiths66919341948
Peck, David W.The Greer Case188919561963
Pemberton, W.BaringWilliam Cobbett68019491949
Penguin Parade New Stories Vol.1120
Perelman, S.J.Crazy Like a Fox839
Perham & SimmonsAfrican Discovery619
Philips, JudsonMurder Clear, Track Fast262419611967
Phillips, HubertThe Hubert Phillips Crossword Book1071
Phillips, JudsonWhisper Town213419601964
Pike, RobertBullitt299919631969
Poe, Edgar AllanSelected Tales1109
Some Tales of Mystery and Imagination477
Postgate, RaymondThe Ledger is Kept131219531958
Verdict of Twelve73019401949
Potter, StephenGamesmanship182619581962
Potts, JeanDeath of a Stray Cat159519561961
Go, Lovely Rose205019541963
Home is the Prisoner228819601965
The Dierhard141519561960
The Man With the Cane20021957
Powell, AnthonyAfternoon Men1964
Agents and Patients1840
At Lady Molly's1883
The Kindly Ones2292
What's Become of Waring?1706
Powell, S.W.A South Sea Diary492
Powys, LlewelynEbony and Ivory225
Powys, T.F.Mr Weston's Good Wine7319271937
Preedy, GeorgeThe Rocklitz35
Priestley, J.B.Angel Pavement650
Bright Day861
The Priestley Companion860
Punshon, E.R.Crossword Mystery66319341948
Death Among the Sunbathers103219341955
Information Received108419331955
Mystery Villa79319341950

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